If you are searching for the video filmed by Rachel Blake, see the Sri Lanka video

This information was revealed in part through the alternate reality game
The LOST Experience
The Lost Experience
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Sri Lanka is one of the key locations in the Lost Experience. It was first mentioned at the beginning of the game on the Hanso Phone Line, where in Hugh McIntyre's inbox is a message from "Darla" who refers to "Sri Lanka":

Message 2: Hugh, it's Darla. I need to talk to you about Sri Lanka, it just isn't right.

The mystery of what is happening in Sri Lanka would later be investigated by Rachel Blake. She uncovered evidence of an island near the equator being used by Thomas Werner Mittelwerk and the Hanso Foundation. It would seem this was the island of Sri Lanka, as when Rachel visited Darla's flat in France, she found documents about the location, connecting to previous mysteries like the Helgus Antonius and the Spider Protocol. With Darla's clues in hand, Rachel Blake left France and arrived in Sri Lanka on Saturday, July 15, but did not reveal this trip until July 21. What she witnessed was a secret Hanso meeting, where Thomas Mittelwerk lectured on his plans to somehow solve the Valenzetti equation through radical action, i.e. by killing exactly 30% of the test group with a virus (see Sri Lanka video for full details).

Sri lanka

Map of Sri Lanka given to Rachel by Darla

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