• Wondering if we should separate the article from the transcript. If so, we'd have to add the enhanced version to the episode nav as well. Note that ABC has hosted the enhanced version as a separate streaming download from the non-enhanced version. -- Contrib¯ _Santa_ ¯  Talk  14:56, 1 February 2008 (PST)
  • I think we should create some sort of chart to match the dialogue with the captions so people have more of an idea of what it was saying and when. -Mr.Leaf 16:53, 1 February 2008 (PST)
  • I think it would be a good idea to have a "main" article page for it, separate from the transcript. That's also a good idea to have some way of correlating the captions with the dialogue. I wonder what the best way to implement that would be? -- Graft   talk   contributions  20:20, 1 February 2008 (PST)
  • OK will separate the transcript from the article. Regarding the other issue, the easiest solution to me seem to be to interleave both transcripts: Standard dialog AND enhanced, but keep formatting somehow distinct, whether it be Tabs, Boldface, Size, Italics, using <pre>...</pre>, etc., or even a small quote box for each caption. I don't think we should "footnote" the standard transcript in a way that requires the reader to go back and forth between two blocks of text. -- Contrib¯ _Santa_ ¯  Talk 


  • I think this article should be merged into the episode's main article as it doesn't need an entire page on its own. The info within it can be moved to a section of the Through the Looking Glass page, and a link to the transcript added. An enhanced version of an episode with pop-up factoids such as this does not require an entire new page, as the episode itself is in no way different, and should therefore be merged. --SilvaStorm
  • I'd say leave it as its own article, but maybe try and expand it a bit. Is there any official information out there about how the enhanced version was recieved by people such as ratings (I know everyone I've talked to thought it sucked)? I doubt that the enhanced version should be in the Season 3 Nav Template, however. Jimbo the tubby 09:26, 4 February 2008 (PST)\
  • Keep - Justification: it had its own press release, its own production company, a seprate transcript, and is available for a SEPARATE download at ABC's streaming site. -- Contrib¯ _Santa_ ¯  Talk  23:42, 4 February 2008 (PST)
But as Jimbo said, maybe a removal from the S3 template? --SilvaStorm
  • Keep But remove from Template: It's not needed there. --   Dee4leeds  talk  contribs  all  11:53, 6 February 2008 (PST)
  • Keep but remove from template; instead, include a link to this article on the main TTLG page. Evil-pineapples 17:05, 11 February 2008 (PST)
  • Keep I think there is enough information here to warrant its own article. I'm indifferent about whether it stays on the nav template though. -- Graft   talk   contributions  18:47, 11 February 2008 (PST)
  • Keep, but remove from template: I can understand having a seperate article to show how this version was different, but it's essentially the same episode with popups; therefore, I don't see why it should be listed twice on the template. The main article can always contain a link to this article if someone wants to explore the differences. -PsychoYoshi 10:15, 13 February 2008 (PST)
    • Just noticed the comment on additional enhanced episodes below this merge discussion. If that's the case, definitely remove it from the template...we don't want to be adding every enhanced version of an episode to the navbar, now do we? -PsychoYoshi 10:16, 13 February 2008 (PST)
  • Keep but remove from template for reasons stated above. BETTYFIZZW (Talk) 16:44, 14 February 2008 (PST)
  • Keep but change to "Enhanced Episodes" and cover all enhanced episodes. If this were the only one, it would make sense to have this article, but if they are going to run a bunch of enhanced ones (last night they ran "Confirmed Dead" with enhancements) it probably makes more sense to just have one article that discusses all of them. --Minderbinder 08:32, 15 February 2008 (PST)
  • Keep but remove from template and change to "Enhanced Episodes" and cover all enhanced episodes. - TheAma1 08:18, 16 February 2008 (PST)
  • For now removing 3x22e from season3nav. Discussion continuing on creating article to cover all enhanced episodes. -- Contrib¯ _Santa_ ¯  Talk  14:44, 16 February 2008 (PST)
  • Note that transcript articles for the enhanced articles should still be kept separate, regardless of what is decided on the overall main article. -- Contrib¯ _Santa_ ¯  Talk  14:45, 16 February 2008 (PST)
  • Working on a draft of combining the articles as discussed above. Each enhanced episode will be in its own subhead, and have a smaller episode infobox associated with it. -- Contrib¯ _Santa_ ¯  Talk  15:07, 16 February 2008 (PST)

More enhanced episodes

According to the latest ABC Medianet press release, they're going to air an enhanced version of 4x04 on Feb 28 right before the broadcast of 4x05. And there's also a preview video up today on advertising a new enhanced episode this Thursday before 4x03 - though they don't say which one, but I would guess "Confirmed Dead". Seems like they're really trying to get new viewers interested in the show. -- Graft   talk   contributions  06:28, 12 February 2008 (PST)

Are the "enhanced facts" canon?

I'm not sure I would trust them 100%, especially since some were created without the writers due to the strike. --Minderbinder 08:33, 15 February 2008 (PST)

  • Slight correction. All captions were created by Met|Hodder, none whatsoever by the writers. This fact likely has nothing to do with the strike. However, you are correct that it is probably good to note this fact, and its impact on canonicity of claims made by the caption. -- Contrib¯ _Santa_ ¯  Talk  14:47, 16 February 2008 (PST)
    • While the writers may or may not create captions now that the strike is over, at the very least they will have the opportunity to check them over before they air and make sure that they are correct. While the strike may have nothing to do with an outside company doing the captions, it is a factor in that it meant that captions were aired with zero approval or input from writers (which certainly seems to increase the chances of something non-canon sneaking through). --Minderbinder 11:12, 20 February 2008 (PST)
  • It's all fan speculation unless you can cite a source. Until then it's a moot point. For example could ask Gregg Nations at the forums, then we'd have something worth adding to the article (citing the thread URL as source), one way or another. UPDATE: oh I see we do have one source from the Fuselage on how it worked during the strike. -- Contrib¯ _Santa_ ¯  Talk  23:40, 21 February 2008 (PST)
  • What's fan speculation? It's known fact that the writers were on strike, and unless they were breaking the strike, they had no participation in the show. It's also a known fact that the strike is over and the writers are available to work on the captions, or at least check them over before airing. I'm not sure what you're disputing. --Minderbinder 05:34, 22 February 2008 (PST)
  • Furthermore, it would take some time to create the enhanced portions, so one would assume it would have been submitted from canon from the writers in the first place. Captions created by Met|Hodder does not equal captions written by them. -- LOSTonthisdarnisland 09:29, 28 February 2008 (PST)

The text now says that the matter was settled when the writers said the were like Cliffsnotes. What does that mean, are they canon or not? I think this should be made clearer in the article. That would help in the discussions about the statues and the validity of the Temporal displacement article. --LOST-Hunter61 10:19, 15 March 2009 (UTC)

In the 3/19/2009 Podcast, Darlton actually says "They are not cannon!" Good to finally know. Iburnedthemuffins 20:01, 19 March 2009 (UTC)

  • bump: they are not canon! now we know! --Sfoskett 18:33, 20 March 2009 (UTC)

DVD Releases?

I'm wondering if there are any plans to release the enhanced episodes to DVD. This doesn't necessarily mean duplicating the episodes, but rather utilizing DVD's graphical commentary options to recreate the enhanced episodes' graphics, probably just as effectively as they appeared originally. Though it's too late for "Through the Looking Glass" (Unless they redo the 3rd season DVD release, which will never happen.), the fourth season's DVD's could easily have this feature. Are the producers going to shrug their shoulders and not bother, or will they make the extra effort to include the enhancements? It'd be a shame for them to have the capability but not go through with it and something tells me that in several months I can expect to be disappointed when the fourth season DVD's are available and the enhancements are not included. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Klknoles (talkcontribs) .

Well, the enhancements aren't done by Lost, and given how little they really to add, and in some cases (see Cabin Fever below) are completely wrong, my guess is they won't be on the DvDs. --Gluphokquen Gunih 19:21, 21 May 2008 (PDT)

I'd love to have them on the dvd. Especially because I haven't seen them yet. And very good points Klknoles. Way too little extra stuff on the dvd's compared to what have been produced.--Mc peko 05:31, 3 June 2008 (PDT)

Enrico Fermi photo links

Two links to the photo with Enrico Fermis error. I added one of them:


Fixed info on "Beginning of the End" enhanced. While the episode did air originally as a rerun before "Confirmed Dead", it was not enhanced at that time. March 27 was the first time it aired as an enhanced episode. I know this because I have saved on my DVR the rerun from that night along with "confirmed dead" as I kept them together as one file and erased the original premiere airing of "Beginning of the End"--Jediblueman 00:49, 29 March 2008 (PDT)

Thanks for catching that; I thought I remembered it like that, but wasn't sure. -- Graft   talk   contributions  00:55, 29 March 2008 (PDT)
I was a little thrown off too, as I did the transcript I never remembered having read any of that before (although a lot of it had been said in other enhanced episodes). On top of that, it didn't air in my area on March 27 @ 9pm for some strange reason, so I had to wait for ABC to put it up online. Did anyone else not get it that night?--MetallichickX 18:21, 29 March 2008 (PDT)

Sky One are airing these in the UK

Sky One have an advert out right now which explains they are airing these enhanced episodes on 26th and 27th April. There isn't an official announcement on the internet that I can find however. Anyway, just thought I would let you know here, maybe something can be added to the article?--Baker1000 12:43, 15 April 2008 (PDT)

Sky One have pushed their schedule back a week. They are now showing these on 3rd and 4th May.--Baker1000 04:58, 17 April 2008 (PDT)
So have they been aired now?--Nevermore 02:54, 3 June 2008 (PDT)
Yeah, they were aired in the hiatus. I don't think they have aired 9-12 yet though.--Baker1000 04:40, 3 June 2008 (PDT)
Someone should update the article accordingly, then. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Nevermore (talkcontribs) 2008-06-03T11:52:54.

4x07 and 4x08

Did anyone happen to catch the enhanced airing of the last two episodes? --Pyramidhead 12:50, 16 April 2008 (PDT)

They air tomorrow night for the first time as far as I am aware.--Baker1000 12:52, 16 April 2008 (PDT)

Cabin Fever

"In the Season 1 episode, "Deus Ex Machina" / Locke uttered those same words to the guide / in the walkabout travel office in Sydney." Is this the first time there's been something completely WRONG in an enhanced caption? --Gluphokquen Gunih 19:13, 21 May 2008 (PDT)

I'm not sure this is exactly a case of something being "completely wrong"--it's more of a typo, a mistaken substitution of "Walkabout" with "Deus Ex Machina". It's wrong, yes, but no more severe a mistake than the typo of "vertebrae" for "vertebra" in "Something Nice Back Home-Enhanced". Robert K S (talk) 19:45, 21 May 2008 (PDT)
Well to me, if anything, it shows that the people making the captions don't know what they're talking about. I'd say it's more than a typo. If I spell something wrong, the point can still come across, but in this case this was completly inacurate information. --Gluphokquen Gunih 20:54, 21 May 2008 (PDT)
I disagree. It's easy for things to creep in wrong in production that were not there when submitted by the writer. This happens in books all the time. Or it was shorthanded, perhaps, and the understaff responsible for filling in the blanks screwed up. It's an easy mistake as it was the only other Locke-centric episode that season. ---- LOSTonthisdarnisland 17:54, 28 January 2009 (UTC)


I want the so called enhanced episodes. Why are they extremely hard to find?--Mc peko 10:57, 31 May 2008 (PDT)

The Shape of Things to Come

How comes theirs no Enhanced episode of "The Shape of Things to Come" ? --Ryan76el 12:49, 29 June 2008 (PDT)

Likely because scheduling didn't allow it. -- Sam McPherson  T  C  E  12:55, 29 June 2008 (PDT)

Season 1

  • Why is there no info on the new enhanced episodes?--Rod 17:25, 20 September 2008 (PDT)
  • It's up to date now. :)--Mc peko 15:25, 1 February 2009 (UTC)


This page is getting too big. I vote for a split. One page for each episode. Or at least one page for each season.--Mc peko 15:28, 1 February 2009 (UTC)

  • Maybe Are the Lost in 2.0 re-runs enhanced? If so, we might consider the possibility to split them, at least by seasons. Also if Season 5 continues to air enhanced re-runs we will deffinetly need a split. Orhan94 15:33, 1 February 2009 (UTC)

I've never seen enhanced episodes or in 2.0 episodes, but I'm quite certain they are not the same. I'm not sure I completely see what that has to do with this. Anyways, thanks for supporting my split. ;)--Mc peko 15:40, 1 February 2009 (UTC)

Removing slashes

The article has quoted sentences from information boxes in the episodes. The sentences have slashes between their words. Supposedly, the slashes mark how a sentence was devided on-screen and seperated into a few information boxes. However, the sentences are devided because whole sentences would take too much space the screen. They are of no real importance to the reader. In fact, it makes the quotes much harder to read fluently. I suggest to remove them. --CharlieReborn 00:10, 19 February 2009 (UTC)

The problem is that some of the sentences become ungrammatical if you remove the slashes, because the slashes take the place of punctuation (commas especially). You could add the punctuation, but then you wouldn't be quoting the captions accurately. No, the line breaks carry no especial meaning, but that is true of most poetry and song lyrics as well. Robert K S (talk) 07:51, 19 February 2009 (UTC)
Yes I have noticed that. But would it be better to have a relatively small amount of sentences with missing commas, rather than to have all sentences read so badly? I'm sure that over time, other editors will make minor edits to add commas where needed. It's just a better option. --CharlieReborn 21:29, 19 February 2009 (UTC)
These are supposed to be unadulterated quotations--selected passages, if you will--so, as I mentioned above, we shouldn't be inserting our own punctuation. Robert K S (talk) 21:35, 19 February 2009 (UTC)


Did we have enhanced episodes for the episodes 5x04 and 5x05? 04:46, 23 February 2009 (UTC)

Redirect suggestion

Hey, I hate to be a noob, but i think "enhanced episode" should redirect here, and I don't know how to do it. LOST-Merick 01:07, 26 February 2009 (UTC)

All you need to do is type in "enhanced episode" into the search and then click to create a new page under that name. Then type #Redirect [[Enhanced episodes]]. That's how I do it anyway! I will create one for "enhanced episode" now though.--Baker1000 01:19, 26 February 2009 (UTC)

Canonicity Confirmed

On March 19th, the Producers said on the official Lost podcast that the enhanced episodes are semi-canon. They said they don't have the time to regulate them themselves, but some people in the office do from time to time. --LOST-The Cartographer 17:38, 19 March 2009 (UTC)

They used the words "semi-canon"? Wow, way to clarify things. :-(  Robert K S   tell me  17:56, 19 March 2009 (UTC)
Pretty much. They analogized it saying that "uncle Pete is often right, but sometimes he can be wrong." Or something like that. --LOST-The Cartographer 17:58, 19 March 2009 (UTC)
Yeah, so that really doesn't advance us any.  Robert K S   tell me  18:05, 19 March 2009 (UTC)
I guess we should be careful in our discernment of what we think is canon and what is not -If it's new information of course. --LOST-The Cartographer 18:17, 19 March 2009 (UTC)
I just listened to the podcast. Carlton's exact words are "They should not be regarded as canon."  Robert K S   tell me  04:24, 20 March 2009 (UTC)

The Little Prince-Enhanced

Anyone have a picture? It's the only one we're missing now.--Mc peko 11:29, 24 April 2009 (UTC)

Yeah, I'll get around to it.  Robert K S   tell me  15:55, 24 April 2009 (UTC)

Nice.--Mc peko 18:35, 24 April 2009 (UTC)

Unfortunately, my affiliate decided to cover most of the show with some stupid weather warning, so our options are limited. Which would you prefer?
  1. Locke trying to convince Sawyer to go back to the Orchid, Enhanced caption: "to a Tunisian desert ten months in the future." (No ABC bug.)
  2. Overhead crane shot of Sawyer and Juliet in the outrigger canoe on the open ocean in the middle of a rainstorm just after a time flash, with Sawyer shouting up to God, "I take that back!" just as the lightning strikes, Enhanced caption: "and their attackers are gone." (ABC bug visible.)
Let me know, and I'll upload the favorite.  Robert K S   tell me  07:18, 26 April 2009 (UTC)
  • Locke and Sawyer, personal favorite.--Orhan94 09:24, 26 April 2009 (UTC)

Locke and Sawyer Permafry 42 09:36, 26 April 2009 (UTC)

Doesn't matter to me. You get to decide.--Mc peko 16:01, 26 April 2009 (UTC)

The Incident, Parts 1 & 2-Enhanced

Somehow, I managed to miss the news of this airing and didn't record it. Is anybody going to be able to get the first few acts' worth of Enhanced captions from this episode?  Robert K S   tell me  02:31, January 27, 2010 (UTC)

Captions Wrong?

  • The captions are bogus. They stated that Ben learned he had a tumor on the day 815 crashed, however we all know he learned about his tumor the day before the crash. If this is wrong how can we take anything told on these captions seriously? -- B1G CZYGS  Talk  Contribs  14:56, January 27, 2010 (UTC)
  • I have never taken the enhanced captions seriously. They work on the KISS principle. We should be wary of treating them as canon.--Jim in Georgia Contribs Talk 16:03, January 27, 2010 (UTC)
  • The captions cannot be trusted. In the enhanced The End Pt. 1: "This is not a flashback or a flash-forward. It is a "flash sideways'. It represents what would have happened if Oceanic Flight 815 didn't crash." We all now know that this is not the case.--Trabera 16:03, May 31, 2010 (UTC)
  • Pictogram reply In their defense, it's understandable they wouldn't want to spoil the ending twist at the start of the episode... LeoChris 18:24, May 31, 2010 (UTC)
  • Pictogram reply Spoiler is one thing, incorrect information is another. --Trabera 03:06, June 1, 2010 (UTC)
  • Pictogram reply It was not incorrect, it was what we thought the flash-sideways was by that point (the opening shots of "The End"). --Orhan94 19:01, August 27, 2010 (UTC)
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