"Sweet Exposé" is an orchestral piece from the Season 3 soundtrack. Its motif plays throughout "Exposé". This piece is shown being recorded by the Hollywood Studio Symphony in the April 10, 2007 Official Lost Video Podcast.

Main appearance

In a flashback, Nikki is running through the jungle. She stops and begins digging, then piles dirt over whatever she buried.

She runs again and makes it to the beach. She collapses, paralyzed, and the other survivors think she is dead.

In the present, the survivors are burying Nikki and Paulo. Nikki's eyes open, but they continue piling the dirt on.

Full list of appearances

"Sweet Exposé" and its variations play over the following scenes:

  • Kate looks to higher ground after hearing Sayid's plan. ("Pilot, Part 2")
  • Nikki runs through the jungle at the beginning of the episode. ("Exposé")
    • Nikki collapses in front of Sawyer and Hurley. They presume her dead. ("Exposé")
    • Nikki and Paulo discover the diamonds. ("Exposé")
    • Hurley declares that Nikki may have said "Paulo lies". ("Exposé")
    • In a flashback, Nikki asks Paulo about the diamonds. In the present, Sawyer finds his body. ("Exposé")
    • Paulo searches the water for their luggage. ("Exposé")
    • Paulo enters the Pearl. ("Exposé")
    • He hides the diamonds in the toilet. ("Exposé")
    • Paulo takes the walkie talkie and leaves. ("Exposé")
    • Nikki's scene replays at the end, and the survivors bury her. ("Exposé")
  • Locke's group argues about Frank's flare. ("Confirmed Dead")


The piece begins with the chaos motif. The rest of the piece consists of variations on its own motif.

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