A "blimp" is used to deaden the sound of cameras used for production still photography on set during actual filming. Detail of image from Lost: The Official Magazine #12


Still photography is the creation of promotional still images, which may be known as promotional stills, promo stills, or promotional photos.

In television and film productions, the still photographer uses a digital camera enclosed with a sound-deadening device known as a "blimp". This device makes the click of the camera inaudible, allowing the still photographer to take images of the actors during actual filming and sound recording, rather than in a separate session afterwards. IATSE is the union for still photographers.

Promotional photographs are usually taken during filming of film and television productions, but may include photography from promotional events.


In Lost, Mario Perez is employed by ABC as the still photographer. His images have been used in ABC press releases and media kits, as well as by Lost: The Official Magazine.

Often the images are very close to what appears in the episode, but sometimes they are not. These difference may be a result of: angles may be slightly different from the filming camera, field of view of the lens may be different, color correction and visual effects have not been applied. Also, the photo may be from a film take that was not used in the final cut of the episode, from a deleted scene, or may be posed or candid photographs taken while filming was not in progress. The promotional stills are almost always of much higher resolution than images from broadcast or DVD media.

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