Southfield's Auctions


Southfield's is the London-based auction house that, in 1996, sold the Black Rock ledger to Charles Widmore. ("The Constant")

The Black Rock Ledger Auction

4x05 Charles Widmore auction
Charles Widmore at the auction

Widmore was bidder #755 at the auction for lot #2342, the journal of the Black Rock's first mate. The contents had not been published and were unknown to anyone outside the family of the seller, Tovard Hanso. The Auctioneer granted Charles the ledger for £380,000. Meanwhile, Desmond arrived at the auction and tried to get past the guard to talk to Widmore. After the auction ended, Widmore walked out and agreed to talk to Desmond quickly. At the men's bathroom, Desmond said that he needed to get in touch with Penny immediately. He didn't know how to reach her as her number had been disconnected. After Widmore talked about Desmond's cowardice and his "second thoughts", he ultimately gave him her address so that she could tell him herself that she hated him.

Other Locations

In New York City, another branch of the auction house was seen on the street where Locke speaks to Walt. ("The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham")

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