Subterranean conduits formed part of the DHARMA Initiative's infrastructure on the Island from the 1970's-early 90's.


In architecture, the word subterranean conduit can be used to refer to an artificial underground waterway, or electrical, communications, and HVAC passages or underground tunnels.


  • The conduits were mentioned twice in the blast door map.
    • "SUBTERRANEAN CONDUIT" located at the top right of the Swan diagram: under “x4 y8 z15”. (the first three numbers)
      • A reference to the same three numbers was found under the Flame diagram in the form of three square roots: "√16, √64, √225" (the answers to which are 4, 8 and 15)
      • written over-top the circle that said, “I am here”
  • Alex said in "Not in Portland" that there was no tunnel between Hydra island and the main island.

Cable Map[]

Main article: DHARMA cabling map

Promotional still of the cable map showing the barracks and subterranean passages

According to the map, there were four passages leading from the Barracks to areas beyond the sonic barrier. Two were marked as being subterranean. The other two were not. Of the passages marked as subterranean:

  • One led from the barracks to the northwest, then split off after about 3.5 miles at a point "20' deep". This split was a hexagon on the map just outside the sonic fence and might have been a hatch or room. One branch headed north and another headed west.
  • The second exited just north of east with another hexagon about 4.5 miles away, again outside the sonic barrier. This passage led to the Flame.

Of the passages not marked as subterranean:

  • One exited to the northeast, and again led to the Flame.
  • The second exited just south of west and split immediately before the sonic barrier with one branch heading north, intersecting and crossing the west split of the northwest tunnel, and another heading southwest.

From the Jigsaw Puzzles[]

  • The backs of the Official Jigsaw Puzzles revealed that the "E.E.P" notations on the blast door map stood for Emergency Escape Protocol. This was mentioned in relation to the subterranean conduits on the blast door map.

Other references[]

SAYID: It's a breaker box. There has to be one. Follow the conduit lines.
HURLEY: Cool, okay, great. What's a conduit line?
KATE [pointing]: Those tubes -- follow those.


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