Mr. Eko is a Nigerian warlord who assumed the role of priest during a drug running operation.

Before the crash

As a kid, Eko and his family were raided by guerrilla. One of the guerrillas brought out one of the older Nigerian villagers and tried to force Eko's brother Yemi to shot him as a form of recruitment. However Yemi was unable to, making the Smugglers angry. But before the could kill the young Yemi, Eko took the gun and shot the unarmed man at the behest of the Nigerian guerrilla members to spare his brother. As a result, Eko was recruited into the guerrilla group instead. The guerrilla greeted Eko with pride and dubbed him "Mr. Eko".

Years later Yemi had become a Catholic priest, while Eko started on the road to become a leader of a criminal organization. Eko's businesses were primarily drug running (primarily out of the country). And by that time he had taken the name of "Mr. Eko" as his feared name. The last drug running job of Mr. Eko's was a plan to use Virgin Mary statues to hide drugs inside. He came to his brother Yemi to sign papers for him to appear like an official Priest of the clergy to aid in the drug run. However, Yemi refused this despite Mr. Eko's attempt to convince him. Eko leaves only to return a second time. He explains that his friends are going to hurt Yemi and his church goers despite Eko's leadership. Yemi buckles to the pressure and signs Eko and his friends as preists.

Later Eko, along two smugglers Goldie and Olu, readied their Beechcraft, which Eko wanted to use for his operations under the cover of a Catholic missionary flight. The Nigerian Army was called in by Yemi and besieged the plane. Yemi attempts to get Eko to reconsider his life and his drug run and to come back with him. Eko refused as the military besieged them. Gunfire brought out between the Nigerian Army and the smugglers. Yemi attempted to stop the fighting but was only shot in the crossfire. Eko desperately attempts to safe his brother. Goldie helped drag Yemi onto the plane; however, he turned on Eko and kicked him off the plane and back onto the runway. Thus Eko was left behind. When addressed as a priest by the soldiers, he pretended to be just that and was not arrested.

After the Beechcraft plan failed and his brother's death, Mr. Eko continued under the persona that he was a priest, calling himself "Father Tunde". For a brief time he served in a small parish in England (though it is unclear as to when) before going to Australia. There he worked in a Catholic church, still under his false priesthood. Life continued as such until Eko's forger, Caldwell, appeared to him telling him that he has a fake Australian passport listing his name as Oduduwa Ulu with a date of issue of April 16, 2004. and a flight to Los Angeles ready. But this meeting is interrupted when Eko's monsignor asks him to investigate a miracle happening that occurred to a girl named Charlotte Malkin. Her mother and her doctor had claimed that Charlotte drowned in a river and came back to life. He first visited Dr. Ian McVay who played a recording that occured during a investigation of her dead body. The recording sounded like a real enough resurrection that Eko pursued the Malkins themselves. However, Charlotte's mother, Joyce Malkin, explains this is a bad time to visit. At that time Carlotte's father, Richard Malkin (who was also Claire's psychic) comes out to explain how adamantly opposed to the idea of the miracle and tells Eko that there was nothing of a supernatural about anything involving his daughter. Eko tells him he will report that there was no miracle, and leaves for Los Angeles.

While at the airport, Mr Eko was found by Charlotte despite her father's will. There she tells Mr. Eko that she has a message from Yemi. She claims that Yemi believes in Eko's faith even if Eko does not. And that things would make sense to Eko soon. From that point Charlotte was interrupted by Libby, who was a stranger to Eko at this point. Charlotte left the airport, and Eko boarded the tail-section of the doomed flight.

On the island

  • Walks tall and carries a big stick (nicknamed "Jesus Stick" by Charlie)
  • Lived in the The Arrow
  • Killed two of The Others in self-defense (with a rock) during the first night on the island.
  • Took a 40-day vow of silence after the two killings.
  • Upon the discovery of the the Arrow, seemed most interested and pleased to find a Bible. The Bible contained a cutout section which held a section of film that was later spliced into the Swan orientation film.
  • Beat Sawyer over the head with a club, knocking him out, then threw him, Michael, and Jin into a pit.
  • Aided Jin's search for Michael, who ran away from the Tailies to find his son, Walt
  • Upon learning of the Virgin Mary Statues, forces Charlie to take him to the plane. Near the plane, finds the body of his gold-toothed Nigerian associate. Then, sensing something strange afoot, he tells Charlie to climb a tree as what many believe to be The Security System approaches. Eko, motionless, stares at the black smoke while it confronts him and flashes images from his past (See gallery below). It then moves on. Locke was the only other person to fearlessly face and survive it.
  • Weeps upon finding the body of his brother in the Drug Runner Plane.
  • Baptised Claire and Aaron after claiming to be a priest in "The 23rd Psalm" (Which may or may not be true - but in Roman Catholic church anyone can perform a valid rite of baptism, but must have good intentions and do it 'in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit')
  • Was marking and cutting down trees near the beach for reasons which were unknown for several episodes. When asked why he was marking the trees, he simply responded that he liked them. It was later revealed that he is building a church, for which he has enlisted Charlie's help.
  • Knew about Henry Gale's presence in the Hatch while it was kept secret from other crash survivors.
  • Tells Henry Gale that he killed two of The Others and asks for his forgiveness.
  • Cuts two small tufts of hair off of his beard with a large knife and gives them to Henry Gale, which signifies him passing his sins of killing the two "Others". By telling someone what he has done, his sins are forgiven. It can also be argued that he told this to Henry, then used his large knife with absolute precision, to intimidate Henry with what he did, and what he was capable of doing.
  • Is guided by dreams featuring Ana-Lucia Cortez and Yemi to ask John Locke about the ? on his map. Together they discover the Pearl hatch.
  • Knew that Locke had seen Yemi in his dream so it's probable they shared the same dream.
  • Falls, or appears to fall in Locke's dream as they search for the location of the ? facility.
  • Appears to be the only Lostaway who is still wearing the same clothes he had on at the time of the crash. No one else's clothes are hanging in tatters.
  • Decides to bring back souveniers from The Pearl because he believes that the objects that he has found with John Locke are extremely important.
  • Asks John Locke if he wants to watch the Pearl Orientation Video one more time.
    • Could possibly be creative irony, since when John watched the Swan Orientation Film for the first time, he voiced a desire to watch the film again.
  • Decides to move into The Swan presumably to push the button. Asks Charlie to bring him his belongings from the beach. He decides to quit working on the church for now.
  • May have died in the Episode Live Together, Die Alone along with John Locke and Desmond.


  • According to an interview (ref) with Bryan Burk, Mr. Eko was originally named Emeka, which was changed to Eko at some point prior to Season 2.

Theories and thoughts

  • Name could also be homonym of Eco, like Umberto Eco who wrote Foucault's Pendulum which is about guys who work in a publishing house who for entertainment create alternative histories, ultimately they are caught up in the reality of their own fiction
  • Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje came up with the idea, not the writers, to inscribe Scripture on his stick; therefore, the Scriptures 'probably aren't very significant'. (Source)
  • Could be related to Ms. Klugh
    • Unlikely, as Ms. Klugh has an American accent. On the other hand, accents can change as a person picks up the accent of those they live with. Even siblings do not necessarily have the same accent if they have lived apart.
  • Could have come into contact with Charlie before the crash while he was serving in England
  • In the black smoke, the second picture from the left could be Ms. Klugh.
  • Could represent the Yin to Locke's Yang (like the yin-yang/swan logo). They both are men of faith and are drawn together. They are also both present at the demise of Swan station.


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