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Enhanced version of Season 6, Episode 6: Sundown-Enhanced

Produced by: Met|Hodder

Act 1

Nadia is the love of Sayid’s life
but Sayid believes
he is not worthy of being with her.

This is Sayid’s brother, Omer.

This is not a flashback or a flash-forward.
It is a flash “sideways.”

It presents what would have happened
if Oceanic Flight 815 never crashed
but instead landed in Los Angeles.

Sayid carried Nadia’s photo with him
from the time he left Iraq
and began searching for her
as seen in the Season 1 episode, “Solitary.”

This is Dogen, an Other
and the Temple master.

The book Dogen is reading is Deep River
by Shusaku Endo.

It’s the story of four Japanese tourists
in India and their spiritual rebirth
along the Ganges River.

Sayid was a torturer
for the Iraqi Republican Guard
as seen in the Season 1 episode, “Solitary.”

Sayid has tortured and killed
many men and women.

This baseball belonged to Dogen’s son.

Dogen knows if he kills Sayid
his own balance will tip the wrong way
from good to evil.

This is not he real John Locke.

John Locke was killed by Ben.

This is the Man in Black in Locke’s form
who can also turn into the smoke monster.

He manipulated Ben into killing Jacob
the protector of the island.

Locke now wants to leave the island
as he told Sawyer in this season’s episode
“The Substitute.”

Locke is Claire’s friend and has helped her
survive in the jungle for the last three years.

Locke is manipulating Claire
to get what he wants
and told Claire that the Others took her son.

Act 2

Sayid is the kind of man
who can hurt or kill people
and feel no remorse.

Sayid helped Omer
when they were kids.

Once their father demanded
that Omer kill a chicken to prove he was a man.
Omer could not bring himself to do it
so Sayid snapped the chicken’s neck with his bare hands.

After Sayid was shot, Jacob told Hurley
to bring Sayid to the Temple to save him.

The Others tried to save Sayid
by holding him underwater.

This is Lennon, Dogen’s translator.

Ben described the Temple
as the last safe haven on the island
for the Others.

Jack and Hurley secretly left the Temple
in the previous episode, “Lighthouse.”

Jacob told Hurley that something bad
was going to happen at the Temple
and Jack and Hurley needed to be
as far away from the Temple as possible.

Jacob is a mysterious person
who thought of himself
as the protector of the island.

Jacob’s death now means
that the island is in danger.

Various characters
have seen people from their past
on the island.

The characters have seen these people
even though it is impossible
for these people to have been on the island.

Jack and Claire both saw their father
Hurley saw Dave, an imaginary friend
Mr. Eko saw his brother, Yemi
and Ben saw his daughter, Alex.

Act 3

This is Jack Shephard, a spinal surgeon.
Jack and Sayid do not know each other
in the flash sideways.

Nadia knows Sayid’s past.
Nadia was tortured while in an Iraqi prison
as seen in the Season 1 episode, “Solitary.”

Nadia is the only person
with the power to calm Sayid
in this situation.

Kate followed Sawyer to the DHARMA barracks.
Kate wanted Sawyer to help her find Claire
but Sawyer told Kate to leave.

This is Miles, who was not on Oceanic 815.
Miles came to the island on the freighter
in the Season 4 episode “Confirmed Dead.”

The freighter exploded
leaving Miles stranded with the survivors.

Miles worked with Sawyer
in the DHARMA Initiative, as seen
in the Season 5 episode, “LaFleur”
and knows Sawyer well.

Kate raised Claire’s son, Aaron
as her own son after the Ocean 6 rescue.

Kate came back to the island
so she could find Claire
and reunite her with Aaron.

Jacob’s bodyguard, Bram, shot Locke
in this season’s premiere episode, “LA X”
but the bullets did not hurt Locke.

Locke then turned into the smoke monster
and killed Bram.

Act 4

Dogen gave Jack a poison pill to give to Sayid
but Jack did not give Sayid the pill.

The one thing Sayid wants is Nadia.
But Nadia was hit by a truck
and died in Sayid’s arms, as seen
in the Season 5 Finale, “The Incident.”

There was a time in the flash sideways
when Sayid and Nadia
could have been together
but Sayid chose not to be.

Dogen discovered that Jacob died
in this season’s premiere episode, “LA X”
but he did not tell the Others at the Temple.

This is Cindy, the flight attendant
from Oceanic 815.

The children with Cindy are Zack and Emma
both Oceanic survivors from the tail section.

They were taken by the Others
in the Season 2 episode “The Other 48 Days.”

Claire is singing “Catch a Falling Star
the same song her father sang to her
when Claire was a baby, as revealed
in the Season 3 episode, “Par Avion.”

Claire asked the adoptive parents
to sing the song to her baby
in the Season 1 episode “Raised By Another.”

This is the first time Claire and Kate
have seen each other
since they lived at the DHARMA barracks
in the Season 4 episode “Eggtown.”

In the previous episode, “Lighthouse”
Claire told Jin
that if Kate indeed took Aaron
Claire would kill Kate.

Kate left Aaron
in the care of Claire’s mother in Los Angeles
as seen in the Season 5 episode
“Whatever Happened, Happened.”

Act 5

This is Omar
a man from the mercenary team
that came to the island from the freighter
in the Season 4 episode “Meet Kevin Johnson.”

The mercenaries were sent on a mission
to capture Benjamin Linus
and kill everyone on the island.

The mercenaries attacked the survivors
in the DHARMA barracks and blew up a house
as seen in the Season 4 episode
“The Shape of Things to Come.”

This is Martin Keamy
the leader of the mercenary team.

But in the flash sideways
Sayid and Keamy are strangers.

On the island
Keamy killed Ben’s daughter, Alex
in front of Ben in the Season 4 episode
“The Shape of Things to Come.”

Sayid fought Keamy on the island
and believed Keamy had been killed
as seen in the Season 4 Finale
“There’s No Place Like Home.”

Ben eventually stabbed and killed Keamy
in an act of revenge
for the murder of his daughter.

At the time
Keamy was wearing a heart monitor
with a wireless connection
to C4 explosives on the freighter.

When Keamy died
the monitor triggered the C4
and destroyed the freighter
in a massive explosion.

This is Jin
one of the survivors from Oceanic 815.

However, in the flash sideways
Jin and Sayid are strangers.

Act 6

In the flash sideways
Dogen and his son were seen off the island
in the previous episode, “Lighthouse.”

Dogen’s son and Jack’s son, David
were both auditioning
at the Williams Conservatory.

Jacob also visited the Oceanic survivors
at various points in their lives, as seen
in the Season 5 Finale, “The Incident.”

Jacob touched each one of them
which seemed to mark them
as potential candidates
to be the next protector of the island.

Jacob met Sayid in Los Angeles
and touched him on the shoulder
after Nadia was struck and killed by a truck
in a crosswalk.

These are the sounds of the smoke monster.

Kate experienced the smoke monster
in the first episode of the series
when it killed the Oceanic 815 pilot
in front of her, Jack and Charlie.

Kate also saw the smoke monster
when it attacked her and Juliet
in the Season 3 episode “Left Behind.”

This is Ilana, who came to the island
on Ajira Flight 316 to protect the candidates.
Ilana is with Lapidus, Sun and Ben.

They came from the beach
where they buried John Locke’s body
in this season’s episode “The Substitute.”

Ben is a former leader of the Others
and knows the Temple well.

As seen in the Season 5 episode
“He’s Our You”

Sayid shot young Ben Linus in the chest.

Richard Alpert brought Ben to this pool
to save his life in the Season 5 episode
“Whatever Happened, Happened.”

Sun came back to the island
to find her husband, Jin.

They have been apart for over three years
and have not seen each other
since the Season 4 Finale
“There’s No Place Like Home.”

This is the Egyptian hieroglyph “shen” which means “to encircle.”

The symbol can be used to mean
“eternity” or “to protect.”

This is the same secret passage
Hurley and Jack used to leave the Temple
in the previous episode, “Lighthouse.”

The Man in Black
in the form of John Locke
is recruiting people to his side.

Locke recruited Sawyer
in this season’s episode “The Substitute.”

Now Locke has acquired
the remaining Others, Sayid, Claire
and Kate.

In the Season 5 episode
“The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham”
Charles Widmore told the real Locke
that a war was coming to the island.

Widmore said if Locke
did not return to the island
the wrong side would win.

This is the first time Kate has seen
the "resurrected" John Locke
and she knows Locke is on the wrong side.

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