I would caution against turning the unhealed list into another body count list. People who are gibbed such as arzt and turbine man are BEYOND 'unhealed' unless you consider the possiblity of reassembling like the liquid metal T-1000.

Ana & Libby to return?

Since the island does indeed have some sot of healing effect, would it be safe to say that Ana & Libby could be resurrected? We know of Michelle & Cynthia's troubles outside of the show, but there is no reason why they would not be? Just another crazy talking point anyway. НародныйАртист 20:37, 8 June 2006 (PDT)

Theories Squared

Ooh. This one's a potential can of spring snakes. First, let's go with the assumption that the island DOES have healing properties. All of the Unhealed people can come back from the dead at the writer's merest whim. Healing death just takes maybe a few episodes more than healing other stuff. This could quickly cause the series to Jump the Shark, because it diminishes the weight of events, if death is a precautionary measure and not a stopping point for any character arc. The fact such healing is inconsistent indicates that IF there's healing properties on the island, they're selective, which alludes to an intelligence behind it. Like the black smoke being kind to Locke in one episode and trying to kill him in another. The elusive healing properties seems to like Rose and Locke but thought Shannon and Boone were schmucks. What if that's the 'sickness'? After someone dies, they come back, and are one of those "Others" that Rousseau's always whining about? Of course this would eventually turn the series into a zombiefest of the undead versus the unhealed, and we already know the show's writers won't go there. They make fun of that too much. This isn't Dawn of the Dead. It's more like an episode of Twilight Zone that just keeps going.

What if the island doesn't have healing properties? Many wounds that occur during plot development are not intended by the writers to be anything more than something that looks nasty in the heat of the moment, but is proven later to be superficial so the characters are in relatively the same condition at the start of each episode for a given season. Principal characters throughout television history have shown remarkable healing properties compared to bit parts and extras, which are much more expendable. This would explain Charlie's wound from the boobytrap, Jack's occasional superficial wounds, and even Sawyer's gunshot wound. Locke's parapelegia is merely psychosomatic. If that's true, it means Rose IS still dying of cancer, or she is in remission but not due to the island, or she was never sick (hypochondria), etc. Jin's sterility could have also been in his head, or due to the stress of his henchman-like career with Sun's father. No longer being in that environment? Jin's manhood kicked into gear. Or, more interesting in my opinion: Sun secretly had sex with Michael. =) That'd be a fun plot twist. Perhaps a little predictable though.

... I have no idea where to put this in the Article part, or how to condense what I'm trying to say here into three words that don't mess up anything anybody else has to say. So I'm just putting it here for someone else to distill and improve upon or snark at and snicker. ZachsMind 21:42, 18 April 2006 (PDT)

  • The only evidence to support the resurrection theory is when Jack brought Charlie back to life. However, that certainly appeared to be more Jack's doing than any specific property of the Island. There is a big difference between bringing someone back to life and healing an existing injury. Your second theory seems a lot more plausible--but is really pretty boring and a major letdown if true. --Sid67 08:23, 19 April 2006 (PDT)
  • The first theory is good. The writers said in the Podcast that in Season 7 everyone will come back as a Zombie! - No , to get realistic (well they really said that, but it was meant sarcastic), they also stated with more sincerity that the dead are really dead, so the first theory is out. The second is ok, since many of the healings are indeed only a little bit faster than in reality, just like it always works in movies. And the big healings like Lockes, Roses and the miracle baby might very well be more spiritual healings. Cancer especially is a thing to be highly influencable by willpower. Of course this does not always work but it can. Same goes for certain nervours damages... And that the island or maybe rather the plane crash survival turned many of the survivors into believers and faithful people cannot be denied. --aurora glacialis 09:44, 19 April 2006 (PDT)


why did we lose the entire unhealed list? --Ernest 20:51, 16 May 2006 (PDT)


Don't you guys think that if infact, the island was healing people faster, that Jack, being a doctor, would notice, and maybe even talk about it? I think this is mostly all speculation. Drath 23:06, 24 October 2006 (PDT)

Jack Part 2

I've been away for a while, so I haven't followed this that closely... I don't want to step on anyone's toes, but this just occurred to me... Has anyone considered that Jack is a healer the way Isaac pretends to be? Perhaps Jack is the healing catalyst and not the island? I mean, there's no evidence of the Tailies being healed is there? It sure would account for why Sarah and Pasta-Spine girl (from Jack's story in the Pilot) lived. Am I on to something? Have I found a new angle? Carl 20:02, 30 November 2006 (PST)


According to Ben, it was Locke's proximity that started his healing process from the wheelchair. Similarly, Locke was present when Mikhail was damaged by the barrier, perhaps meaning his wounds were being healed at the same rate they were inflicted. Locke's fast healing in general whilst on the island - paralysis, Lockdown, surviving hatch explosion, bite - might support this theory. Also, it could be noted that Boone died after Locke had left him with Jack and gone back to the hatch. If Locke had stayed, maybe Boone would have survived. Presumably Rose and Jin had contact with Locke soon after they arrived as well. However, this doesn't explain healing such as Charlie's hanging, how Mikhail knew Naomi would heal faster and so on.

Ben's info

In 3x16 "One of Us", Ben states to Juliet that no one on the Island gets or has gotten Cancer. Should this be added to this page?--Baker1000 17:03, 15 April 2007 (PDT)

  • Horace Goodman mentions that the island was chosen for DHARMA because it had very special properties they wanted to study. Curing cancer maybe?

Born On The Island

Those born/conceived on the island do not heal in the same way "outsiders" do. Therefore Ben and Aaron and anyone else in the same situation can get sick. This would also lead to the situation that Sun's child may or may not be of interest to the others depending on who the father is.

  • Now we know that Ben wasn't born on the island.

Bio-Electric Stimulation Therapy

If, supposedly, everything happening on the island can be explained away as natural phoenomenon, the healing that takes place on the island is almost certainly related to the apparent special electromagnetic properties of the island (compass readings, radio interference, the Swan, etc). This article talks about recent developments in Bio-Electric Stimulation Therapy which fosters the "maximum flow of current in wounds". Ionic currents are essential to proper healing and are not usually present in non-healing wounds. The implication seems to be that introducing "ionic currents" to wounds that don't normally heal would prompt them to heal, and speed healing in normal wounds. Sounds to me a lot like what we've seen on the island. --fatcatfan 10:43, 10 May 2007 (PDT)


Colleen died at the Hydra. That's technically not on the main island, but a separate island. Therefore theoretically, much like Sawyer's gunshot wound at the raft, the healing properties of the Island might not extend to The Hydra. I think this should be noted in Colleen's description in the main article, but will wait for comments here. --Squashua 13:26, 18 May 2007 (PDT)

Items Unaffected by Island Beneficial Healing

  • Ben's tumor should be added.
  • Ben's presbyopia should be added.
  • Mikhail's alopecia should be added.
  • Sabine's adverse pregnancy should be added.
  • Unidentified women who lost their lives in pregnancy should be added.

--Vic Coutin 13:49, 12 June 2007 (PDT)

Fast Healing/Slow Healing

Why is it that Locke and Rose were both apparently very suddenly healed as soon as they crashed on the island, but other wounds, though recovery is faster than off-island, heal much slower (such as Locke's leg wound in the hatch)? Was this just writer's prerogative, a continuity error, or is it for a reason?--Andreabt 08:29, 27 April 2008 (PDT)

Pre-crash deaths

Maybe the healing properties have affected those who were dead when crashing on the island, possibly even reverting them back to life? This might explain why the corpses of Christian Shepherd and Yemi are missing. --Psychotron 13:59, 8 December 2008 (PST)


Or at least I thought it was, since the Heart of the Island is the physical manifestation of life, isn't that what heals people? Plus it's one of the pockets of energy mentioned by the Healer in Australia --Rod|talk 21:14, May 22, 2010 (UTC)

Locke in Walkabout

In Walkabout, after being hit by the boar, Locke appears to be temporarilly paralyzed (just for a few seconds) again before being able to get up. The episode summary here says he was simply winded, and the scene itself could've been a mini-cliffhanger/psych-out to the audience (Locke thought he was paralyzed but managed to regain mobility). Should we note this on the page, or leave it out (writer's opinion known)? We'll have to be vague, but we could say something like "Locke appeared to briefly lose feeling in his legs after being knocked down while hunting a boar, but quickly became unparalyzed again." Better grammar, of course, but you get the gist of it.--Tim Thomason 05:09, June 2, 2010 (UTC)

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