• Have the prices of the 6th season box set even been released yet? Or are those prices listed here based on previous sets? --Dretzle 18:43, February 24, 2010 (UTC)
    • The prices listed are based on unofficial sources. --Blueeagleislander 09:10, February 25, 2010 (UTC)
  • I know this seems like a stupid question, but when it says that the "new island chapter" is a Blu Ray and DVD excusive, does that mean it will only be included on the Blu Ray, or will the normal DVD box set have that as well? --SethFlight815 00:51, May 29, 2010 (UTC)
    • I believe the press release was for both the DVD and Blu-ray versions, so it's likely that it's on both and not just the BD. No exclusive Blu-ray content has been listed except the apparent Lost University, which wasn't listed in the official press release.--Baker1000 13:16, May 29, 2010 (UTC)


Pictogram voting oppose - I don't know who put this for renaming, but I don't think we should as of right now. The "and Final Season" part of the title, as I see it, is like the subtitle of "The Expanded Experience" from the Season 4 DVD and other DVDs. We should keep the title of the article consistent with previous DVDs which just use "The Complete...Season" title.--Baker1000 13:22, May 29, 2010 (UTC)

  • Pictogram voting oppose That's not even what it says on the box. It's the Complete Sixth Season, then the Final Season underneath it just like the other DVD subtitles only not meaningless. --Golden Monkey 14:06, May 29, 2010 (UTC)
  • Pictogram voting oppose It's simply a marketing title. I think we should stick to the current structure. --Sujay123 14:13, May 29, 2010 (UTC)

Lost in 8:15 - A Crash Course

  • This features is advertised on the back cover, yet I cannot find it on the discs. Has anyone been able to? Or do we know for sure that it's been removed? --LeoChris 00:27, August 25, 2010 (UTC)
    • It should be on the first disc, when you load it up. --Sujay123 00:36, August 25, 2010 (UTC)
      • Oh thanks! I was looking at the last disc. --LeoChris 01:24, August 25, 2010 (UTC)

Is the "Lingering Questions" bonus feature included?

Back in May, various press reports stated that there would be a bonus feature on the S6 DVDs that involved Lindelof and Cuse explaining the answers to various open questions:

Entertainment Weekly has confirmed a TV Guide report that August's season six DVD set will include bonus features that address some of those lingering questions, including as much as 20 minutes of “Why does turning the Frozen Donkey Wheel transport you to Tunisia?” ... (Source: [1])

Did this turn out to be a false rumor? I have read the list of bonus features in the Sixth Season collection, and the list of additional bonus features on the that appear only in the Complete Collection, and none of them seem to resemble the description above. — Lawrence King (talk) 02:26, August 26, 2010 (UTC)

Region 2 DVD is missing deleted scenes?

I'm hearing reports that the Region 2 DVD doesn't contain the deleted scenes. So far it's only people who got it from HMV with the bonus disc, so anyone who did not buy the bonus disc version, or not from HMV, could you let me know if the scenes are on your set? The back of the box lists them as being included on in the set, and they're not on the exclusive bonus disc. I have the Blu-ray version and the scenes are on there, but I got mine from There is a discussion thread on SpoilerTV about it: [2].--Baker1000 13:02, September 11, 2010 (UTC)

Apparently it is a problem for all Region 2 sets no matter where you purchase it. Hopefully they'll provide some sort of replacement or extra disc with the scenes.--Baker1000 18:27, September 11, 2010 (UTC)
Is the scene order in the UK version the same as in the US or are there any cuts? I watched "LA X" on German TV yesterday and they've changed the scene order (they always do this when they split up two-part episodes), so I don't want to buy the German DVD. I also fear that they'll cut "Ab Aeterno" and "The End" because they are longer than usual episodes. If the UK DVD has the original US episodes I could buy it because it is Region 2 as well. -- EvelynPace 11:19, September 24, 2010 (UTC)
  • I just watched the beginning of "LA X, Part 2" again and the changes are really annoying. This is the original order from the first minutes: 1) Losties prepare to go to the wall, Sawyer wants to bury Juliet. 2) Flashsideways: Jack at the airport, his father's coffin is missing. Kate and the marshal are behind him in the line. 3) Losties reach the temple wall. They climb into the hole and are caught by the Others. 4) the Losties are brought to the temple. 5) Flashsideways: Kate escapes the marshal. 6) Sawyer buries Juliet, Miles tells him she wanted to say "It worked". 7) Losties meet Dogen. Now the German order: 1) Losties prepare to go to the wall, Sawyer wants to bury Juliet. 3) Losties reach the temple wall. They climb into the hole and are caught by the Others. [LOST opening title] 5) Flashsideways: Kate escapes the marshal. 6) Sawyer buries Juliet, Miles tells him she wanted to say "It worked". 4) the Losties are brought to the temple. 2) Flashsideways: Jack at the airport, his father's coffin is missing. Kate and the marshal are behind him in the line. (which makes absolutely no sense when they already showed the scene where she escaped!) 7) Losties meet Dogen. This is only the first few minutes, I stopped watching after I noticed those changes and I don't really want to know how horrible the changes in "The End" will be. I hope someone can to tell me if the UK version is ok. -- EvelynPace 11:58, September 24, 2010 (UTC)
Very good question. The changes you described are noted on the episode article, because when I watched it on TV here in the UK that was the cut of the episode shown, which was different from my US download cut. And yes, the Kate still standing behind Jack thing makes no sense. The bad news is on the DVD version in the UK, the episode is split into Part 1 and Part 2, and so it's very likely to be the same cut that aired on TV, and the same as the German DVD. I haven't checked though, but the changes only take place in order to make the "teaser" before the opening title work out without cutting scenes in half. The good news is that the Blu-ray version does not split the episodes, so it's very likely to be the original cut (again, I haven't checked because I'm still not up to S6 on my rewatch), but of course if you don't own a Blu-ray player, that's useless. As for Ab Aeterno, there are several episodes in Season 2 which were also extended past the 1 hour broadcast slot and as far as I know they are unchanged on the DVD. And as for "The End", on both the DVD and Blu-ray UK releases, the finale is not split and runs the full 1 hour 40 or so in one complete block, so I seriously doubt any changes have been made. All this is unchecked as I said, but I see no reason why Ab Aeterno or The End would be edited from the original broadcast. Hope that clears up your questions.--Baker1000 16:19, September 24, 2010 (UTC)
Hi, thanks for your answer! Unfortunately I don't own a Blu-ray player. It's really annoying what they did to the episode. I'll probably watch "Ab Aeterno" and "The End" when they air on TV here to see if there are any changes. -- EvelynPace 22:18, September 25, 2010 (UTC)

Contents of HMV Bonus Disk

User:Wouldawoodchuckchuck just added the following information to this page:

An error on Region 2 DVD box, saying that the set includes deleted scenes, has been reported. The deleted scenes were never intended to be on the DVD set, as they were meant to appear on the bonus disc from HMV, along with the deleted scenes exclusive to that disc. The scenes are, however, on the Region B Blu-ray Disc set.

If this is correct, can a citation be given? According to this new information, the HMV bonus disk includes deleted scenes ("the deleted scenes exclusive to that disc"). But this seems to contradict the description of the HMV bonus disk that already appears on this page:

With DVD editions, the extra disc contains the following exclusive special features:
* Chicken Heaven - A behind the scenes look at the Mr. Clucks shoot from "Everybody Loves Hugo". (3:02)
* Sayid Vs. Dogen - A behind the scenes look at the Dogen and Sayid scenes from "Sundown". (2:51)
* Lost Live: The Final Concert (6:32)
* Lost on Location: "Sundown" (4:33)
* Lost on Location: "Dr. Linus" (5:13)

Notice that in this description, the HMV bonus disk contains no deleted scenes at all. So there's a contradiction about the contents of the HMV disk.

Also, I think that the assertion that "The deleted scenes were never intended to be on the DVD set" needs a source. Never intended by whom? Did the Lost creators actually intend for the deleted scenes that appear on every American edition (DVD and Blu-Ray) to be available in the UK only to special buyers? They've never done that in previous seasons, so what's the evidence that they "intended" to do it with season six? — Lawrence King (talk) 16:09, October 6, 2010 (UTC)

Well, I do know that they were apparently never intended to be on the DVD, but I don't know where the source for them being on the HMV disc comes from, especially since there are no deleted scenes on that disc either. I had a pre-order for the DVD Complete Premium Collection on, and received this email from them:

The box for this item states that deleted scenes are included with the extras. Unfortunately the deleted scenes should not have been mentioned on the box as they were never intended to be included in the set.

If you would like the deleted scenes, you can request them from the manufacturer free of charge, via the details below:

Consumer Relations Freepost Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment 3 Queen Caroline Street, Hammersmith London W6 9PE

+44 (020) 8222 1571

I don't know how accurate that claim is, it sounds more like an excuse to me. Why would they not include them on the DVD set? I'll re-word it now, because I don't think there is a source for them being on the HMV disc. The HMV disc was included with the Blu-ray release, and it wouldn't have been a BD, it would have been the exact same DVD. I haven't heard reports of any difference in the content on the BD bonus disc. You can't tell me they intended the deleted scenes to be on both the BD and the bonus disc. Just including them as extras on the BD is much more believable, however.--Baker1000 19:45, October 6, 2010 (UTC)

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