"Sundown" is an orchestral piece from the Season 6 soundtrack. It plays during the Temple massacre.

Scene description

Dogen explains to Sayid how he came to be on the Island. He then asks him if he plans to stay at the Temple or leave. Sayid chooses to stay, then kills Dogen, and he slits Lennon's throat soon after. The Smoke Monster then invades the Temple, killing everyone in its path and causing havoc. Kate and Miles rush to escape but are separated when Kate goes to rescue Claire. The Smoke Monster sweeps into the chamber forcing Kate to grab the rope steps and dangle while it barrels over her.

Meanwhile, Miles tries to barricade himself in a storeroom. Ilana, Frank, Sun and Ben breakthrough and Ben heads for the spring to find Sayid. Ben tells him to come with him but sees the bodies of Dogen and Lennon and runs off in fear.

Back in the passageway, Miles tells Sun he saw Jin. Ilana opens a passage allowing the group to escape just before the Monster thunders down the passageway.


The Temple theme plays early on. A bit of Jacob's theme plays and the Temple theme returns.

The monster's new chase motif starts a later movement, blending with its second motif. His chase motif returns, followed by its first motif.

The main theme then plays, leading immediately to Kate's theme. A riff of the Temple theme plays. Then the chase motif comes back, soon blending with the main theme. The monster's second motif closes the piece.

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