This page has been hesitating between remaining a disambiguation page or becoming a list article. After much tought, I believe that the best option for now is to turn it back into a disambiguation page along the lines originally intended at its creation. Although we currently have only one page titled "Nurse" and a disamb page is not necessary, the creator of the disamb page assumed that the other pages would be created in the near future. This seems reasonable, as I believe it's one of the objectives of the site to have a page for every character. The suggested page names also seem reasonable. So, leaving them on the disamb page as red links places them on the wanted pages list. The other option would have been to remove the disamb tag and recategorize this page as a list article, and to rename it something like "List of nurses", but this objective is already met in part by the article Occupations, which lists some characters by occupations (although that article is presently not a complete list). Finally, it is still possible to create a new specific article "List of nurses", if that is thought to be useful, thus creating a separate nurse list article while preserving the disamb page as a disamb page. Finally, I know that the additional entries in the "see also" section are not necessary as the names of those pages are not identical to "Nurse" but only somewhat similar, but they were already there and I've just left them on the page for now. -- Cheers 06:42, 31 October 2006 (PST)

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