"Sub-Primed" is an orchestral piece from the Season 6 soundtrack. It plays during the "The Candidate" dock shoot-out.

Scene description

In a flash sideways, Jack invites Claire to stay with him, saying that they're family.

On the Island, Sawyer leads a group to take over Widmore's submarine. Hurley, Frank, Jin and Sun follow him. A guard at gunpoint leads Saywer and Frank to the captain. Frank knocks out the guard and then holds a gun to the captain's head.

Back in the trees, Kate leads Claire and Sayid to the dock. The Man in Black switches his pack with Jack's, and they follow the others. But before they reach the sub, Jack knocks him into the water.

A bullet wounds Kate's shoulder. Jack discovers members of Widmore's team in the trees and empties his gun into them. Claire and Sayid shoot as well, then Sayid and Jack carry Kate into the sub. Claire stays behind, shooting more attackers. The Man in Black climbs out of the water, wet but unhurt, and joins the shooting.

In the sub, Jack orders Hurley to find a first-aid kit. Sawyer leaves to fetch Claire, but he spots Locke, apparently on his way in. Sawyer pulls down the hatch and seals it. He phones Lapidus, and sub starts to dive. Claire notices its departure and begins to break down at being left behind again, but Locke holds her back and hints at danger for those aboard.

Inside, Jack opens his pack. He discovers a bomb inside.


The piece includes Jack's flash sideways theme, the main theme, the submarine theme, Locke's motif, Jack's motif, and the betrayal motif.

Title significance

The title references sub-prime lending. The scene's battle occurs around Widmore's submarine.

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