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  • I've been thinking that several of our articles could do well with organization by episode. Very interesting work. -- Contrib¯ _Santa_ ¯  Talk  23:34, 15 July 2007 (PDT)
  • Thanks! Feel free to make any changes or additions you want. I think this will method of organizing work particularly well for the "unanswered questions" page because it avoids the fact that many questions deal equally with multiple characters or concepts and allows us to see which questions have gone the longest without answers. Plus when the new episodes start airing, it'll be easier to add (and monitor) new questions since they'll all go to the same place. -Silence 00:04, 16 July 2007 (PDT)
  • I think you should refer to the Theory pages of the respective episodes for possible answers --Hunter61 04:51, 1 August 2007 (PDT)
  • Most episodes don't have theory pages, and the ones that do are usually redundant (or, in some cases, should be redundant) to their respective topics, and in many cases exceedingly short. It makes more sense to link to the relevant topical theory pages for each episode, since that's what people would have trouble finding; the episode theory pages are always consistently just the episode title + the theory. But past discussions have indicated that using topics' theory pages is very much preferable to using episodes' theory pages, for organizational purposes. Most significant unsolved questions, and the theories that seek to explain them, are equally relevant to many different episodes. -Silence 07:47, 1 August 2007 (PDT)

Answered Questions

Here are many already answered questions still listed, such as "why Ethan abducted Claire." I would update it, but I'm busy right now.

We don't know why Ethan abducted Claire, really (though we can probably guess at most of it). He did it against the Others' orders, almost as though he were a rogue in their midst, or part of a different faction. What other answered questions do you see? -Silence 14:36, 27 July 2007 (PDT)

Removed the following answered questions from "There's No Place Like Home, Part 1":

  • What is Ben's plan?
  • Ben's plan is to get captured by Keamy's team, and then have Richard and the Others free him.
  • Whom was Ben communicating to with the mirror and what did he say?
  • He was communicating with Richard

The Freighter

  • Who planted the explosives and why?
  • Keamy - as "insurance"
  • What is the trigger for their detonation?
  • The "deadman's trigger" monitoring Keamy's heart rate.
  • What is causing the interference on the freighter's fathometer?
  • The "deadman's trigger" sending a signal to the C-4.

A couple of questions

  • How did Edward Mars know Kate was in Australia?
  • Edward Mars was tracking down Kate and following her so he probably learned her whereabouts from witness accounts and reports.
  • When was Shannon married and why did it end?
  • Seeing how Shannon has been dead since season 2, it is unlikely this question will be answered. Because she has already been developed as a charecter and we know about her past, we can assume Shannon probably married someone because of something money related.
  • Why wasn’t Jack on Jacob’s list?
  • It can be infered that the reason Jack wasn't on Jacob's list because his purpose was to lead the castaways. A key reason for their successful survival is due to Jack’s good leadership.
  • Was Walt the one trying to communicate with Michael via the computer?
  • No, it was the others. They pretended to be Walt to provoke Michael to come to them to find his son. The others told Michael to bring Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Hurley to them and in exchange they agreed to let him and Walt leave the island.
  • What does Juliet's mark mean?
  • It’s assumed that it was to symbolize the mark of Cain from the Bible, because she had been part of the others but she had killed one of their own (Danny) so they branded her as a murderer.
  • How did Juliet's shoulder get dislocated 3 times before?
  • Some people dislocate their shoulders all the time.
  • Why did Naomi believe there would be survivors of Flight 815 on the Island?
  • In Confirmed Dead, in Frank's flashback, the news and media reported that they found the remains of the plane in the bottom of the ocean and no survivors had been found.
  • Why were Daniel, Miles, Charlotte, Frank and Naomi selected for the operation?
  • They were simply selected because they all had the qualifications and skills necessary to carry out the mission.
  • What was Kate doing for Sawyer?
  • In the season 4 finale, Sawyer asked Kate to find his daughter Clementine, as a favor from him. He told her this during the helicopter ride to the freighter before he jumped out of the helicopter to swim back to the island.
  • Why are the Oceanic 6 given so much money by the airline?
  • They were paid by the airline as a formal apology for the O6 having to be stranded on an island and having to survive for 108 days and so they wouldn't sue the airline. Orangepen 16:06, 25 October 2008 (PDT)

Removal of "None" episodes?

Should we be removing episodes that have "none" written within? They take up a lot of space and it's a large article as it is. Thoughts? --   Dee4leeds  talk  contribs  all  21:51, 25 January 2009 (UTC)

  • Yes I think it's a good idea. I've constructed half of the article and I think the whole none question episodes are only space fillers. The article would also need a little improvement regarding some questions IMHO. I think some questions won't be answered bacause they aren't relevant such as "Why did Naomis helicopter crash?". --SteUeRunG! 11:18, 26 January 2009 (UTC)
  • That's better! And I think we should leave those types of questions for now, for all we know maybe we'll find out. --   Dee4leeds  talk  contribs  all  11:30, 26 January 2009 (UTC)
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