Could anyone possibly clear up that last comment referring to Hurley possibly experiencing different feelings during the rescue of Naomi?  Liveweak  22:06, 29 April 2007 (PDT)

The Crash of 815

Removed a comment on a theory about Naomi being from the future: "It is unlikely that someone from far enough in the future for all the survivors to be dead would be immediately familiar with a reference to particular flight. Most people don't remember the flight number of every plane crash over the last 50 years, especially when they are already in a distressed state." You don't have to be particularly far in the future. All the survivors are in a fairly small area and a single catastrophic event could wipe them out within the next month. Even after an extended period of time some plane crashes are "interesting" enough to be widely remembered, such as KAL-007. (Coming up on 24 years, Wikipedia informs me, but I'd bet a fair percentage of people over the age of say 35 would recognize the designation and remember at least a few details.) --Bastion 12:37, 27 April 2007 (PDT)

Mikhail Hiding Something?

I wanted to rewatch part of the interaction between Mikhail and the others and noticed something else while I was scanning for the part that really interested me. I don't have a theory, but it might be theory-worthy. When Mikhail comes upon the Losties there's a brief pause and then he turns around and takes off. As he's running away from Jin, I noticed that almost the whole time one hand the other other is clutching his jumpsuit slightly toward the right of his abdomen. It doesn't look like he's grabbing a stitch in his side from running, though, so I wonder if there's something there. Was Mikhail carrying something important, or was Andrew just trying to keep his cuffs up off the ground as he ran? Or something else? --Bastion 07:41, 9 May 2007 (PDT)

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