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Spiro Razatos
Date of Birth 1960
Origin Greek
Job(s) Stuntman
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Spiro Razatos is the stuntman who performed the stunt when Dave falls backward off the cliff away from Hurley. Although Razatos was not credited, he was mentioned by name by stunt coordinator Michael Vendrell in the S2 DVD extra entitled Dave.

Razatos is also a stunt coordinator, and was seen on the S3 DVD "Lost:On Location" feature for "Tricia Tanaka Is Dead", during the DHARMA van sequence, stating that the van actually went faster than they thought it would.


  • Razatos is a stunt coordinator who has headed the stunts in such films as Bad Boys II, Resident Evil:Apocalypse, Training Day, and Vantage Point.
  • Has worked on television shows such as Drive and Angel.
  • Razatos has also been credited as: Spiro Razados, Spiro Razaton, Spiro Rozatos.

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