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This is the initial text on the page: "Oxycodone is a medicine that Jack uses to treat some desease he has in the future."

That's not what Oxy is; it's a controlled narcotic painkiller. We see Jack when he's got a bandaged wrist, and a band-aid on his head, and trying to score more Oxy from a pharmacist (and going so far as to steal some from his own hospital). His body isn't really banged up enough to warrant a prescription for that kind of drug; he's probably been using it for a while now. (Similar to Dr. House and his Vicodin). (EDIT: I forgot to sign, and I don't quite know /enough/ about the drug to write a better article, aside from "It's an addictive painkiller, and Jack's in bad shape, mentally.") --Shodan1138 19:33, 24 May 2007 (PDT)

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