Speakers in the Hydra

Speakers have been seen many times on the Island in electrified areas. They were constructed in and around many DHARMA Initiative stations to broadcast announcements and warnings to its personnel. The following is a list of speakers depicted in Lost:

  • In the Swan, speakers were placed around the Swan to inform of the countdown timer nearing the end, lockdowns, and system failures.
  • In the Pearl, there were speakers, but their function is unconfirmed.
  • At the Flame, there were speakers outside, but their purpose is unknown.
  • At the Hydra, there were speakers in the structure and the cages used by the Others.
  • There were speakers on the promontory where Ben showed Sawyer the view of the Island, though these have an unknown working status.
  • In the Tempest loudspeakers gave warning messages regarding access of manual operation and contamination as a result of accessing storage tanks. ("The Other Woman")
  • At the Barracks, there were speakers along the pathways; their primary purpose is unknown, but they were used by DHARMA to broadcast a warning horn during Hostile attacks.
  • At Colleen's funeral, speakers played music at the beach.
  • In "I Do", the speakers at the quarry alerted of a compound breach (Alex).
  • In "The Man Behind the Curtain", speakers were present in Ben's flashback scene, notifying DHARMA Initiative members of an impending Hostile attack.


The female voice played through the speakers in the Swan and Hydra compound is Lynnanne Zager's.