The St. Andrew's Priory is an Episcopal church diocese in Honolulu, Hawaii, that has been used as a filming location for no less than four different locations in five episodes during the first five seasons of Lost. Only one of those locations was featured in two different episodes.

The Cathedral Church of St. Andrew, on the Priory grounds, began construction in 1862 under the patronage of King Kamehameha IV and Queen Emma, who instructed that it be built with imported stones from England, to be similar to an English Gothic country church. It is located in downtown Honolulu on Beretania St., between Queen Emma and Alakea Streets and is known for its organ concerts held on the third Friday of every month.


In Lost, it appears as:

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  • the Australian Catholic church where Mr. Eko worked. ("?")


  • Following the airing of "The Constant", there has been some misconception among fans, suggesting that the backdrop for a photo briefly seen as an easter egg in "Catch-22", depicting Mrs. Hawking and Brother Campbell, was supposed to imply that the two of them had visited Oxford University, thereby not realizing that the backdrop was simply supposed to represent Eddington Monastery (as the same real-life location was used for both episodes). (see Apophenia)

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