This article/section contains information officially created to be part of the Lost mythos
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Steve Dobson is a character in the ABC website diary. He was revealed to be the deceased brother of the unseen character Chris Dobson, who was the second diary author.

Steve and Chris were returning from a two-week trip to Australia, suggested by Chris after Steve's wife died, when their plane crashed. After finding the journal previously kept by Janelle, Chris suppressed the memory of his brother's death and manifested a story about him being alive and held captive inside the Swan as a suspected "Other" (i.e. Henry Gale).


Steve was born on December 3, 1968 and died September 22, 2004 in the crash of Oceanic Flight 815 when a piece of ceiling crushed him. He had a wife, Elaine, who died. His brother took him on a trip to cheer him up. His brother, Chris Dobson, is two years younger than him and survived the crash. Steve switched seats on the plane with his brother as a favor (Chris hated the "middle seat"), effectively saving Chris' life.


Because the diary was created by ABC's marketing department, and not the creators of Lost, the canonicity of the storyline and characters is debatable.