Sawyer, about to meet Frank Duckett ("Outlaws")

A "Tampa job" was mentioned by Hibbs in a conversation with Sawyer during a flashback scene in "Outlaws". Tampa is a city in Florida, indicating Sawyer was there at some point in his past.

When Hibbs told Sawyer, "That makes us even for the Tampa job," Sawyer replied, "what could possibly make us even for the Tampa job?" Sawyer also reminded Hibbs of the last time they met, when Sawyer said he would kill Hibbs if he ever saw him again. Hibbs retorted by saying that Sawyer "Ain't the killin' type."


  • In "I Do", while Kevin Callis was employed by the Miami-Dade Police Department, he mentioned Tampa briefly while looking up "IRs" (Incident Reports, presumably) on the computer, shortly before being drugged by Kate:

KEVIN: Just finishing some IRs, and that fugitive recovery in Tampa. Being a cop is just endless paperwork.

Matthew Fox, "Sawyer" audition[]

  • When Matthew Fox auditioned for the part of Sawyer, he read a monologue which described a scam in Miami, Florida. It is unknown whether the monologue script has anything to do with what might have been revised as the "Tampa job"; however, any parallel seems unlikely as the "Sawyer" background in this audition differs greatly from the background of Sawyer.

MATTHEW FOX: Thirty, Miami: me and three other guys, we run a really good one, we're rep into a Swiss bank right, you're gonna love this, and... and we're calling the grandkids of Holocaust survivors, and telling them about U.N. resolution 865, where Germany's forced to pay restitution to these families--These families are all entitled to two thousand, three hundred sixty four bucks, all they gotta do... is give us their account info, so we can wire them the money. Heat came down pretty hard after that one...


A Sawyer flashback focusing on the "Tampa job" was originally filmed for the episode "Adrift", but it was later replaced by a Michael flashback because the producers didn't like it. The cut flashbacks have never been released. [1]