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Sun-Hwa Kwon (née Paik) (Korean name: Paik Sun-hwa; Hangul: 백선화; Hanja: 白善華), more commonly known as Sun, was married to Jin-Soo Kwon and was one of the middle section survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. Though she initially pretended to speak only Korean while on the Island, she was helpful, caring, sociable and occasionally brave with survivors, eventually forming notable relationships with Kate and Hurley.

Before the crash, Sun and Jin's marriage suffered because Jin oppressed her and they couldn't conceive. She strayed from and almost left her husband at one point. On the Island, the couple isolated themselves until Sun revealed that she spoke English, shocking her husband. He shunned her, but they later reconciled. Despite Jin's infertility, Sun conceived Jin's baby on the Island, which strengthened their marriage but threatened Sun's health. The couple managed to board an offshore freighter, but only Sun seemed to escape its explosion.

Back in civilization, Sun became more self-confident and daring, seizing control of her father's company. She also sought revenge for Jin's death, but then flew back to the Island upon learning he was still alive. Their reunion was very brief, however. A submarine they boarded sank, and she and Jin drowned together. In the flash-sideways, the pair were reunited and moved on with their friends from the Island.

Before the crash[]


The glass ballerina smashes at Sun's feet. ("The Glass Ballerina")


Sun-Hwa Paik was born in Seoul, South Korea to Mr. and Mrs. Paik on March 20 1980. As the daughter of a wealthy industrialist, she received a luxurious and privileged upbringing.

At a young age, Sun could play the piano and was willing to protect herself no matter the cost. Sun once accidentally knocked over a glass ballerina figurine in her large manor home and fled to another room, afraid and guilty. Mr. Paik found her and asked if she was responsible. She denied and blamed the maid, fully aware this meant the maid would be fired. ("The Glass Ballerina")

Sun studied Art History at Seoul National University. ("...And Found")

Seeking a husband[]

Jun wedding

Sun and Jin marry. ("The Incident, Part 1")

After graduating, Sun's parents commissioned a matchmaker who suggested Sun meet hotel heir Jae Lee. They met and bonded; but while Sun took the relationship seriously, Jae Lee's heart lay with an American woman.

Sun first saw Jin-Soo Kwon when he was a hotel doorman, but they met when they accidentally ran into each other. She and Jin fell passionately in love, and kept their relationship discreet because of the class divide; Jin once waited at a party Sun attended and sent her a message using a napkin. Sun wanted to elope, but Jin refused, giving her a flower and promising it would one day be a ring. Shortly after, Jin did give her a ring - Sun's father had given them permission to marry, so long as he first worked six months for him. Sun and Jin married, and a stranger blessed them at their wedding. ("...And Found")  ("House of the Rising Sun")  ("The Incident, Part 1")

Marital issues[]


Despite the strain on their marriage, Sun and Jin try for a child. ("The Whole Truth")  (promotional still)

Shortly after their wedding, Jin's mother blackmailed Sun for $100,000, threatening to reveal Jin was born from a prostitute. Jin's father confirmed the story, and Sun paid the blackmailer but threatened to have her killed if she contacted them again. Sun took this money from her father, and he held Jin liable for the debt, using him for increasingly shady work. This work took its toll on their marriage. The couple first had to postpone their honeymoon - Jin again gave her a flower in its place - and a later gift of a dog made Sun recall when a flower had meant as much. The work kept Jin away from home and often interrupted meals. Jin once came home with bloodstained hands revealing his work's nature. The two argued, and Sun slapped her husband, furtherly straining their marriage. ("D.O.C.")  ("The Glass Ballerina")  ("House of the Rising Sun")

The couple failed to conceive a child, only adding to their issues. A fertility doctor said scar tissue blocked Sun's fallopian tubes. A distraught Jin accused Sun of knowing and withholding this information; Sun mocked the idea that she tried "to trap the son of a fisherman." The doctor later privately told Sun that it was Jin, not she, who was infertile, but he'd feared the repercussions of questioning the manhood of one of Mr. Paik's employees. ("The Whole Truth")

Sun also started an affair with Jae Lee, who'd been teaching her English so she could flee to America. Jae suggested they flee together, but Mr. Paik discovered the affair, catching the two in bed together. He ordered Jin to kill Jae to restore the family honor, but he didn't reveal the affair - he simply said Jae was "stealing" from him. Jin beat Jae Lee but didn't kill him. Jae committed suicide nonetheless, holding Sun's pearl necklace as he died. ("The Whole Truth")  ("The Glass Ballerina")

Flight 815[]


Jin hands Sun the white flower. ("House of the Rising Sun")  (promotional still)

Losing all hope in reconciliation, Sun decided to go through with her plan to flee to America. A friend gave her a false identity as "Dahlia Choi" and arranged a car that would take her from Sydney Airport to her new life.

Sun went with Jin to Sydney on the way to Los Angeles for a business errand. At 11:15 though, when the time came to leave, Jin raised a white flower, the same sort he'd given when their romance was young. She then reluctantly ditched her escape attempt and joined him. Later, still recovering from her emotional choice, Sun spilled coffee on to Jin's lap. She tried to clean up the mess as an American woman nearby mocked her subservience. The two then boarded Oceanic Flight 815. ("Buried Secrets")  ("House of the Rising Sun")  ("Exodus, Part 1")

On the Island[]

Days 1–44 (Season 1)[]

1x02 sun-1-

Sun finds Kate bathing by the shore, and looks at her enviously. ("Pilot, Part 2")

Upon arriving on the Island, Sun and Jin separated themselves from the others. Jin was overly protective multiple times, such as when he told Sun to button her shirt or when he refused to let a fellow survivor under their shelter during a rainstorm. The protectiveness continued in a softer manner when Sun became dehydrated and Jin managed to trade Sawyer a fish for two bottles of water. Later, Jin told Sun she was filthy and needed to wash up. Finding a spot in the jungle, Sun removed her shirt and cleaned up, but was interrupted by a startled Michael who apologized and left. ("Pilot, Part 1")  ("Pilot, Part 2")  ("Tabula Rasa")


Sun tells Michael that she speaks English. ("House of the Rising Sun")

Sun, wanting to be more active with the other survivors, slowly began to find her place with them, leaving Jin to fish. Though the language barrier existed, Michael chose Sun as Walt's babysitter while he hunted boars. Sun then began to share her knowledge of herbs, showing Walt how to use an aloe plant like toothpaste. Sun’s relationship with Michael suffered though when Jin violently attacked Michael for wearing Mr. Paik's Rolex. Sun explained the issue to Michael, revealing she knew English. Jin no longer felt safe on the beach and the two moved from the beach into the caves. ("Walkabout")  ("House of the Rising Sun")

At the caves, Sun continued participating more, helping dig rocks that trapped Jack and using eucalyptus to treat Shannon's asthma. Jin still bossed her around, scolding her for wearing a tank top, but she began to disobey. She also began cultivating plants in the caves and creating a garden close by in the jungle. She began an awkward friendship with Kate who discovered she spoke English. Michael also continued asking her advice about Walt. ("The Moth")  ("Confidence Man")  ("Hearts and Minds") ("Special")


Kate learns that Sun speaks English. ("Hearts and Minds")

Michael later caught Sun burying her fake driver's license, and they almost kissed. Later, Jin forcibly covered Sun with a blanket when he saw her in a bikini and when Michael rushed to her aid she slapped him, fearing what Jin might do. She later apologized, and she confided her worries with Kate that night. The survivors then found someone had set fire to the raft, and Jin told Sun he'd burned his hands trying to extinguish the flames. The other survivors saw the burns and attacked him as the culprit, so Sun explained his innocence - in English. Furious, Jin went to the caves to pack his bags. Sun followed and tearfully asked if they could start over. He ignored her pleas and left her. Later, Sun had a moment in her bikini on the beach. ("Buried Secrets")  ("...In Translation")

Dahlia Choi Alias

Sun buries the past.   ("Buried Secrets")

1X17 SunBeach

Sun's redemption. ("...In Translation")  (promotional still)

Sun continued helping the camp, offering Sawyer medicine for his headaches and assisting Jack with Boone's surgery, even providing sea urchin spines as needles for a blood transfusion. She translated awkwardly when Jin tried to fetch Jack for Aaron's birth and convinced Jack to stop giving Boone his blood. Afterwards, she convinced Jack he needed rest and helped Claire care for her newborn. ("Deus Ex Machina")  ("Do No Harm")  ("The Greater Good")

As the raft's departure approached, Sun worried for Jin’s safety and poisoned his water to keep him on the island. Her attempt failed. Before Jin left, she made him a book of English phrases, and they tearfully reconciled. Sun also shared an awkward hug with Michael before he left. As the raft set sail, Sun cried on the beach. Soon after though, Rousseau arrived and attacked Claire, and Sun rushed to the screaming Claire. Sun tended to the injured mother and helped lead the Losties to the caves for protection against the mysterious "Others". ("Born to Run")  ("Exodus, Part 1")  ("Exodus, Part 2")

Days 44–67 (Season 2)[]


The Message Bottle is buried by Sun. ("Everybody Hates Hugo")  (promotional still)

When Claire found the raft's bottle of messages Sun feared the worst for those on the raft and buried the bottle in desperation. Sun later noticed that her wedding ring was missing, leaving her devastated. Jack said it would turn up, Hurley suggested Vincent might have eaten it and Locke, who caught a distraught Sun destroying her garden, suggested she stop looking. As Sun later mused that it was silly of her to be so upset, Kate noticed the ring in the sand and Sun was overjoyed. ("Man of Science, Man of Faith")  ("Everybody Hates Hugo")  ("...And Found")

Sun returned to her garden and was shocked when Michael stumbled upon her. She took him to Jack in the Hatch and after a short wait reunited on the beach with Jin. The two embraced and spent that night together, emerging from their tent the next morning happily smiling. The smiles would soon fade as the couple attended Shannon’s funeral. The couple began to again act as part of island life. Sun again became Jack's nurse, watching over a wounded Sawyer. Later, Jin and Sun forgave Ana Lucia for accidentally killing Shannon by giving her a fish. The next day, when Sun affectionately made Jin wear a hat against the sun, they learned Michael had fled into the jungle after Walt. Sun forbade Jin from joining the rescue team. Though Jin resented being told what to do, she explained that she had been told what to do for four years and did not like it either. ("Collision")  ("What Kate Did")  ("The Hunting Party")


Sun and Jin unite again. ("Collision")

Charlie attacked Sun in the garden some days later, pretending to be an Other. Sun awoke, recounted the story to the survivors, and recuperated. She began thinking she could be pregnant, and when she watched Aaron, Sun said mothers shouldn't leave their children, sounding odd when she then admitted to Claire she had none of her own. Jin, angry that Sun still gardened after the attack, ripped her garden apart. Sun ran from him, fell ill and vomited, then asked Sawyer for a pregnancy test. Hurley almost caught her taking it, but she then watched its result with Kate. It was positive, and Jack confirmed its verdict. She found Jin replanting her garden and revealed her pregnancy. She also revealed Jin was infertile but claimed she'd never cheated on him, convincing Jin the pregnancy was a miracle. ("The Long Con")  ("Maternity Leave")  ("The Whole Truth")


Sun feels guilty for lying to her husband. ("The Whole Truth")

Sun helped the group sort through a new supply of food. Later, she instructed Jin to break up a fight between Hurley and Sawyer. When Michael returned again, the couple was excited that he was okay, but upset to learn that Libby and Ana Lucia had been murdered. They attended the dual funeral where Sun spotted a sailboat off shore. With Michael planning a final rescue effort for Walt, Sayid planned to attack by sea with Jin, and Sun insisted that she come too so they wouldn't be apart. Sun experienced morning sickness on the boat, but was valuable while sailing. The group continued to the other side of the Island, spotting the remains of the Statue of Taweret. Their mission seemed to be in vain when the village they found was abandoned. They continued sailing and when the Swan hatch imploded, they all experienced the effects on the boat. ("Dave")  ("Three Minutes")  ("Live Together, Die Alone")

Days 68–91 (Season 3)[]


Sun aims her gun at Colleen. ("The Glass Ballerina")

Sun threw up again, and Jin wanted to return to camp for her protection, but Sun sided with Sayid and agreed to stay. When they found an old dock, Sun brought gasoline for Sayid's signal fire and rightly deduced it a trap for the Others. She kept this from Jin, angering him. Sayid and Jin, armed, manned the dock while Sun stayed on the ship. The Others came by sea though, and Sun ran for a hidden gun. She aimed it at an Other, Colleen, who claimed Sun was not a murderer. Sun shot her then escaped through a window. She, Jin and Sayid walked back to camp. ("The Glass Ballerina")


Charlie tells Sun the truth about the kidnapping.("Exposé")

The two returned to normal island life and were excited to see Kate and Sawyer return to the camp. Sun told Jin she would speak to him in only English to help him learn the language. They helped reconstruct the Hatch's ping pong table, and Sun suggested Sawyer must give up nicknames for a week if he lost a tournament. He did. The couple watched Aaron the next day so Claire and Charlie could picnic, and when Claire decided to catch seagulls instead for a rescue attempt, they used nets and helped cut fish, Sun joking that this was her mother's greatest fear. ("Tricia Tanaka Is Dead")  ("Enter 77")  ("Par Avion")

When Nikki and Paulo turned up apparently dead, the Losties had a murder mystery to solve. Hurley accused Sawyer, but Sun defended him, reminding everyone of when the Others attacked her. Charlie then privately confessed his and Sawyer's role in that attack. Angry at Sawyer, Sun slapped him and gave him Nikki's diamonds, explaining that they had no value on the island. When Sawyer tried to make amends for his numerous wrongdoings, many survivors forgave him, but Sun did not. ("Exposé")  ("Left Behind")


Sun and Juliet arrive at the Staff station. ("D.O.C.")  (promotional still)

When Juliet tried to integrate into the beach camp, Sun refused to trust her. After Jack asked about her pregnancy symptoms, Sun angrily confronted Juliet regarding what happens to pregnant women on the Island to which Juliet responded that they die. That night, Juliet secretly took her to the Staff Station for an ultrasound. Upon arriving at the station, Sun confessed her affair and Jin's infertility. Juliet performed the ultrasound and discovered that Sun was 8 weeks pregnant, making Jin the father but dooming her to death within a month unless she escaped the island. She later supported Juliet when Sayid mistrusted her, but a tape of Juliet detailing Sun's condition to Ben stunned her into suspicion. ("One of Us")  ("D.O.C.")  ("The Man Behind the Curtain")

Hearing Others were coming to the camp, Sun joined those going to the radio tower while Jin stayed behind to ambush the attackers. As she prepared to to leave with the rest of the group, Sun revealed to Jin that Juliet had shown her their baby on an ultrasound and that it was very healthy. She briefly believed Jin captured or killed but received news from Hurley that he was alive. She later witnessed Locke murder Naomi and Jack calling the freighter for rescue. ("Greatest Hits")  ("Through the Looking Glass")

Days 91–108 (Season 4)[]


Claire and Sun are excited to know they're going home. ("The Beginning of the End")  (promotional still)

After Jack called the freighter, Sun celebrated, delighted she'd have her baby in a hospital. She journeyed with the rest of the survivors to the cockpit where she reunited with Jin, and when the camp divided, she stayed with Jack's group. A day or so later at the beach, Sun and Jin discussed their post-island plans - though Jin wanted to live in New York, Sun preferred Seoul. She became suspicious about the freighter's intentions and discussed this with Jack. ("The Beginning of the End")  ("Eggtown")  ("The Other Woman")


Sun talks with Juliet. ("Ji Yeon")

When she noticed Daniel and Charlotte missing, she searched for them with Jin and Vincent, and when she learned what they'd done in the Tempest, she packed supplies and took a map from Kate to move to Locke's camp. Juliet caught her packing vitamins, and, unable to dissuade her from leaving the camp, she revealed Sun's affair to Jin. Sun and Jin had been happily discussing baby names the night previously, but this news temporarily divided them. Sun confronted Juliet, expressing anger and mistrust. Jin forgave Sun that night, especially after she confirmed the baby was his. ("Ji Yeon")

A day later, Sun responded to Bernard's calls for help when a dead body washed ashore. When Jack's appendicitis mandated surgery, Sun led an expedition to retrieve equipment from the Staff, where she discussed Daniel and Charlotte with Jin and showed him the ultrasound on which she'd seen their baby. ("The Shape of Things to Come")  ("Something Nice Back Home")


Sun screams when she sees an explosion consume Jin. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 3")

Sun and Jin boarded the first ferry to the freighter, where Michael's presence surprised them. She told him of her pregnancy. They discovered C-4 explosives, and she went above deck, where Michael assured her they could freeze the bomb. Sun boarded the chopper when it arrived, but Jin did not, and the freighter exploded as Sun screamed hysterically. The chopper crashed, and Sun scrambled into the life-raft till the Searcher picked them up. During the week aboard, Sun accepted their decision to lie about their time after the crash. She then departed with the rest of the Oceanic Six on the life-raft for the island of Sumba. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 1")  ("There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3")  ("The Lie")

After the rescue of the Oceanic Six[]



Sun meets Charles Widmore in London. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 3")

The coast guard flew the Oceanic 6 to Honolulu press conference, where Sun said in English that Jin had died during the crash. Her mother and father greeted her emotionally when she stepped off the plane, but Sun secretly felt bitter. Within a few months, she used her settlement from Oceanic Airlines to buy a controlling stake in her father's company. When she informed him of this, she also confronted him about how he'd treated Jin, blaming him for his death. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 1")

Sun remained close to Hurley, who visited her in Korea after she gave birth to her daughter Ji Yeon. The delivery was difficult, and she deliriously called for Jin while in the hospital. She and Hurley visited Jin's grave with the new baby. ("Ji Yeon")


Sun learns that Jin is alive. ("This Place Is Death")

Years later, Sun approached Charles Widmore in London about their "common interests." To talk further, Widmore later ordered Heathrow security to detain her, and she explained she wanted to help kill Ben. Sun flew to Los Angeles, and Widmore sent a gun and Ben's surveillance footage to her hotel. Sun also invited Kate to the hotel, and they compared baby photos. She forgave Kate for Jin's death, listened to her troubles and lent her some clothes. Kate later invited her to the marina, where Sun saw her chance to kill Ben. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 3")  ("Because You Left")  ("The Lie") ("The Little Prince")

After a brief phone conversation with her daughter at the marina, She aimed her gun at Ben, blaming him for Jin's death. Ben though offered Jin's wedding ring as proof that he survived the freighter's explosion, and he drove her to Eloise Hawking, who offered advice on returning to the island so they'd reunite. This convinced Sun. She booked a seat on Ajira Flight 316, meeting Jack at the ticketing counter. As she boarded the plane, she held Jin's ring as a necklace around her neck. Some time into the trip, the plane hit turbulence and crashed on to Hydra Island. ("This Place Is Death")  ("316")

Back on the Island[]

2007 (Season 5)[]

5x12 ReunionOfTheTrio

Sun and Frank wait for John Locke. ("Dead Is Dead")

The rest of the Oceanic 6 had vanished, but she found that Frank and Ben had landed with her. Ben slipped away into the jungle to return to the main Island, and Sun knocked him out with an oar to stop him. Sun and Frank then then paddled one of the outriggers to the Barracks harbor, where they saw something moving in the jungle. They entered the ruined Barracks, where Christian appeared and led them to a 1977 photo of Jin in the Processing Center. He then sent them back to the Barracks to await John Locke. Locke, apparently resurrected, arrived with Ben. She accompanied them to the Temple and then to the Others' camp where Richard looked at the photo and said he'd watched her friends die. ("Namaste")  ("Dead Is Dead")  ("Follow the Leader")

Locke led an expedition to Jacob, assuring Sun he could unite her and Jin. They stopped briefly at the survivors' old campsite, where Sun retrieved Charlie's ring from Aaron's crib. They reached the ruined statue where she jokingly asked Richard for alcohol. Ilana then arrived with John Locke's dead body, unnerving Sun and prompting her to ask who had been using his form. ("Follow the Leader")  ("The Incident, Parts 1 & 2")

2007 (Season 6)[]

6x10 RunSunRun

Sun runs from The Man in Black. ("The Package")

Still outside the ruins of the statue, Sun and Frank shared their skeptisism of Ilana's group. After the Man in Black exited the statue and kidnapped Richard, Ilana suggested they follow the Others to the Temple, where they'd likely find Jin. Sun expressed skepticism and insisted that they first bury Locke. They reached the Temple at the height of the Monster's attack, and Miles told Sun she'd just missed Jin. They fled the Temple and the next morning reached the beach camp, where Ilana told her she and Jin could be candidates. When Ben tried to integrate into the group, Sun tentatively asked for help with a tarp. Moments later, Hurley, Jack and Richard appeared, and Sun greeted them emotionally. They talked that night around the fire, and Sun told the newcomers about "Locke" and the candidates. ("LA X, Parts 1 & 2")  ("The Substitute") ("Sundown")  ("Dr. Linus")  ("Ab Aeterno")

Lol okay jin and sun

Sun and Jin are finally reunited. ("The Last Recruit")  (promotional still)

The next day, the others' inactivity angered Sun. She retreated to her now over-grown garden, where she rejected Jack's promises of purpose and destiny. The Man in Black then arrived and tried to recruit her, offering to reunite her with Jin. Not trusting him, she ran away, hitting her head on a branch and falling unconscious. When she awoke, she was unable to speak English but able to understand it, and she managed to write on a pad Jack gave her a means of communicating with the other survivors. Despite having angrily confronted Richard about blowing up the Ajira plane, the next day she followed the group to the Black Rock to retrieve dynamite and to the Man in Black's camp, where Kate told her Sawyer's plan to escape on Widmore's submarine. While marching, Sun accused the Man in Black of taking her speech, which he denied. She then followed Jack to the Elizabeth, and they sailed to Hydra Island. There, she saw Jin for the first time in three years. The two ran and embraced, and Sun discovered she could again speak English. Jin promised they would never be apart again. ("The Package")  ("Everybody Loves Hugo")  ("The Last Recruit")


Sun and Jin drown together. ("The Candidate")

Widmore's group locked Sun and the others in cages, where she and Jin discussed their daughter for the first time, and she returned Jin's wedding ring. The smoke monster then attacked, and the prisoners escaped to the crashed Ajira plane before deciding to instead board the submarine. Jack there realized the Man in Black had slipped aboard a bomb, and the blast toppled a cabinet on to Sun. Sawyer, Jack and Jin removed it, but a metal pole still trapped her. The sub filled with water, and though Sun begged Jin to save himself, he refused, staying true to his word that he would never leave her. They embraced and held hands until they drowned together. ("The Candidate")


Flash sideways[]

Jin and Sun, who did not speak English, revived their early relationship's taboo nature as they were unmarried, with Jin a Paik employee who'd secretly wooed the boss's daughter. Sun's late rebellion against her father appeared as a "secret" bank account that she planned to use to start a life in America. She was carrying Jin's child but hadn't told him yet. She and Jin once again traveled to Los Angeles to deliver a watch for Mr. Paik.

6x10 KoreanLove

Sun and Jin kiss in the hotel. ("The Package")

On the plane, Sun commented on how happy Rose and Bernard seemed together. Fearing Sun's casual attitude could reveal their true relationship, Jin told her to button her sweater. In the airport, customs officials discovered $25,000 in Jin's luggage, which surprised Sun. Not knowing English, she couldn't help, and the officials confiscated the money. They checked into a hotel, and though the clerk assumed they'd share a room, Jin demanded two. That night, Jin went to Sun's room, and after some conversation, they began to relax. Sun mocked his earlier demand that she button up, now slowly unbuttoning the shirt. The two fell into bed. ("LA X, Parts 1 & 2")  ("The Package")

Jin & Sun have an awakening

Jin and Sun remember their previous lives. ("The End")

Martin Keamy came to Sun's room the next day, and Sun gave him the watch. Through a translator, she explained the money's absence, and she went to a bank to withdraw from her account. She learned though that her father had closed it, and she then went to a restaurant to meet Jin and Keamy, but an unknown assailant had killed Keamy's men. Jin then shot the translator, and a bullet hit Sun, who revealed she was pregnant. Jin rushed her to the hospital, where her gurney rolled past John Locke's. Sun panicked, briefly remembering her time on the island and mistaking him for the Man in Black. The surgery went fine, and Jin told her afterward the shooting thankfully hadn't hurt the baby. ("The Package")  ("The Last Recruit")

Some time later Dr. Juliet Carlson performed an ultrasound on Sun. Sun remembered the last time Juliet had done this and then remembered her entire life. After seeing Ji Yeon's ultrasound Jin was awakened and remembered his and Sun's previous life, and the two laughed joyously. They began speaking to Juliet in English. Detective Ford stopped by their room soon after, and they recognized him as Sawyer. They dismissed his offer of an armed guard and left, mysteriously saying, "We'll see you there." Sun and Jin then went to Eloise's church and sat together with the rest of their friends as a light swept over them and they moved on. ("The End")


Episode statistics[]



  • "Sun" is only half of her Korean name. Dr. Je-Gyu Kim, apparently a friend of the family and who knows her on a first-name-basis, can be heard addressing her as "선화씨" (Sun-Hwa-ssi) indicating that her full given name is Sun-Hwa. ("The Whole Truth")
    • When Sun was married, if she followed an old tradition of Korean women, her title would be Paik Sun-Hwa, wife of Kwon when the relation has to be known. It remains unclear why she followed the Western practice of taking her husband's surname. She may have just let herself be addressed as "Mrs. Kwon"; however, Colleen referred to her as "Sun-Hwa Kwon", so it can be inferred that she took Jin's name.
    • Her passport, as seen in "Because You Left", clearly shows "Kwon" as her surname and "Sun-Hwa" as her given name.
  • Koreans put their surname before their given name. "Sun-Hwa Paik" is a Westernised form; in Korean, her name is 백선화 (Paik Sun-Hwa).
  • "Sun Hwa" roughly translates to "Goodness and Beauty"
  • There is no male counterpart to "Sun Hwa"
  • Alternate Romanized spellings:
    • Revised Romanization of Korean (RR): Baek Seon-hwa
    • McCune-Reischauer (MR): Paek Sŏn'hwa
  • We don't find out her name until "Tabula Rasa".

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  • What were her plans for Paik Heavy Industries?
  • How was she made aware of Ben causing Jin's "death" in the Kahana explosion, leading to her revenge plot against him?
  • When and how did she develop her limited medical knowledge (i.e herbal remedies) that allowed her to become Jack's assistant?

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