Non-theories removed from the theory page

  • Karen DeGroot is still alive and on the island. During the 7/05 DJ Dan podcast, a man called in, stating that his grandmother had joined "The Karma Imperative" around the 1960's. She was a doctorate at the University of Michigan. One year she apparently ventured with "KARMA", or DHARMA, to a location at the South Pacific called "The Flame". (The first sentence is a theory, with no evidence. The rest of the comment is a fact that supports her once being on the island, which is not theory but confirmed fact, and does not support the theory that she is still alive.)
  • Karen and Gerald DeGroot went undercover on the Island as Olivia and Horace Goodspeed, with actors hired to play them in the Orientation Films to cover up their identities. Karen may have taken on the Olivia teacher identity to allow her close access to the children of the Island to determine if they exhibited special abilities. (no legitimate evidence cited--stated as possibility)
  • The Eve corpse found in the caves is Karen's corpse. (no evidence cited)
  • Karen de Groot was the woman at the black board with Ben Linus in 'The Lie' season 5. She was aged by 35 years.
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