Tamara Fry is a government worker who interviewed John Locke in order to ascertain whether he should still receive disability allowance for his depression. She decided that until John restarted his therapy program, he would not receive any more benefits. Throughout the interview, she asked many of her questions rather bluntly. ("The Man from Tallahassee")


  • The casting call described her as "April, a government employee, compassionate but firm and annoyed." [1]

The guest list for the benefit concert

  • The character was credited as Government Worker only, and her full name was visible on her staff badge.
    • According to her badge, Tamara works for the Employment Development Department (EDD), State of California.
  • The name Tamara Fry also appeared on the guest list for the benefit concert in the flash-sideways world, but it is unlikely to have any canoncial connection with Tamara the government worker, as Tamara Fry is just a common name used on props.