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Sonic Weapon Fence is a Chicago based rock quartet that exclusively writes and performs songs about Lost.

SWF Dharma Logo
The Rock and Roll Station.

Band Members

Patrick Ehlers Vocals, Bass, Keyboards

Pete Pfarr Vocals, Drums, Aux Percussion

Pete Snyder Vocals, Guitar

Jason Hetelle Guitar, Bass


[1]Sonic Weapon Fence's website launched in July of 2008.


In 2009 the band released a self titled album. The album contains 12 new, original recordings, along with a rerecorded version of "Mixed Signals" from The Oceanic Six EP.

Album art for "Sonic Weapon Fence."

Track List

1. Intro

2. Ben's Secrets

3. Mixed Signals

4. SUBJECT: Rabbit

5. Billy D.

6. That Sucks, Gary

7. Kate + No One 4 Eva!

8. The Redheaded Stranger

9. Oh, Jin

10. Quite Unseemly, Keamy

11. Helping Hand

12. Wa-A-A-Alt! (Incl. Elegy For Michael)

13. Letters From The 70s

The Oceanic Six is the group's first group of recordings. The collection is offered for free download at the band's myspace page[2].

SWF Oceanic 6 album art
Album art for "The Oceanic Six".

Track List

1. Mixed Signals

2. Lost Nutrition

3. Magic Box

4. Hurley, 1 in 156,000,000

5. Offensive Nicknames

6. The Perpetual Shadow

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