After three years of living alone on the Island (without her son Aaron), Claire kept in a cradle in her hut a substitute baby fashioned of a boar skull, bits of animal fur and buttons for eyes. ("Lighthouse") When Kate questioned Claire about what it was, Claire told her it was "all I had." ("Recon")

Episode scripts referred to the substitute baby as "Squirrel Baby", though the animal skull is not a squirrel's. The Season 6 DVD also referred to the prop by that name, and Carlton Cuse jokingly called it as "one of the best parts of season 6." He and Damon Lindelof said that "Wilson the volleyball" from the movie Cast Away influenced them in creating it. Evangeline Lilly called it "probably one of the creepiest things our writers have ever come up with," and Emilie de Ravin suggested centering "an entire marketing plan" around the prop, selling copies with detachable arms and eyes

In the April 29, 2010 Official Lost Podcast, prop master Rob Kyker showed the prop along with an earlier version he made which didn't have buttons as eyes. The producers filmed both but chose the second because the eyes "popped better". A bobblehead doll of Claire and the baby was released in summer 2010 at Comic-Con.

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