D.D.K. played "Gavin Park" on Angel in 2002-3.

While the heritage of "Gavin Park" was never an issue on Angel', Park is a very common Korean family name. Was "Gavin Park" Korean, Korean American (Kyopo) or OTHER?

"He has said that playing "Jin" is a relief to him because he is finally playing someone of his own heritage (Korean), having been cast as characters of almost every other Asian heritage but his own."

General: About profiles...

Seriously, this profile was a mess before I edited... his h.s. info was further down than graduate school, trivia was in between more important acting info. Let's try to do general chronological or subject grouping, at least, for profiles. Thanks. --PandoraX 15:06, 16 August 2006 (PDT)


Has anyone considered adding Daniel's MySpace to the external links (or elsewhere)? It's

Only reason I put it here is cos I'm only 99% sure it's genuine, and don't wanna mislead people if I'm wrong :S - Enigmaster 13:09, 30 November 2006 (PST)


It was "Dae Kim, Daniel". But I changed it to "Kim, Daniel Dae" so he goes under K-after all, that's where they put him in the series' credits so I assume that's the proper way of placing his name. --Golden Monkey 21:44, June 16, 2010 (UTC)

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