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Steven J. Labrash portrayed the morgue employee in Season 3 episode "Not in Portland".


The following information is from e-mail correspondence with Steve Labrash
Steven Labrash got his role on Lost by joking around with the cast and crew. They were scouting the location which was the anatomy lab at the John A. Burns School of Medicine University of Hawaii, where Steven is the director of the anatomy lab. Initially Steven didn't like the idea of Lost filming at the medical school (because he did not want families of our donors to think their loved ones' cadavers were being used to film a TV show), but after adjustments were made to address his concerns, he decided he not only wanted to cooperate, but also wanted to get on the show if possible.

While approximately 15-20 of Lost production crew were doing a walk-through of the anatomy lab, Steven joked with the director telling him "you know for authenticity's sake, you should use me, I AM A MORGUE EMPLOYEE." One of the directors, looking at Steve's pale complexion, mentioned "this scene is supposed to be in Miami, you are very pale to play someone from Miami". Steve rebuffed, "I'm a morgue attendant, we never get tan because we never see the sun, like I said, authenticity". The cast and crew all laughed.

Steven did his audition a short time later and was told by Margaret Doversola, the principals casting director, that he had gotten the part. His last acting role was as Florence Ziegfeld in the Yreka High School production of "Funny Girl".

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