This page discusses the survivor factions formed in season four. For the groups formed in season 6, see Jacob's followers and Man in Black's recruits

The factions separate. ("The Beginning of the End")

The survivor factions were created on the 91st day of the Oceanic Flight 815 survivors on the Island. The factions were led by Jack Shephard and John Locke, as the crew from Naomi's freighter began coming to the Island. The split was based on a difference of opinion on whether the freighter crew were coming to rescue them (as Jack believed), or for more nefarious unknown reasons (as Locke believed). ("The Beginning of the End")



Jack believed that the people on the freighter were coming to the Island to rescue them and that Locke was a person who would do anything to stop them from leaving. Those who followed Jack had various motives for doing so. Most hoped for rescue, others were loyal to Jack, while still others followed Jack out of distrust toward Locke.

Locke, motivated by his vision of Walt, believed that the people on the freighter were a threat to the lives of everyone. Many of those who followed him were motivated by Charlie's warning and a sense of loyalty to Charlie, given the circumstances of his death, and some simply had nothing to return to off the Island.

The split

Tensions between Jack and Locke reached a breaking point on their 91st day on the Island, when Locke threw a knife in Naomi's back to stop her from contacting the freighter and threatened to shoot Jack. Locke ended up wandering off the scene, leaving Naomi bleeding to death, and letting Jack make the call and contacting a representative of Naomi's expedition. ("Through the Looking Glass, Part 1") Shortly after, Jack told Kate he will kill Locke if he comes back. When the group from the radio tower met up with the group from the beach, Jack crept up on Locke, got him down, put a gun to his head, and pulled the trigger. When the gun proved empty, he started beating Locke and had to be pulled off by Sayid and Sawyer. ("The Beginning of the End")

In front of the entire surviving community, Locke made his case and declared that anyone who "wanted to live" should come with him. Jack responded that nobody would go with Locke, as "they're not crazy." In response to Jack's remark, Hurley spoke up for Locke and specifically talked about Charlie's warning. Jack did not respond and did not attempt to address the warning. Hurley went to Locke's side, followed by several other survivors, more prominently Sawyer and Claire. Rousseau, Alex, Karl and a captive Ben joined Locke as well.

The two factions, led by Jack and Locke, parted ways. Jack's group returned to the beach camp, while Locke's group took over the deserted Barracks. ("The Economist")


Jack's group was joined by the science team sent from the freighter; at first, the addition consisted of Frank, Miles and Faraday, while Charlotte was held captive by Locke. Later on, though, Miles was traded for Charlotte.

Locke's group was later attacked by the freighter's mercenary team, who landed on the Island to obtain Ben. ("The Shape of Things to Come") Most of Locke's group was killed during the attack. Out of those who survived, Sawyer and Miles rejoined Jack's group at the beach and remained on the Island as it started flashing through time, Ben went to the Orchid station and left the Island, Locke momentarily joined the Others as their leader until the time flashes began, Hurley followed Locke and Ben to the Orchid and eventually left the Island with the Oceanic Six, and Claire followed the Man in Black (appearing as Christian Shephard) to Jacob's cabin and remained on the Island for the next three years. ("Cabin Fever")  ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 2")  ("Because You Left")

Jack's group


Jack's group
"No one's going anywhere with you, John. Because they're not crazy." - Jack

Picture Name Status Motivations for joining
Rose Alive on Island Doesn't trust Locke after witnessing the murder of Naomi; stays with Jack's group despite previously noting she didn't plan to leave the island, due to her belief that it had healed her cancer.
Bernard Alive on Island Faithfully intends to stay by his wife's side, whatever she may decide. In "Ji Yeon", Bernard tells Jin that he and Rose decided to stay with Jack because it is "the right thing to do," as he considers Locke a murderer.
Vincent Alive on Island Was taken initially with Locke's group however was used as a decoy and later joined Jack's Group.
Desmond Alive off Island Although Desmond was concerned about Charlie's message relayed from Penny, he was torn, however, by the prospect of finally seeing her again, and when the split transpired in the jungle he went with Jack.
Kate Alive off Island Promise of rescue. When given a choice between rescue and following Sawyer, Kate chose the hope of rescue. Stayed behind at the Barracks with Sawyer in "The Economist" but did not change groups. Banished from Locke's group as of "Eggtown", reunited with Jack's group in "The Other Woman".
Jack Deceased Wanted rescue at any cost; believed Locke was unstable and not to be trusted.
Jin Deceased Will do what's best for Sun and their unborn child, mainly ensuring Sun makes it off the Island.
Sun Deceased Always followed Jack. She wanted to have her baby off the Island so that she would not die during childbirth.
Sayid Deceased Didn't trust Locke because Locke had physically attacked him, lied to him and acted irrationally, but is very wary of Naomi and everyone associated with the the freighter.
Juliet Deceased Will follow Jack because she desperately wants to leave the Island, in hope of reuniting with her sister.
Daniel Faraday Deceased Was found by Jack and Kate after parachuting from the helicopter, and decided to stay with Jacks group. He left with Charlotte to disable The Tempest but later returned. After skipping throught time and joining the DHARMA Initiative he was killed by his mother when confronting the hostiles.("The Variable")
Charlotte Lewis Deceased Was found by Lockes group after parachuting from the hellicopter, she was later traded for Miles and decided to stay with Jacks group.
Neil "Frogurt" Deceased Joined Jack's group because he didn't want to follow Hurley.

1. Background cast that were actually visible in "The Beginning of the End" as part of Jack's group, since they were not among the four extras to depart with Locke:
2. Not visible in "The Beginning of the End" however seen on the beach in later episodes.
3. On the first trip to the Kahana and presumably died when the C4 blew it up.
4. On the second trip to the Kahana.

Daniel Faraday, Frank Lapidus, and Miles Straume encountered this group in "Confirmed Dead". Miles was traded to Locke's group for Charlotte Lewis in "The Economist".

As of "There's No Place Like Home, Part 2", Frank has left the island along with the Oceanic 6 and Desmond, and Charlotte and Miles remained on the island. Daniel Faraday has also since returned to the Island and rejoined the survivors.

Locke's group

For the group following the entity posing as Locke in 2007, see Man in Black's recruits.

Locke's group
"If you want to live, you need to come with me." - Locke

Picture Name Status Motivations for joining
Benjamin Linus Alive on Island Asked specifically to go with Locke. Knew that the freighter people are on a mission to find him, and therefore wanted do anything to avoid them, knowing that Locke "needs" him alive in order to better understand the mysteries of the Island.
Hurley Reyes Alive on Island Followed Locke because of Charlie's warning message and the belief that if they ignored Charlie's warning, his death would be meaningless. Stayed with Locke after Sawyer and Claire's departure to help find Jacob's cabin. Left the group after he, Ben and Locke reached The Orchid.
Aaron Littleton Alive off island Claire's son. Goes where Claire carries him.
James "Sawyer" Ford Alive off island Gained respect for Locke during their time on the Island, and was not present on the trip to the radio tower to witness Naomi's death at his hands. Sawyer questioned Locke's story about his conversation with "Taller Ghost Walt", until Locke showed him his gunshot wound from Ben. He later tells Kate that he has nothing to go back to off-Island and that life at the Barracks looks comparatively good to him. Sawyer has left Locke's group in "The Shape of Things to Come", and joined Jack's group in "There's No Place Like Home, Part 1".
Miles Straume Alive off island Miles was traded for Charlotte however stated he was right where he wanted to be while being held captive. "Eggtown" After the attack on The Barracks by the mercenary team Miles joined Sawyer and Claire in an attempt to join Jacks group.
Claire Littleton Alive off island Followed Locke because of Charlie's warning message, moved by Hurley's emotional speech on the subject. Questioned Locke's decision to kill Ben without consulting the rest of the group. Claire left Locke's group in "The Shape of Things to Come" with Sawyer and Miles, yet left her son behind in order to follow her father/MIB Christian in "Something Nice Back Home".
John Locke Deceased Was told by an image of Walt that the freighter people were a dangerous threat. His plan was to take the group to the Barracks for shelter with a stop along the way at Jacob's cabin.
Danielle Rousseau Deceased Had no intention of ever leaving the Island. Generally regarded anyone unfamiliar as a threat, and thus naturally suspected the freighter group of ill intent.
Alexandra Rousseau Deceased Alex followed both Danielle and Ben under Locke's wing. Resists Locke's (aborted) decision to kill Ben.
Karl Martin Deceased Karl followed Alex.

1. One of four members of the survivor background cast who were actually visible in "The Beginning of the End" aligning with Locke's group.
2. Depicted shot and killed by Keamy's attack team ("The Shape of Things to Come")
3. Doug, credited by ABC Medianet in "The Shape of Things to Come".
4. Not depicted in "The Shape of Things to Come" in the aftermath of Keamy's attack, and not seen since. Fate unknown, although some fans presume this character dead.
5. Identified as Jerome from dialog in a previous episode
6. Steve - background cast member, although not seen in "The Beginning of the End" or an episode of Season 4 including Keamy's attack ("The Shape of Things to Come"), but named by the 4/19/08 podcast to have aligned with Locke out of dislike for Jack and to get away from the beach. Fate unknown. Because this information is based on a podcast, the inclusion of Steve is considered to be semi-canonical. However seen alive on beach in later episode and was on the Zodiac, his fate is currently unknown (portrayed by Dustin Watchman).

Also, Hurley and Claire seemed to be taking care of Vincent at the time of the split. In "Confirmed Dead", the GPS transponder of Charlotte Lewis was attached to Vincent and he was allowed to run free to mislead anyone looking for her. He encountered Jack's group in "Confirmed Dead" and was seen at the beach with Jack's group in "The Other Woman", and then again on the beach in "Something Nice Back Home" and "There's No Place Like Home, Part 2".

Charlotte Lewis was taken captive by this group in "Confirmed Dead". Miles was traded for Charlotte in "The Economist".

Kate Austen stayed behind at the Barracks in "The Economist", and reunited with Jack's group in "The Other Woman".


The following characters should by logic be remaining as living survivors of the crash of Flight 815, and therefore part of either Jack's or Locke's groups after the split in "The Beginning of the End", but have not been explicitly depicted or clearly visible in episodes of Season 4 after the split. These consist largely of unseen characters, expanded universe characters (see explanation below), stunt actors, past background cast, and one-time guest (speaking) characters.

  1. Chris Dobson*
  2. Lisa Gellhorn*
  3. George*
  4. Janelle Granger*
  5. Jeff Hadley*
  6. Faith Harrington*
  7. Bob "BJ" Jones*
  8. Lance2
  9. Larry*
  10. Elliott Maslow*
  11. Sally Rafflethorpe*
  12. Richard3
  13. Jake Smith*
  14. Dexter Stubbs*
  15. Sullivan4
  16. Tracy2
  17. Robert D. West*

The six following unnamed survivors should also still be alive on the Island; it is possible that some of these may be the same characters as some of those named above.

  1. Gas Man1
  2. N.D. Survivor3
  3. SBSSG3
  4. Tourniquet Man1
  5. Woman (Pilot, Part 1)3

Furthermore the phenomenon of unnamed Flight 815 survivor extras who do not appear in these post-split episodes is merely an artifact from vagaries of the irregular hiring of such non-salaried extras, mirroring the same phenomenon at the beach camp. The number of individuals in the pool of every extra who has ever appeared on the beach dating back to Season 1 exceeds the "official" number of survivors. Therefore it is likely that in future post-split episodes, some extras will suddenly appear in Jack's or Locke's group, while others disappear.

* denotes characters from the "expanded universe" of novelizations, ARGs, the Diary, and Lost: Via Domus, characters who have thus far not appeared in the actual episodes of Lost.
1 stunt actor
2 unseen character
3 former background cast ("N.D. Survivor" and "Woman" were credited by ABC Medianet on one episode
4 single-appearance guest character


  • These factions have been called "Team Jack" and "Team Locke" in fan forums and blogs.[1]

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