"Something Nice Back Home" is the tenth episode of Season 4 of Lost, and was first broadcast on May 1, 2008.


At the beach

Jack wakes up disoriented in a tent on the beach with Juliet kneeling over him. After becoming conscious enough to stand, he and Juliet exit the tent to find a group of people including Bernard, Daniel, and Charlotte, arguing about the fact that Daniel and Charlotte are lying to them about the people on the freighter. Jack interferes and acknowledges that the freighter people indeed have been lying. He says that the people on the boat will come for Daniel and Charlotte, and that the survivors will be ready for them. He reassures the group that they just have to be patient and that he will keep his promise to get them off the island. He then faints in the sand.

Jack wakes up on the beach as Kate rushes towards him. She worries and feels that he has a temperature but he says that he just needs to rest.

Later, Jack is in a tent taking antibiotics when Juliet enters. He tells her that he has food poisoning but she disagrees. After feeling his abdomen she tells him that the pain he is feeling is from his appendix. He tells her that it hasn't ruptured yet, to which she then replies, "I guess we're just gonna have to take it out."

Juliet speaks to Sun and gives her a list of medical supplies for the appendectomy and tells her and Jin to go to the medical station to retrieve them. Sun tells Juliet that she doesn't know what these instruments look like. In response to this, Daniel offers help. He argues with Charlotte about it, because he wants to prove that the attack wasn't the choice of the scientists. He states that he has performed animal autopsies in the past and has experience with the tools needed. Juliet accepts their help, but also gives Jin a gun and tells him to shoot either of them in the leg if they try to run. Juliet tells a group to ready a sterile environment for the surgery.

While washing down a table for the surgery, Bernard sees that Rose looks unsettled. Rose asks him why Jack got sick. She thinks that it isn't a coincidence that Jack is ill because people do not get sick on the island. "Not here," she replies when Bernard tells her that people simply get sick. "Here, they get better."

Jin, Sun, Faraday, and Charlotte arrive at the Medical Station to retrieve the medical supplies Juliet needs to remove Jack's appendix. As they go in Daniel offers to go first in front of Charlotte to "Make sure its safe" they exchange a grin and a nod while Jin asks Sun in Korean if Charlotte realizes Daniel likes her. Sun replies "She's a woman. Of course she knows." and Charlotte looks back at them and smiles as they all walk into the station.

While entering into the vault Daniel looks around and asks aloud where all the power for this is coming from, and Charlotte replies "just add it to the list, Dan." Sun goes over to the bed where she received the ultrasound and Jin asks whats wrong. They share a conversation in Korean about how this was where Juliet brought Sun and where she saw their baby for the first time. Sun expresses her concern for wanting to get off the island, but realizing that Charlotte and Dan and their people were not here to rescue them. Jin promises her that he will do everything to get her and their baby off the island. Throughout this entire conversation Charlotte keeps glancing back at the two of them and then away.

Jack and Juliet are in a tent where she is preparing him for surgery by shaving his stomach. Jack looks extremely apprehensive. He asks her if shes done this before and she informs him that this is not her first time performing an appendectomy, but it does not seem to calm him. He asks her if she is sure, because she is shaving two-inches above where she needs to be making the incision, but she assures him yet again. He tells her that he doesn't want to be unconscious during the procedure. He wants to use local anesthesia and have Kate hold a mirror so he can see what is happening and help walk Juliet through it. She seems uneasy about the idea but agrees nonetheless.

Later that night when Charlotte, Daniel, Sun, and Jin return, Jin calls Charlotte away from the group. He says to her in Korean, "I know you understand me." He tells her that he knows she speaks Korean because he saw her smile when Sun was speaking to him about her at the medical station. Charlotte acts as if she doesn't understand until Jin says that if she does not stop lying he will hurt Daniel. In Korean, Charlotte asks what he wants and Jin tells her that he wants Sun on the helicopter when it leaves the island. She nods and Jin leaves.

In the surgical tent, Juliet, Kate, and Bernard prepare to operate. Bernard suggests that he knock Jack out with chloroform that was brought back from the medical station but Jack refuses. Bernard locally numbs the area on his abdomen and Juliet makes the first incision while Kate holds a hand held mirror for Jack to see. Jack grunts and yells as Juliet begins to spread the incision and she sees that he is in too much pain to stay awake. Juliet orders Kate out of the tent and Bernard to knock him out. Bernard places a chloroform rag over Jack's mouth and he passes out.

Outside the tent after the surgery is finished, Bernard tells Kate that everything went fine. She enters the tent where Juliet is stitching Jack up and she reassures Kate that he will be fine. She tells Kate that Jack kissed her the other day. She tells her that it wasn't for her, however, but for himself, and that he was trying to prove that he "doesn't love someone else." Kate thanks her for saving Jack's life and she walks out. Juliet tells Jack that she knows he's awake and he opens his eyes.

In the Jungle

Sawyer, Claire, and Miles are walking through the jungle when they come to a small clearing. Miles looks uneasy, stops walking, and asks, "Who's Danielle and Karl?" He starts digging in the dirt to find both of their bodies in shallow graves. Sawyer asks Miles how he knew about the two but Miles gives no reply. Sawyer then accuses Miles' team of killing them, but he denies that he is on the same team with Keamy and his men. Miles seemed upset to find the bodies and said, "This is not what I signed up for." Claire suggest leaving and Sawyer escorts her away after promising that everything will be fine once they make it back to the beach.

Later, Claire is caring for Aaron as Miles watches down on them. Sawyer comes over to him and tells him he isn't to talk to Claire, look at Claire or even think about Claire, and that he officially has a 20-foot restraining order. Miles cracks a joke and asks Sawyer if he's Claire's "older brother," to which Sawyer replies, "No I'm just the guy who is going to put a big boot in your face if you don't say "yeah, man, I getcha"". To which Miles replies "Yeah, man, I getcha," and he walks away.

Christian holds Aaron

Later on, Miles tries to persuade Claire to let him help out with Aaron, because he is "good with kids." And Sawyer comes over and asks him "What part of restraining order don't you understand?" Suddenly there is a rustling in the brush and Sawyer goes to investigate as Frank Lapidus comes running out carrying his SAT phone and a first aide kit. He's very startled and addresses Miles first, while Sawyer asks "You two know each other?" Frank, still in a hurry tells them there is no time because Keamy and his men are on the way and if he finds them there he will kill them all so they need to hide immediately. They all go hide in a near brush and watch as Keamy and his men come through. They all seem in good shape except for one man who Lapidus looks at and asks what happens. Keamy's only concern is the helicopter which he asks Lapidus about. Frank tells him its not far, and Keamy says to him "You do your job, and I'll worry about mine." Suddenly Aaron makes a baby-noise and Keamy hears it, and gets suspicious. In an attempt to protect the people hiding Frank starts urging Keamy and his men to get to the helicopter because it is starting to get dark and he refuses to fly out on Faraday's coordinates in the dark. After a heavy pause, Keamy agrees and they head off into the brush again.


Jack awakens

Jack wakes up in a bed in a very nice house when the phone rings. It is a receptionist reminding him of an appointment he has with a patient. She feels it necessary to remind him because he's not good with his calendar. He thanks her and proceeds downstairs. Coming into the kitchen he steps on something and reels back in pain, picking it up to reveal a toy version of the Millennium Falcon. He goes around to the sink and picks up the newspaper sports page which features a story about the Yankees sweeping the Red Sox and Jack sighs and says "A-Rod".

Christian appears to Jack

Later he is in the bathroom and someone is showering. They talk and she tells him that she bought him a new razor. He replies "Oh, you don't like the scruff?" and then she turns off the shower. Jack turns around to reveal it is Kate in the shower, they kiss and it goes to black.



Bilson's newspaper article
  • By virtue of the Yankees/Red Sox and Indians/Mariners scores in the newspaper article, only one date is viable for the publication of the paper: August 31, 2007. Article states Yankees finish their sweep of the Red Sox with winning pitcher Cheng Mei Wang beating Curt Schilling 5-0. The only occurrence of this game is the date above. Whether this is meant to be canon, or simply a production oversight, remains to be seen.
  • Early in the episode Claire mentions her relief at not "seeing things anymore". This is a reference to a scene cut out of the previous episode where Claire has a prophetic vision. [source needed]

Production notes

  • The Yankees/Red Sox newspaper article is by "Gregg Bilson, Staff Writer". Gregg Bilson is the founder of Independent Studio Services, a company that produces props for the film and television industry (Bilson brand cigarette props appear in Lost). The email address marvin.mancia@studiographics.us also appears in the newspaper article. The address studiographics.us is used by Independent Studio Services.
  • Ben, Desmond, Locke, Michael, and Sayid do not appear in this episode.

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  • Jack yells at Kate "you're not even related to him" about Aaron. (Irony)
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Kate tells Jack to "let it go". ("A Tale of Two Cities")

Unanswered questions

Unanswered questions
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  • What was Kate doing for Sawyer?
  • Why did Sawyer decide to stay on the Island?
  • Why is Jack not supposed to raise Aaron?
  • Does Jack Know that Aaron is his half-nephew?
  • How is Christian appearing to Jack?

On the Island

  • Was there something more than "bad luck" behind Jack's sudden appendicitis?
  • Where did Christian lead Claire to?
    • Why did she leave Aaron behind?
  • What visions was Claire having?

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