The black smoke monster releases several distinct noises.

  • The howling sound is usually in concert pitch A. The frequency of this pitch is 440 hertz. In music, "A-440" is the standard to which musical instruments are tuned.
  • In the voice-over commentary for "The 23rd Psalm" on the Season 2 DVD, producer Bryan Burk confirmed that one of the Monster's sound effects is the receipt printer from a NYC taxi cab. You can hear the sound here.
  • This led people to believe that this was an explanation for Rose's reference to the Bronx in the pilot - this was, however, not the intention, as the pilot was written, filmed and produced without that sound in mind. The original version of the pilot does not even feature any mechanical monster sounds.
  • This was reaffirmed in the May 21, 2007 Official Lost Podcast, but it was clarified that the mythology of the Monster is unrelated to the cabs and was just a matter of sound effects. This sound effect was heard in the following scenes:

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