Lost is broadcast in Switzerland.

Since Switzerland has 4 official languages; German, French, Italian and Rhaeto-romanic. There are different networks that air Lost in different languages at different times. Rhaeto-romanic is only spoken by about 10'000 people and therefore there is no Rhaeto-romanic TV-Station.

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Because of Swiss advertising laws, TV series like Lost are not interrupted by advert breaks. All episodes of Lost were presented in co-channel sound, making it possible for viewers to choose between German or English language. SF2 does not yet transmit a HDTV signal, due to technical difficulties (All episodes air in 16:9/Letterbox).

Swiss users can also receive German channels, making it possible to view episodes with advert breaks. Due to the higher prices for shows in German (compared to e.g. French), SF2 can only present episodes at the same time or delayed comparative to German networks.


  • TSR is the French equivalent to SF2. It's also subject to public law and presents all episodes in co-channel sound (French/English) without any ad breaks. The second season started on June 8, 2006. TSR presents 3 new episodes every Thursday. Season 2 concluded on July 20, 2006 with "Three Minutes" and the two-hour finale Live Together, Die Alone.


  • TSI is the Italian equivalent of SF2 and TSR. Currently, this station does not broadcast the show.

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