The garden was created by Sun in a less congested area of the jungle near some palm trees, presumably near the caves. It contained medicinal herbs and vegetables. ("Hearts and Minds")

A notable plant in Sun's garden was the aloe vera, which is native to Northern Africa but has a long history of cultivation throughout the drier tropical and subtropical regions of the world. Sun used aloe plants for toothpaste ("Walkabout") and for treating rashes. ("Solitary")

Confirmed fruits that were seeded in the garden are guava and passion fruit. ("Hearts and Minds")

It is assumed that the garden was abandoned when Sun left the Island. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 2")

Sun revisited her garden in 2007, after her return to the Island, and found most of her plants dead. ("The Package")


  • Sun planted the garden shortly after the crash, and Kate helped her by collecting seeds of various fruit-bearing and edible plants and herbs. ("Hearts and Minds")
  • Jack gave Kate some guava-seeds, asking what would a garden be without guava. ("Hearts and Minds")
  • Sawyer persuaded Charlie to pretend to kidnap Sun while she was working in the garden. ("The Long Con")
  • After Sun's "kidnapping," Jin destroyed the garden to prevent Sun from spending time there away from him. He later repaired the damage in an act of reconciliation. ("The Whole Truth")

Sun's kidnapping.

  • Sun tore up the garden while looking for her lost wedding ring. ("...And Found")
  • Jack helped Sun in the garden and took the opportunity to ask about her pregnancy, which caused Sun to become concerned about Jack's behavior since his return from the Barracks; this led to a confrontation with Juliet. ("D.O.C.")
  • Sun returned the the garden in 2007 where she was met by the Man in Black, who told her he has found Jin. Sun ran out of the garden away from the Man in Black and hit her head on a tree. ("The Package")