Sun-Hwa Kwon (née Paik: 백) (Korean name: Hangul: 백선화 or 권선화, Hanja: 白善華), born March 20, 1980, was one of the middle section survivors of the crash of Oceanic Flight 815. Sun is married to Jin-Soo Kwon, with whom she had an unstable marriage, due to Jin's controlling and violent nature, infertility and poor childhood. Sun, drifting away from her husband, begun having an affair with another man, resulting in her almost leaving Jin behind. Sun spent the first forty-odd days on the Island disconnected from the rest of the survivors, as nobody, even Jin, knew she spoke English. Some of the secrets from her previous life began to resurface on the Island, such as Jin's infertility and Sun's affair: these revelations caused several rifts in their marriage. A hundred days after the crash, Sun and Jin managed to make their way to freighter offshore, yet the two were separated when Jin was left behind as Sun left on a helicopter. Realizing he was missing only seconds too late, the freighter exploded, leading Sun to believe her husband died.

When Sun returned to civilization as one of the Oceanic Six, she blamed her father and Ben for Jin's death, yet she remained on good terms with only Hurley. Sun has contacted Charles Widmore, claiming they had "common interests" in killing Ben Linus. However, Ben managed to convince her that Jin was still alive, a piece of news which encouraged her to return to the Island via Ajira Flight 316. Currently, Sun resides on the main Island along with the Others, after discovering that Jin and the rest of the survivors crashed on the Island in 1977.

Before the Crash



The glass ballerina smashes at Sun's feet. ("The Glass Ballerina")

Sun-Hwa Paik was born in Seoul, South Korea to Mr. and Mrs. Paik on March 20 1980. As the daughter of a wealthy indulstrialist, she received a luxurious and privileged upbringing.

At a young age, Sun, in her large manor home, accidentally knocked over a glass ballerina figurine. Afraid and guilty, Sun fled and began playing the piano in another room. Mr. Paik found her and, with the bag of shattered glass in his hands, asked Sun if she broke the ballerina - which Sun denied. Sun then proceeded to blame it on the maid, fully aware that if she did so, the maid would be fired. Even from a young age, despite her friendly demeanor, Sun has always been willing to protect herself, no matter the cost. At this age, Sun was already an accomplished pianist. ("The Glass Ballerina")

As a young adult, Sun wished to further her education and attended Seoul National University, where she studied Art History. ("...And Found")

Seeking a Husband


Sun passed by Jin at the Seoul Gateway Hotel. ("...And Found")

After her graduation from university, Sun's parents were displeased to learn she had yet to find herself an eligible husband. She was set up by a matchmaker, commissioned by her father and Mrs. Lee, with a young man named Jae Lee. Jae was heir to a fortune as the son of the owner of the Seoul Gateway Hotel, one of a chain of twelve successful hotels. While preparing for her blind date with the man, Mrs. Paik criticized her choice in shoes and warned Sun that she must find a husband before it was too late. ("...And Found")

Sun and Jae met and, despite Sun's initial hesitance, the two bonded, initially over who had set them up. They discussed their studies, among other things, and eventually Jae told her that he usually dreaded set-ups, but he and Sun had to agree that their set up was "different." Sun and Jae met several more times at the Seoul Gateway Hotel. However, she was dejected to learn that while Jae enjoyed their friendship, he went on these dates only to appease his parents: his heart really lay with an American woman. Sun denied her disappointment, but quickly left the hotel, passing Jin-Soo Kwon, the doorman, as she left. ("...And Found")

After a series of events caused Jin to quit his job as a doorman at the Seoul Gateway, he and Sun both happened to be walking along a river embankment, disappointed by the days events. After his roommate told him that "love would be orange" Jin was shared a laugh with himself as he watched a woman in an orange dress pass, only to run into Sun, knocking her bag to the floor. He helped her up, and the two gazed into each other's eyes. ("...And Found")

Marriage To Jin

Sun party

Sun and Jin arrange a rendezvous. ("House of the Rising Sun")

Sun and Jin's romance blossomed, but the class divide between the two caused some issues, and it seems their romance remained private - most likely to avoid the wrath of Sun's father. This was evident at one of Sun's father's high-class parties, when Jin, a waiter at the occasion, secretly handed Sun a napkin, containing the details of their secret rendezvous. They met away from the party goers, and Sun declared that she wished to elope. However, Jin put his foot down, as he knew her father would not agree. Reassuringly, he presented her with a white flower and promised that one day, it would be a ring. In order to further reduce the class-divide between them, Jin told Sun that his father was dead to save himself the shame of being the son of a fisherman. ("House of the Rising Sun")


Sun and Jin are engaged, after Jin made a deal with Mr. Paik. ("House of the Rising Sun")

Days later, Jin approached Mr. Paik and asked for Sun's hand in marriage. Jin found Sun and told her that Mr. Paik had granted him permission to marry her, on the condition that Jin take up a position at her father's company, apparently temporarily. Jin then presented her with a diamond ring and Sun basked in the glory and joy of being newly engaged. ("House of the Rising Sun")


Sun and Jin are greeted and blessed by Jacob on their wedding day.

Sun and Jin were married and at their wedding, Jacob told them both in Korean to cherish the time they had together and never let it go. He gently patted them each on the shoulder. After he left, Sun and Jin were both perplexed at who exactly he was, though Jin noted that his Korean was excellent. ("The Incident, Part 1")

After the wedding, Sun and Jin shared in the bliss and love and being newlywed, broken when Jin revealed that their honeymoon would have to be postponed due to her father putting Jin on a management course. He placed a white flower in her hair, and promised her that they would have the honeymoon she always dreamed of... one day. ("...In Translation")

Shortly after their wedding, Sun, happily walking through the streets of Seoul, talking to her husband on her cell phone, took a seat on a bench, and found herself next to an old woman. The stranger recognized Sun from her wedding photo and through her family name (calling the Paiks a powerful family.) The woman reveals that Jin was conceived by a prostitute, and blackmails Sun for $100,000 in order to preserve her silence. At their new apartment, when Jin provides her with inconsistent dates of his father's death, she concedes the argument to him, aware of his shame. ("D.O.C.")

Sun tracked down Mr. Kwon, now fully aware that Jin's father was alive and that Jin had been lying to her. Mr. Kwon immediately recognized Sun and welcomed her to his humble home. He related to her the story of how Jin's mother was a prostitute who left the infant in his care. He raised the child, despite the fact that he may not have been his own. Mr. Kwon then pleaded with Sun not to let Jin learn the truth about his mother, to spare him the shame. ("D.O.C.")

Sun then visited her father in hopes of acquiring the necessary $100,000 from him, but refused to tell him the purpose of her request. She remarked that she would continue to pretend to be ignorant of some of Mr. Paik's shadier "work" if he loaned her the money. Sun finally told him that she needed the money to spare someone she loves great embarrassment. Sensing the person to be Jin, Mr. Paik offered Sun the money, on the condition that the debt become Jin's: he would have to pay it off by working directly for Mr. Paik. Sun took the money and left, in silence. Ironically, Jin found the blackmail money and when he asked Sun, she lied, stating that it was money from her father for furniture: Jin refused to take it, not wanting to be in his debt. ("D.O.C.")

3x18 SunBeingBlackmailed

Sun gives Jin's mother the money to maintain her husband's dignity ("D.O.C.")

Later, Sun and the blackmailer met again on the bridge, and after handing over the money, Sun asked why she hadn't revealed herself as Jin's mother. Mrs. Kwon, however, denied being Jin's mother, saying that just because she gave birth to him doesn't make her his mother. Sun, however, reminded the woman of how she had said the Paiks were a powerful family: she told her that Jin believed his mother to be dead, and she would make it a reality if she saw her again. ("D.O.C.")

Sometime later, Sun returned home from a shopping trip and found a gift box in her apartment. Opening it, she discovered Bpo Bpo, a Shar Pei puppy - a gift from Jin as an apology for his long working hours. "Remember when all you had to give me was a flower?", Sun remarked. ("House of the Rising Sun")

Noticing that her marriage seemed to be falling apart, Sun attempted to reconcile with Jin. One of the occasions when she tried to rebuild their romance was when she planned an elaborate, romantic meal for the two of them. However, before they could eat, Mr Paik called Jin with another request regarding Byung Han. Jin was forced to leave Sun and her meal. ("The Glass Ballerina")

1x17 jin sun

Sun learns the truth about Jin's work. ("...In Translation")

When Jin returned, however, his hands covered in blood. As he attempted to wash them, Sun attempted to communicate with her husband, in vain. Jin revealed to her that this was what his job was, and what her father had him do. Their confrontation grew, but Sun refused to relent, resulting in her slapping him across the face. He then told her that his job was whatever Mr. Paik deemed it to be, for the sake of their marriage - leaving a stunned Sun outside, and leaving Jin to wash the blood off his hands. ("House of the Rising Sun")

Fertility Issues and Adultery


Despite the strain on their marriage, Sun and Jin try for a child. ("The Whole Truth")

Despite the strain on their relationship, Sun persisted in trying to piece together what was left of their marriage. After over a year of trying, Jin was desperate for Sun to become pregnant, even suggesting that he and Sun see a fertility doctor. He hoped that if she had a child, he would get a safer job; reassurance to Sun that a baby would change everything. ("The Whole Truth")

Despite her attempts to conceive with Jin, Sun was secretly meeting with her old friend, Jae Lee, at his hotel where it was revealed he was teaching her to speak English, something which she appeared to have mastered by this time. Jae urged her to tell Jin about her newfound language skills, stating that he would be proud, but Sun denied this. Jae asked if she was uncomfortable with their arrangement and offered to stop meeting, but the pair agreed that it was beneficial to continue. ("The Whole Truth")

While maintaining her secret, the two visited a fertility doctor. After they had run the tests, Dr. Je-Guy Kim told Sun that scar tissue was blocking her fallopian tubes, making pregnancy impossible even with surgery. Angry at the revelation, Jin questioned Sun as to whether she knew about this before their marriage and accused her of lying. In the heat of argument, Sun shot back, sarcastically suggesting that she had been "trying to trap the son of a fisherman," causing Jin to become ashamed and angry. ("The Whole Truth")

2X16 SunFlashback

Sun and Jae Lee secretly meet for English lessons. ("The Whole Truth")

Sun confided in Jae about the fertility test results, but told him that she felt glad that she and Jin couldn't conceive. Jae then asked her why they were still having lessons when she has been fluent in English for a month. Sun responded that she was moving to America in a bid to escape Jin and her father. Jae shared his own story about fleeing to America, but told her that it's impossible to run away from one's life. When Sun questioned whether Jin was her life, Jae told her that he didn't mean she should stay for Jin, beginning a romance between the two. ("The Whole Truth")

Sometime later, Sun was approached by Dr. Kim who begged her to listen to him. He confessed that he lied - it was not Sun who was unable to conceive children, but Jin (claiming he did so because Jin's ties with Mr. Paik could lead his practise being vandalized or burned). He felt, though, that she should know the truth. ("The Whole Truth")

After some time, Sun and Jae's romance blossomed, and they began an adulterous affair, despite Sun's obvious unease with the situation. Jae was obviously smitten, presenting her with an expensive pearl necklace, which she refused to accept on the basis that Jin would ask where it was from. Jae finally stated that he didn't want to share her anymore, and suggested that they move to America - at which point there was a knock on the door. Mr Paik enters the room, stunned to see his daughter. He order his daughter to dress, as she sits on the bed ashamed. Mr. Paik took action against Jae and Sun's affair and, while deciding not to tell Jin about his wife's infidelity, told Jin instead that Jae was stealing from the family. He told Jin to restore the family honor by killing Jae Lee. ("The Glass Ballerina")


Sun is confronted by her father who promises not to tell Jin of her adultery ("The Glass Ballerina")

That night, Jin returned home and tension was in the air as he and Sun ate. He told her about his inclusion as one of the family and the 'message' he had to deliver (not mentioning the name). Sun suggested that they escape, together, and leave Seoul so that Jin would not have to be under Paik's control, but he told her that her father would find them and stated that this is what it took to be married to her. As usual, the conversation erupted into an argument as Sun asked: "And what does it take to be married to you?" Jin stormed out, and traveled to the hotel to deliver his message. He beat Jae Lee but couldn't kill him. He told Jae to leave Korea, to save himself. As Jin got in his car to drive away, Jae landed on his car, having thrown himself out the hotel window, still holding Sun's pearls. ("The Glass Ballerina")

At Jae Lee's funeral, Mr. Paik approached Sun as she watched from a distance and quietly berated Sun for her behavior. Jae Lee, he told her, had killed himself due to the shame he felt. He ordered Sun to return home to her husband, but also told her that he will never tell Jin of her affair, as it is not his place. ("The Glass Ballerina")

Attempting To Escape


Jin hands Sun the white flower. ("House of the Rising Sun")

With her father's status, her past infidelity and her failing marriage, Sun saw the only way for her to start her life again would be to disappear and start a new life, under the alias Dahlia Choi, in America and her fluency in English after her lessons from Jae Lee, which she had kept a secret from her family were to aide her in this new life. ("Buried Secrets")

One day, sometime in late 2004, Sun showed a decorator around the house while Jin relaxed in the living room, commanding her to move the dog. The decorator suggested they take a look in the bedroom, and once in the true reasoning for her visit is revealed. The decorator was to aide Sun in her attempt to escape Jin and her father. The decorator talked Sun through her escape attempt, firstly warning her that her father and husband would look for her. She asked whether there was no chance of a reconciliation, to which Sun replied there isn't. Secondly, she told Sun that at 11:15 at Sydney Airport (during a 'vacation' she was taking while Jin delivered watches for her father) she would make an excuse and leave the airport, boarding a car and escaping Jin forever. The decorator had her repeat the time "11:15" repeatedly. ("House of the Rising Sun")

On the 22nd September 2004, in Sydney Airport, Sun and Jin both prepared to board a flight to Los Angeles, to continue Jin's deliveries. Hesitation is apparent in Sun's face as her eyes dart from Jin, to the clock reading "11:15" to a black car awaiting her arrival outsider. However, with tears in her eyes, she finds she cannot leave her husband - who promises her hope yet for their failed marriage by raising a white flower, the same he gave her at the start of their romance. She then ditched her escape attempt, and joined her husband in line and accepts the flower from him - saying nothing as her rendezvous time with the decorator passed. ("House of the Rising Sun")

Sometime later, still recovering from her emotional choice to stay with Jin, Sun accidentally slipped while carrying hers and Jin's coffee's - spilling it on to his lap. While apologizing and helping Jin clean the mess up, Sun becomes aware of an American woman and her husband mocking her subservience to Jin stating "It's Memoirs of a Geisha come to life." Her husband warns her to remain quiet, but she tells him, albeit incorrectly, that it doesn't matter because they don't speak English. They then board the doomed Oceanic Flight 815. ("Exodus, Part 1")

On the Island

Season 1 (Days 1-44)

1x02 sun

Sun watches Kate. ("Pilot, Part 2")

Upon arriving on the Island, Sun and Jin remained very secluded and on their own. Jin was overly protective multiple times, such as when he told Sun she needed to button her shirt or when he refused to let a fellow survivor share their shelter during a freak rainstorm. The protectiveness continued in a softer manner when Sun became dehydrated and Jin managed to trade Sawyer a fish for two bottles of water. Later, Jin told Sun she was filthy and needed to wash up. Finding a spot in the jungle, Sun removed her shirt and cleaned up, but was interrupted by a startled Michael who apologized and left. ("Pilot, Part 1")  ("Pilot, Part 2")  ("Tabula Rasa")


Sun tells Michael that she speaks English. ("House of the Rising Sun")

Sun, wanting to be more active with the other survivors, slowly began to find her place with them, leaving Jin to fish. Though the language barrier existed, Michael chose Sun as a babysitter for Walt when he went hunting for boar. Sun then began to share her knowledge of herbs, showing Walt how to use an aloe plant like toothpaste (Korean word for toothpaste being "chi-yak"). ("Walkabout") It wasn’t long before Sun’s relationship with Michael was strained when Jin violently attacked Michael for no apparent reason. After being chained with Kate’s handcuffs to some wreckage, Sun spoke to Jin to find out what was going on.

Figuring out the problem, Sun approached Michael while he was cutting bamboo and revealed to him that she knew English. She explained that the watch he was wearing was one of the watches Jin was supposed to deliver for her father and Jin wanted the watch back out of a sense of honor. Michael released Jin from being detained, but Jin no longer felt safe and the two moved from the beach into the caves. ("House of the Rising Sun")


Kate learns that Sun speaks English. ("Hearts and Minds")

At the caves, Sun once again tried to become a more active participant in the group. She helped dig rocks out of a cave that had trapped Jack and she used eucalyptus to help Shannon overcome an asthma attack. Her efforts did not go unnoticed, but Jin still acted protectively, and scolded her for wearing a tank top, to which she replied she was too hot. This attitude pushed Sun away from Jin who seemed to spend most of his time fishing. ("The Moth")  ("Confidence Man")

Sun began cultivating plants in the caves and creating a garden close by in the jungle. One day while in the caves she overheard that Kate was a fugitive. Nevertheless, when Kate stumbled upon Sun working in her garden she allowed her to help with the planting. The two began an awkward friendship, but when Sun laughed at one of Kate’s jokes Kate realized that she understood and therefore spoke English. Sun begged her not to tell her husband to which Kate replied that she could keep a secret. ("Hearts and Minds") Sun’s friendships continued to expand when Michael asked her for advice about his son Walt. ("Special")

After Michael caught Sun while she was burying her fake driver's license and showed understanding of her troubles, they almost shared a kiss. ("Buried Secrets")

1X17 SunBeach

Sun's redemption. ("...In Translation")  (promotional still)

Feeling the stress of being stuck on an island, Sun decided to relax on the beach in a bikini. Jin saw his wife in the revealing attire and rushed to her, yelling and forcibly covering her with a blanket, knocking her down in the process. Michael saw this and rushed to Sun’s aid, yelling at Jin to stop, but surprisingly, Sun slapped Michael in the face and the couple walked away. Sun later approached Michael and apologized, saying she was afraid of what Jin would do to him.

That evening, Sun talked to Kate about her marriage and explained how Jin used to be sweet and soft but that had changed. Kate urged her to be stronger and claimed it was not right for Sun to be afraid of her husband. Sun said that she loved him. Their talk was cut short when they heard a commotion on the beach and realized someone has set Michael’s raft on fire. Sun rushed to help with the blaze when Michael suddenly started yelling at her and blaming Jin for the fire. Sun rushed to the caves to find him before anyone else and was surprised to see his hands were burnt. She asked him if he was guilty and he replied with anger, claiming she was more concerned about Michael and his raft then his injury. She left him in the caves and next saw Jin on the beach being beaten by Sawyer and Michael for his supposed crime. Terrified, Sun screamed for them to stop in perfect English, much to Jin’s surprise. She revealed that Jin was attempting to put out the fire when it started and he was injured.

Later, Sun went to comfort Jin but he was mad about her secret bi-lingual abilities and he walked away from her. Upset, she began talking to him in English, telling him her original plan to leave him at the airport. Jin, however, would not have it and left her in tears. She then had a moment to herself with her bikini on the beach. ("...In Translation")

1x24 iloveyou

Sun and Jin kiss and say goodbye. ("Exodus, Part 1")

Sun’s estrangement from her husband took its toll but she continued to try and be useful by helping to cure Sawyer's chronic headaches. While she failed at this, she was later extremely useful when Boone was brought severely injured to the caves. Sun acted as Jack’s assistant during the makeshift “surgery” and even came up with the idea to use sea urchin spines as needles for a blood transfusion. During the surgery, Jin appeared to retrieve Jack in what seemed to be the couple's first meeting since they quit speaking. Sun translated for Jin in an awkward moment where she was clearly upset at the way things were. Sun later acted as Jack's voice of reason, telling him he had given enough blood and trying to convince him that he could not save Boone. ("Do No Harm")

Without her husband to take care of, Sun was seen being more motherly to the other survivors, convincing Jack he needed rest and trying to aid Claire in the care of her newborn baby. Throughout this though, Sun repeatedly went to Kate for comfort and answers about her situation with Jin. ("The Greater Good")

As it got closer in time for the raft to depart the Island, Sun became worried for Jin’s safety. However, when Michael got sick, the raft was put on the back burner and debates flew about who should ride out on it. Eventually it was revealed that Michael became ill through poisoning, which Jack discovered. He confronted Sun about it, asking her if she was the culprit, to which she admitted she was trying to make Jin ill so he wouldn’t leave her. Sun later told Kate that Jack wouldn't reveal her guilt to the others and Sun revealed she won’t admit that it was Kate’s idea. ("Born to Run")


After finally reconciling with her husband, Sun watches as he departs on the raft. ("Exodus, Part 1")

With the raft completed, the Losties all began to say their goodbyes including a tearful Jin and Sun who made up. Sun gave Jin a book of English phrases he could use on the raft to communicate and the two kissed and parted ways. Sun also had an awkward hug with Michael before he left. As the raft set sail, Sun cried on the beach, but there wasn’t much time for mourning when Rousseau arrived and attacked Claire. Sun rushed to the screaming Claire to discover that baby Aaron had been kidnapped. Sun tended to the injured mother and helped lead the Losties to the caves for protection against the mysterious “Others." ("Exodus, Part 1")  ("Exodus, Part 2")

Season 2 (Days 44-67)


The Message Bottle is buried by Sun. ("Everybody Hates Hugo")

Sun became concerned about Jin when Shannon claimed to have seen Walt on the Island. This caused the Losties to panic somewhat while waiting for their leaders to return. The confusion continued when Sun was working in her garden but was interrupted by Shannon and Claire who had found a bottle of messages that was on the raft. Sun, not being able to handle not knowing what’s going on, buried the bottle in desperation. ("Man of Science, Man of Faith")  ("Everybody Hates Hugo")

Sun began doing chores around the Island to get her mind off things. While doing laundry with Claire she was reassured that four days isn't that long and the men on the raft are probably fine. Sun however did not pay attention as she realized her wedding ring was missing. She rushed to her tent and rummaged through everything, being confronted by Jack who told her it would turn up. Next she attempted to re-trace her steps with the help of Hurley, but the ring was not found. She searched her garden, but became overly frustrated and ripped the plants out of the ground. Locke found her, and, embarrassed, she laughed. He told her she will find it and when she asked how, he replied “The same way anything is found; when you stop looking.” A tired Sun talked to Kate on the beach where she had buried the bottle of messages. While discussing the fate of Sawyer and Jin, Kate noticed Sun’s wedding ring in the sand. ("...And Found")


Sun and Jin are finally reunited. ("Collision")

Soon after, Sun was back working in her garden when Michael stumbled upon her after walking across the Island. She took him to Jack in the Hatch and after a short wait she was reunited on the beach with Jin. The two embraced and spent that night together, emerging from their tent the next morning happily smiling. The smiles would soon fade as the couple attended Shannon’s funeral. ("Collision")  ("What Kate Did")

The couple began to act as part of island life again. Sun became a nurse again for Jack, watching over a wounded Sawyer. Later, Jin and Sun make an act of peace with accidental murderer Ana Lucia by giving her a fish. The next day Sun affectionately made Jin wear a hat because of the sun, when she noticed Hurley talking about something important. The couple then found out Michael had fled back into the jungle after Walt and Jin wanted to join the rescue team because he was Jin’s friend. Sun commented that she was his wife and she doesn’t want to be separated again. She said she didn’t care if Jin was upset about being told what to do because she lived with being told what to do for four years. ("What Kate Did")  ("The 23rd Psalm")


Sun just moments before her attempted kidnap. ("The Long Con")  (promotional still)

The excitement continued when Sun was once again in her garden and Vincent surprised her. She laughed at being scared and then enjoyed a brief rainstorm before having a bag pulled over her head and being dragged through the jungle. Kate and Sawyer found her unconscious. Upon waking, Jack asked her what happened but she did not remember much except being dragged. Jin acted protective of her. Sun slowly recuperated from her injuries to the point where she was well enough to watch Claire’s baby so Claire could go into the jungle for a vaccine. Sun told her it is not right for a mother to leave her child, but when Claire asked if she has kids she oddly replied that she does not. ("The Long Con")  ("One of Them")

When next working in her garden alone, Jin approached and told her she was not safe and that she needed to return to the beach with him. She refused, so Jin ripped her garden apart. Sun yelled at him that she did not need his protection and ran off. While getting water she began to feel ill and vomited. Rose and Bernard asked if she was ok and whether they should go and get Jin to which she replied she was fine and to not get Jin. Knowing something was wrong, Sun went to see Sawyer and asked to rummage through his medical supplies but he refused to allow her unless she told him what she needed. She asked for a pregnancy test. ("The Whole Truth")

2X16 SunSawyer

Sun asks for a pregnancy test from Sawyer. ("The Whole Truth")  (promotional still)

Sun went into the jungle to take the test in private but was interrupted by Hurley. She quickly left saying she was on her way to the beach. Eventually she found Kate for emotional support and the two women wait for the Widmore pregnancy tests results. Sun asked Kate if she had ever taken one to which Kate says yes, and when Kate retorted back with why Jin was not there for the results Sun says he did not need to know. When the result was positive, the girls go to Jack to see if he can lend advice. He told Sun she was definitely pregnant and that she needed to be honest with Jin.

She found Jin replanting her garden that he had destroyed and the two talked. Jin said he hated fighting and that he needed Sun because he did not understand anyone else. She revealed to Jin that she was pregnant and that it was he who was infertile and not her, which she had found out before the crash. She swore to Jin that she had been faithful and the two embraced stating it was a miracle. They began working on the garden together and discussed baby names and whom they will tell on the Island. When Jin began to leave, Sun asked to stay a little longer on her own. Jin accepted her independence and she smiles while rubbing her belly. ("The Whole Truth")

Purple sky boat

Sun, Jin and Sayid experince the purple sky ("Live Together, Die Alone, Part 1")

Being pregnant, Sun became more low-key for a little while. She helped the group sort through a new supply of food, she instructed Jin to break up a fight between Hurley and Sawyer and she helped build a giant S.O.S. sign (which everyone had given up on). The couple spent more time together and were excited about the baby. When Michael returned again, the couple was excited that he was okay, but sad to learn that Libby and Ana Lucia had died. They attended the dual funeral where Sun spotted a sailboat off shore. ("Two for the Road")  ("?")

With Michael planning a final rescue effort for Walt, the Losties prepared a surprise attack mission against the Others using the new sailboat. While one group went by land, Sayid planned to take Jin with him on the boat. Although Jin did not want to go at first, Sun insisted that she too will be part of the mission and the couple joined Sayid. Sun experienced morning sickness on the boat, but was valuable while sailing. The group continued to the other side of the Island spotting a giant four-toed statue that is either ruined or incomplete. Their mission seemed to be in vain when the village they find is an abandoned decoy village. After Sayid returned to the boat they continued sailing but when the Swan hatch imploded and the sky turned purple they all experienced the effects on the boat. ("Live Together, Die Alone, Part 1")

Season 3 (Days 68-91)


Sun aims her gun at Colleen. ("The Glass Ballerina")

Feeling more morning sickness Sun threw up again but Jin watched over her. He asked why she came and she stated he knows why, because she did not want to leave him. The two discussed their next plan of action with Sayid. While Jin wanted to go back to the camp for his wife’s protection, Sun sided with Sayid and agreed they need to help Jack and the others. This upset Jin. When they found an old dock, the trio landed and began making a signal fire. Wanting to help, Sun brought gasoline from the boat. She noticed that the fire was quite large and realized that Sayid was setting a trap for the Others, but she agreed to lie to Jin because he would have deemed the plan unsafe for his wife and unborn baby. ("The Glass Ballerina")

Catching onto the plan, Jin demanded a gun from Sayid and then reprimanded Sun for lying to him. He told Sun he understood English better then she thought and Sun looked away form her husband in shame. Sun agreed to remain on the boat for safety, and Sayid told her there is a gun in the cabin in case the Others get past him and Jin. Sun replied that it would not matter because she would not want to live without Jin. Upon nightfall, Sun was cooking in the cabin. She heard footsteps and quickly retrieved the hidden gun. Colleen (an Other) spotted her, but Sun took aim and demanded to be let off the boat. Colleen called her by her full name telling her she knew Sun was not a murderer and that “she is not the enemy, but if you shoot me that is what we will become”. Suddenly the engine of the boat started and Sun fatally shot Colleen in the stomach. Having heard the shots, the rest of the Others investigated, but Sun escaped through a window and avoided two bullets, but fell off the sailboat. A worried Jin swam out to her aid and the Others sailed away while Sun and Jin returned to shore with Sayid who announced they now have a long walk home. ("The Glass Ballerina")


Charlie tells Sun the truth about the kidnapping. ("Exposé")  (promotional still)

Back at camp, Sun began to teach Jin English and told him she would only speak to him in English to help him learn the language better. The two returned to normal island life and were excited to see Kate and Sawyer return to the camp. They joined the group in an effort to reconstruct the ping pong table from the Hatch, which was in pieces around the Island. Sawyer had the only ping pong ball and donated it so he could get all of his ransacked goods back in a ping pong tournament. After being called Hidden Dragon and Crouching Tiger, Sun suggested that he cannot use nicknames for a week if he loses the tournament. Hurley defeated him. ("Stranger in a Strange Land")  ("Tricia Tanaka Is Dead")

The next day the couple was drafted to watch Aaron so Claire and Charlie could go on a picnic but plans soon changed when Claire decided she would rather catch seagulls in an attempt to escape the Island. Sun and Jin used nets and helped cut fish to execute her plan. Sun told Claire that chopping fish is just what her mother feared she would end up doing. She laughed at this. The trio almost caught a bird, but Desmond scared them off with a gun, later catching one on his own for everyone. ("Par Avion")


Sun and Juliet arrive at the staff station. ("D.O.C.")  (promotional still)

When Nikki and Paulo turned up apparently dead, the Losties had a murder mystery to solve. As they had no visible wounds, Sun suggested that they were poisoned, but after checking the food supply, this turned out to be false. When someone suggested it was the Others' doing, Hurley retorted that they were too far away. Sun reminded everyone how she was attacked by the Others in her garden. When Hurley discovered that Nikki and Sawyer were arguing that morning, Sun defended him saying he would not harm another one their own, claiming he was a good person for going all the way across the Island to help Michael. She believed it was the Others. ("Exposé")

Charlie, feeling guilty, admitted the truth to Sun that he kidnapped her and dragged her through the jungle, but that it was all Sawyer's plan. Angered, Sun walked away from him not listening to his apology. When the group questioned Sawyer about his actions with Nikki, he revealed a bag of diamonds which she buried and he threw them to Sun saying she could keep them. While digging the dead couple’s grave, Sun approached Sawyer and told him he could keep the diamonds because they have no value. She revealed that she knew the story behind her kidnapping and when Sawyer asked if she would tell Jin she replied that then they would have to dig another grave. Sawyer began to act thankful but was then slapped by Sun who stormed off. When Sawyer tried to make amends to the rest of the beach for his numerous wrongdoings, many of the Losties forgave him, but Sun remained skeptical. ("Exposé")  ("Left Behind")

After Jack visited her in her garden and asked about her pregnancy symptoms, Sun confronted Juliet regarding what happens to pregnant women on the Island. Juliet secretly took her to a hidden part of the Staff Station and ran an ultrasound on her. During the procedure, Sun confessed her affair, and told Juliet the truth about Jin's infertility. Juliet responded that sperm counts in males on the Island were five to ten times normal. Sun realized that no matter what, she loses, but obtained the result that she's 8 weeks pregnant, thus making Jin the father. However, Juliet told her all of her other patients have died in the middle of the second trimester, and none had made it to the third. Juliet later told Jack that if Sun would be on the Island in about a month, both she and the baby would be dead. ("D.O.C.")  ("Operation: Sleeper")


Sun hears Juliet's tape recorder revealing the details of her pregnancy. ("The Man Behind the Curtain")

Sun was among the group of survivors who listened to Sayid as he talked about his distrust of Jack and Juliet. She protested that Juliet was a good person, but was stunned to hear the tape recorder provided by Locke which detailed Juliet explaining Sun's condition to Ben. Despite Juliet's attempts to prove that she was on their side, Sun remained suspcious. ("The Man Behind the Curtain")

Jin asked Sun about Juliet's tape recorder. She informed Jin of their healthy baby, but failed to tell him about her remaining two months. Later, Sun gathered with the rest of the camp at the south end of the beach, ready to head to the radio tower. Jin stayed behind with Bernard and Sayid to be one of the shooters. ("Greatest Hits")

Sun then left Jin at the beach and traveled with the rest of the survivors to the radio tower. On the way they, stopped and heard the shooters shooting the dynamite. When there were only two explosions (instead of the expected three) followed by several gunshots, she was anxious as she comforted Rose. When Jack received news from Hurley that Jin was alive, she was relieved. She then traveled with the group to the radio tower. ("Through the Looking Glass, Part 1")

Season 4 (Days 91–108)


Claire and Sun excited to know they're going home. ("The Beginning of the End")  (promotional still)

After Jack made the call to the freighter, Sun celebrated with Claire. She was delighted that she was going to have her baby in a hospital. She journeyed with the rest of the survivors to the cockpit where she was happily reunited with Jin. After Locke and Jack's confrontation and the camp subsequently splitting into two, she and Jin joined Jack's group. Sun then followed Sayid and Juliet back to camp. ("The Beginning of the End")

A day or so later at the beach, Sun and Jin make plans on where to live when they get rescued. While Jin wants to live in New York, Sun would rather raise their baby in Seoul. Jin disagrees, saying he learned English so that they could live in America. Later, Sun confronts Jack about the freighter people and whether or not Locke was right about them. When Jack says he isn't, Sun then asks why Kate stayed with Locke. ("Eggtown")

Despite her suspicions, Sun remained at the beach. She was helping Juliet fix her tent one night, when Jack asked Juliet if she had seen Charlotte and Daniel anywhere. Jin, who was nearby, mentioned that he saw them leave the camp and go into the jungle. A search party was quickly organized to go looking for them, with Juliet and Jack heading in one direction and Sun and Jin (with Vincent) in the other. ("The Other Woman")


Juliet details to Sun what will happen if she stays on the island. ("Ji Yeon")

Jin and Sun talk about baby names. Sun is evasive of this as she believes it's bad luck. Though Jin continues and suggests the name, Ji Yeon. Sun thinks it's a beautiful name but they come to an agreement that they will continue the discussion when they are rescued. When Kate and Jack arrive back at camp, Kate informs Sun on Daniel and Charlotte's suspicious behavior at the Tempest. Sun realizes after a talk with Daniel that rescue may not happen and orders Jin to collect food for two days because they're traveling to Locke's camp.

4x10 sun

Sun prepares to leave for The Staff. ("Something Nice Back Home")  (promotional still)

Sun needs pre-natal vitamins and goes through Juliet's medical supplies but when Juliet arrives and asks why she needs a new bottle. She guesses that Sun's leaving the camp and because Juliet lied to Jack, Sun doesn't believe Juliet's story of pregnant women dieing. So when Juliet reminds Sun of her story, Sun takes the pills and leaves. As Sun and Jin are about to leave camp, Sun thanks Kate for the map and as they begin to leave, Juliet stops them. Juliet reveals to Jin that Sun will die very soon and when that doesn't persuade him, she tells Jin of Sun's affair, Jin leaves upset and Sun slaps Juliet. Sun later tries to reason with Jin but is unsuccessful. Later Juliet confronts Sun and apologizes and explains to her what will happen in the coming weeks if she does not leave the Island. After a conversation about marriage and karma with Bernard, Jin understands why Sun had the affair because of the man he used to be. Jin asks if the baby is his, Sun cries and tells Jin that the baby is. ("Ji Yeon")

A day later, Sun responds to Bernard's calls for help when a dead body washes ashore. The body is revealed to be that of Ray's, the freighter doctor. ("The Shape of Things to Come")

When Jack suffers from appendicitis, Juliet asks Sun to retrieve a list of medical supplies from The Staff station. However when Sun makes it clear she has no idea what the equipment looks like, Daniel offers to help, claiming to know what the supplies look like. With some persuasion, Juliet allows Daniel and Charlotte to go with Sun and Jin, and they leave for the Staff. When they reach the medical station, Sun shows Jin the ultrasound equipment Juliet used to see their baby and warns Jin that she doesn't feel that Charlotte or Daniel are actually going to help them leave the Island. Jin then promises Sun that he will get her and their baby off the Island. He later confronts Charlotte, and by threatening to hurt Daniel, he commands her to let Sun on the helicopter when it returns. ("Something Nice Back Home")


Sun agrees to look after Aaron. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 1")  (promotional still)

The next day, Sun is present at the beach when Sayid arrives ashore in a raft. Daniel says that he'll start transporting people quickly from the Island to the freighter, and Juliet ascertains that Sun should be one of the first to leave, as she is pregnant. She leaves the Island with Jin and Aaron whom Kate has asked her to look after. Once she reaches the freighter she is shocked to see Michael, who explains how he managed to escape the Island, and that he has returned to atone for his crimes.She later discovers a cargo room filled with c4 explosives alongside Desmond, Michael and Jin. Jin asks her to leave the room, and she walks out on deck, visibly troubled. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 1")

Michael comes up on deck while he is retrieving a canister of liquid nitrogen to freeze the explosives. He reassures Sun saying that if the nitrogen works, they'll be okay. However, the bomb is ultimately detonated, though the explosion is delayed for a few minutes through the effects of the nitrogen. Sun manages to escape the freighter on the chopper but just as the chopper is taking off, a frantic Jin runs on deck, shouting to Sun. She pleads hysterically with Lapidus to turn around to pick Jin up, but there is no time and the freighter explodes, killing Jin. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 2")


Sun becomes frantic when she realizes Jin is still on the boat. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 2")

Mourning, Sun was still in the chopper when Ben moved the Island and, given they were planning to land there, the chopper ran out of fuel and crash-landed into the ocean. Sun survived the crash and scrambled into the life-raft where she remained for some time until they were found by the Searcher, a boat owned by Penelope Widmore. Heading the advice of Locke, Jack decided that the group would have to lie in order to keep everyone safe. After arriving on the boat, a clearly fragile Sun failed to rejoice at her rescue given the circumstances. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 2")

During the week on the Searcher, Sun was present during the conversation the group had about the story they would have to fabricate to protect themselves from Charles Widmore. She did not voice an objection to the plan. ("The Lie")

One week after their rescue, Sun was still in mourning over Jin's death and it seemed the other survivors were allowing her to grieve in privacy as she stood on the deck with a steely expression. However, she knew that she had to go back to her life, following their rescue and so she left Desmond, Penny and Frank aboard the Searcher and departed with the rest of the Oceanic Six on the life-raft. After eight-to-nine hours at sea, the Oceanic Six arrived on the island of Sumba, where they were discovered by native inhabitants. Still, Sun looked far from joyous as she finally made her way back to civilization. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 2")

After the rescue of the Oceanic Six


Shortly after survivors arrived on Sumba, they were flown to Honolulu by the US Coast Guard a representative for Oceanic Airlines, Karen Decker told them they would be landing and after landing they would be greeted by their families. She then asked if the survivors wanted to talk to the press - telling them it was entirely their decision, to which they agreed. She then told them that the presses were referring to them as 'The Oceanic Six.' After Karen, Jack reminded them about the lies they were to tell and that if they couldn't answer any questions they should leave it down to shock, to which Sun responded, "We are in shock, Jack." ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 1")


Sun lies about her husband's death at the conference. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 1")

The Oceanic Six then exited the transport vehicle and Mr. and Mrs. Paik were there to welcome their daughter home. Sun, however, seemed far from joyous, presumably due to Jin's apparent death aboard the Kahana and the prospect of living her life without him. Her family, however, seemed overjoyed to be reunited with their daughter. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 1")

Later the same day, Sun and the rest of the Oceanic Six attended a press conference after their return escape was made public. After sitting silently through the rest of the conference, as the fabricated story was retold to the public, a Korean reporter posed a question to Sun, which the audience asked to be translated. Sun herself translated this (speaking English for the first time in front of her parents) and revealed that the reporter asked her if her husband was one of the people who died on the island. Sun declared that Jin died on the impact of the crash. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 1")


Sun confronts her father. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 1")

After returning to Korea, just over three months after the rescue Sun visited her father's office. He quickly shunned Sun when she asked about the apparent complications with the business and asked her about her pregnancy. Sun, finally taking a stand against her controlling father, told him not to lie about caring about her pregnancy and not to pretend he didn't hate her husband. Outraged, Mr. Paik yelled at his daughter saying, "you will respect me" Sun countered this, however, by reminding him that Oceanic paid them a large cash settlement and informs him that morning, she had bought a controlling share in his company. She blames Mr. Paik for ruining Jin's life and says it is his fault they were on the plane - making him one of the two people responsible for his death. She tells her stunned father that she will have her child and then they will discuss the plans for, what she refers to as, "our" company and leaves with her head held high to her father's surprise and dismay. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 1")


Sun cries at Jin's grave. ("Ji Yeon")  (promotional still)

Sometime in July 2005, a heavily pregnant Sun was packing a suitcase and was applying her make-up, while watching a Korean dub of Exposé. She began to feel pain and called the emergency services for an ambulance. When the operator asked her what was wrong, she responded, “I’m pregnant, and I think something is wrong.” ("Ji Yeon")

After Sun was admitted into the hospital, one of the nurses proclaimed to the other that Sun was a member of the Oceanic Six after she recognized her. In her room, the nurse attempted to remove her wedding ring, but Sun protested. When her doctor, Dr. Bae, arrived, he explained that her baby is in distress and had to be delivered soon. Sun, feeling exhausted, demanded for her husband – who, in her delirious state, she claimed was on his way despite his death many months ago - even confusing him with a passer by at the hospital. However, Dr Bae promised her that he would contact Jin (whether he knew of Jin's fate remains unknown) but tells her they cannot hold the birth off any longer. Sun then gives birth to a baby girl, and named her Ji Yeon Kwon - just as she promised Jin on the beach. ("Ji Yeon")

After returning home from the hospital, Sun put her wedding ring back on. She answered knock on the door and saw Hurley on the other side. Having traveled to Korea to see her, Sun presented him with her baby girl and Hurley told her that she looks just like Jin, a comment that both pained and overjoyed Sun. Hurley then reminded her that they had to go and see Jin. Sun and Hurley walked to the cemetery, where they visited Jin’s grave. Sun spoke to him, saying that the labor was hard on her, and that she was calling out for him in her delirium. She then told him that she named their child Ji Yeon, just as he had wished. Through tears, she told Jin that she missed him. ("Ji Yeon")



Sun meets Charles Widmore in London. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 2")

Sometime later, Sun went to London where she walked along the riverbank speaking to her mother on the phone, who briefly allowed her to speak to Ji Yeon, now a toddler. After a conversation with her infant daughter, Sun saw Charles Widmore leaving a building on the river bank and approached him. After learning that Sun is the daughter of Mr. Paik he shares friendly conversation with her regarding her father, but Sun confronts him with the knowledge that he is aware of her true identity, adding claims that Widmore knows that they have been lying. She gives Widmore her business card, and tells him they have a shared interest - and that they both know the Oceanic Six weren't the only ones who left the Island. Widmore, surprised, asked why she would want to do business with him, but Sun left without saying another world. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 2")

During their meeting at Hoffs/Drawlar, Jack told Ben that Sun wouldn't agree to go with them on their quest to return to the island because she still blamed him for Jin's death. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 2")

Season 5


Sun tells Widmore their common interest is "To kill Benjamin Linus. ("Because You Left")

Later, at Heathrow Airport, while trying to check into her flight to Los Angeles on Oceanic Airlines, Sun was detained by airport security. While yelling at the security guard to let her out, Widmore revealed himself, and said that he had Sun detained. He was angry that she had the "audacity" to approach him the way she did, but he still wished to talk about their "common interests." When asked what exactly those interests were, Sun replied, "to kill Benjamin Linus." ("Because You Left")


Sun recieves information about Ben and a gun. ("The Little Prince")

While in Los Angeles, Sun contacted Kate and invited her and Aaron to her hotel for a visit. Sun showed Kate pictures of Ji Yeon and stated that she'd like Aaron and Ji Yeon to play together. Kate told Sun about the lawyers who came to visit her asking about testing her and her "son." Noting that the lawyers approached her in private, Sun told Kate that whoever sent them was not interested in exposing the Oceanic 6's lie, or they would already have done so. Rather, they must just want Aaron. Sun told Kate that she needed to do what was necessary to take care of Aaron. Kate took exception to the implications of this, and Sun replied that Kate should be used to making hard choices; for example, she didn't rescue Jin from the freighter like she said she would. Kate tearfully apologized, but Sun says she didn't blame her for what she did, since they would have all likely died if she hadn't. She then asked Kate how Jack is. ("The Lie")

Sun then helped Kate prepare for her meeting with Dan Norton, by lending her some clothes and babysitting Aaron. Soon after Kate left, a parcel was delivered to Sun. It contained a surveillance report, a box of chocolates with a gun hidden inside, and photos of Jack and Ben in front of Hoffs-Drawlar Funeral Parlor. A while later, Kate rung Sun and asked her to come and meet her at Long Beach Marina, Slip 21. Sun arrived at the marina by car, with a sleeping Aaron in the back seat. She observed Kate for a while, who was along with Ben, Jack and Sayid. She then picked up her gun and stepped out of the car. ("The Little Prince")


A revengeful Sun holds Ben in a gunpoint. ("This Place Is Death")

Before she was able to leave the car, Sun's phone rang. She answered the phone and had a brief conversation with her daughter, Ji Yeon, who tells Sun that she misses her and wants her to come home. After telling her daughter that she has a new friend for her in America, Sun gets out of the car with her gun in her hand and walks up to Jack, Kate, Ben and Sayid. She told Kate to move away; Kate then asked Sun where Aaron was and ran off to retrieve him after Sun told her that Aaron is in the car. Sun threatened Ben, who claimed that Jin is still alive and he can prove it to her. Fighting back tears, she yelled at Ben that she has spent the last 3 years believing that Jin was dead. Ben then said that there is someone in Los Angeles, who he offers to take Sun to, who can prove that Jin is alive. As Sayid, Kate and Jack argued, Sun looked on without comment.


Sun examines Jin's wedding ring ("This Place Is Death")

Sun, Jack and Ben then got into the Canton-Rainier van and Ben drove them to the church to meet Eloise. During the car ride, Jack apologized to Sun for leaving Jin behind, and says that he should have waited for him. Sun asked why he’s telling her this now, if it’s because he wants to stop her from killing Ben. Jack said after what he just did to Kate that he will kill Ben if Sun does not. Ben pulled the car over and yelled at them, claiming that he has been trying to keep them safe. After arriving at the church, Ben pulled out Jin’s wedding ring and handed it to Sun. Ben said he was sorry he had to hold it until now, and that it was given to him by Locke. Ben told Jack and Sun that they need to help those still on the Island and that the woman in the church can help them get back to the Island to do that. After looking at the ring in her hand, Sun agreed. Desmond then showed up and the group of 4 walked into the church. Eloise inquired of Ben why there are only 4 of them there. He replied, "That is the best I could do on short notice". Before smiling, Eloise Hawking replied "All right, let's get started". ("This Place is Death")

5x06 SunAndTheRing

Sun onboard Flight 316. ("316")

After Ms. Hawking told those gathered what they must do in order to return to the Island, Sun departed. She arrived at the airport and met Jack. Jack seemed somewhat surprised to see her, and Sun asked him why that was. Jack told her he thought she might have changed her mind. Sun replied to this by saying that if there was even a slight chance that Jin was still alive on the Island, she was getting on that flight. They later boarded Ajira Airways Flight 316, where Sun was holding Jin's wedding ring as a necklace around her neck, indicating that she is meant to be serving as a proxy for Rose. When the plane crashed, Sun did not flash away to the 1970's like Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Sayid did, but remained in the present with everyone else. ("316")

Back on the Island

Season 5 (2007)

5x09 sun barracks

Sun listens to Christian at the Barracks. ("Namaste")

Instead, she was left behind, and was present when Frank Lapidus landed the plane on Hydra Island. She soon discovered that Ben had stayed behind as well. Relatively uninjured, she and the rest of the Ajira survivors conglomerated on the beach. During Frank's speech to the survivors, she noticed Ben slipping into the jungle, and followed him. He outmaneuvered her, and when confronted, explained that he was going back to "our Island" and asked if she wanted to come. Frank caught up to them on the beach facing the main Island and tried to talk Sun out of going with Ben. As Ben was explaining himself to Frank, Sun knocked him out with an oar. When Frank said he thought she trusted Ben, she replied calmly, "I lied." The two then paddled one of the outriggers to the dock at the Barracks, where they saw something moving in the jungle. Frank was reluctant, but Sun would not be deterred. They then entered the Barracks, which were in ruins, and were greeted by Christian. Sun asked if he knew where Jin was. He led them into the Processing Center, where he showed them a photo of new recruits in 1977. He told them Jin was with their friends and revealed that Jack, Kate, and Hurley were in the photo. Christian told Sun and Frank, "You have a long journey ahead of you." ("Namaste")

5x12 ReunionOfTheTrio

Sun and Frank wait for John Locke. ("Dead Is Dead")

Later, Ben arrived at his old house and found Sun and Frank there. Sun said that an old man named Christian told them to wait for John Locke. Sun did not believe this was possible, since she thought him to be dead, but Ben showed her Locke, alive and well, out of the window. Sun showed Ben the photo of the new DHARMA recruits in 1977, and expressed surprise that Ben did not know that their friends were in the DHARMA Initiative. Frank went back to Hydra Island to try to get the plane's radio working, but Sun decided to stay with Locke in the hopes of finding Jin. She accompanied Locke and Ben to the Temple, where Locke and Ben entered from underneath it. Before they went in, Ben told Sun to apologize to Desmond for him if she ever sees Desmond again. ("Dead Is Dead")

After coming back from the Temple, Sun arrives with Locke and Ben at the Others' camp and met Richard Alpert. Sun approached Richard, showing him the photo given to her by Christian, and asked him if he's seen anyone in it, pointing out Jack, Kate, and Hurley. Looking stunned, Richard told her that he saw them all die. While Locke took Richard and Ben to the beechcraft, Sun waited with the Others. After they returned, she heard Locke ask to see Jacob, and Locke assured her that Jacob could help reunite her with her husband, and she departs for Jacob's cabin the following day with Locke, Richard, Ben, and the rest of the Others. ("Follow the Leader")

When the group stopped to take a brief break at the Oceanic survivors' old campsite, Sun saw the crib Locke made for Aaron, and when she turned it over she found Charlie's ring. Sun travelled to the four toed statue with the group and waited outside while Ben and Locke entered to speak to Jacob. While waiting she joked with Richard about if he had any alcohol instead of water. Immeadiatly following this, Sun witnessed the return of Ilana and her group and approached with Richard; she was stunned to see Locke's dead body in a container and was told by Ilana that he had been found in the planes cargo, to which Sun responded "...then who's in there?". ("The Incident, Part 1")




  • "Sun" is only half of her Korean name. Dr. Je-Guy Kim, apparently a friend of the family and who knows her on a first-name-basis, can be heard addressing her as "선화씨" (Sun-Hwa-ssi) indicating that her full given name is Sun-Hwa. ("The Whole Truth")
    • When Sun was married, if she followed an old tradition of Korean women, her title would be Paik Sun-Hwa, wife of Kwon when the relation has to be known. It remains unclear why she followed the Western practice of taking her husband's surname. She may have just let herself be addressed as "Mrs. Kwon"; however, Colleen referred to her as "Sun-Hwa Kwon", so it can be inferred that she took Jin's name.
    • Her passport, as seen in "Because You Left", clearly shows "Kwon" as her surname and "Sun-Hwa" as her given name.
  • Koreans put their surname before their given name. "Sun-Hwa Paik" is a Westernised form; in Korean, her name is 백선화 (Paik Sun-Hwa).
  • "Sun Hwa" roughly translates to "Goodness and Beauty"
  • There is no male counterpart to "Sun Hwa"
  • Alternate Romanized spellings:
    • Revised Romanization of Korean (RR): Baek Seon-hwa
    • McCune-Reischauer (MR): Paek Sŏn'hwa

Episode statistics

  • Sun is the last character, chronologically to be seen in "Pilot, Part 1".
  • Sun was the fifth character to ever have a flashback and the fifth to have a flash-forward.
  • Sun's episode count is 76 as of "The Incident, Part 2".
  • Out of her 11 centric episodes, 8 of them contained at least one flashback/flash-forward from at least one other character, making her the character with the most multi/shared centric episodes.
  • We don't find out her name until "Tabula Rasa".

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Unanswered questions
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  • What were her plans for Paik Heavy Industries?
  • How does she know Ben is responsible for blowing up the freighter when Locke was the only one who witnessed him kill Keamy?
  • Why was she not transported to 1977 with the rest of the Oceanic Six?
  • How does Sun know so much about organic and homeopathic medicine and remedies?

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