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(Fan created content. Distinct from hoaxes and parodies)

Summer of Lost early (placeholder) promotional graphic

Summer of LOST: The Fan Experience is a meetup-style conference event similar to Destination: L.A./Lost Weekend and Prophecy 2007. Summer of Lost events are currently in pre-planning stages for July of 2008 and 2009.




Summer of Lost is organized and run entirely by fans of Lost; it is as of yet unknown whether any cast members will be in attendance at these events. The conference is not endorsed or supported in any way by ABC Television Studio, Bad Robot Productions or the American Broadcasting Company.

Summer of Lost 2008 - Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Summer of Lost 2008 is currently unconfirmed and in pre-planning stages. The cost of registration has yet to be announced. The event is currently scheduled for July of 2008, following season 4.


The conference is to take place in Minneapolis, Minnesota USA, possibly at the Mariott City Center hotel or Minneapolis Convention Center.


It is to include a keynote luncheon, live fan podcast panel, guest speakers, fan theory discussions, episode showings and commentary.


Summer of Lost 2008 is currently searching for presenters such as fan podcasters, authors and theorists.


Summer of Lost 2008 is also looking for the support of fans, fansites and venues.

Summer of Lost 2009 - Los Angeles, California

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