Stun darts are weapons used by the Others and Charles Widmore's men. They can be used nonlethally to incapacitate targets for capture, or lethally to supplement the Others' arsenal of firearms.


Stun darts are fired at a target's neck. When a dart penetrates the skin, it administers a high-voltage electrical shock, in similar fashion to a Taser. However, a notable difference between the Others' darts and Taser weapons from 2004 is that Taser dart was connected by wire to its firing weapon to deliver its charge. The Others' darts apparently have built-in electrical devices that deliver their charge upon impact.


4x13 Stun dart
An Other fires a stun dart at Redfern in ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 3").


  • Unlike most other weapons used on Lost, the stun darts as shown are fictional creations.

Unanswered questions

  • Where did the Others get the stun darts from?

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