"Something Nice Back Home" is the tenth episode of Season 4 of Lost, and the eighty-second produced hour of the series as a whole. It was first broadcast on May 1, 2008. When Jack's health is seriously compromised, Kate and Juliet must work together to save him, while something goes wrong as Sawyer, Claire, Aaron, and Miles continue their trek back to the beach, and Claire suddenly dissappears. In flash-forwards, Jack's relationship with Kate and his mental health begin to deteriorate as he is given a prophetic message from Hurley and sees visions of his dead father.


On the Island

At the beach

Jack regains consciousness as Juliet calls him.

Juliet repeatedly attempts to wake Jack from his slumber and he finally regains consciousness, but he is disoriented. He gets up and leaves his tent with Juliet. A group including Rose, Bernard, Sun, and Jin argue with Daniel and Charlotte. Bernard confronts Daniel about why the satellite phone got a signal the night before, but now cannot contact the freighter. Jack intervenes and agrees with Bernard that Daniel and Charlotte have been lying to everyone. He reassures the survivors that eventually the freighter people will come for Daniel and Charlotte and when they do they will all be ready. Jack tells everyone to just remain patient and that he will keep his promise to get them off the island. He walks off, bends over in pain and faints. Soon after, Jack comes to as Kate rushes towards him. She worries, feeling his forehead and commenting that he has a fever, but he brushes it off as need for rest.

Juliet hands Jin her gun in case Faraday or Charlotte escape.

Later, Jack takes more antibiotics when Juliet comes in. He dismisses the stomach pain as food poisoning and dehydration, but she disagrees. Jack tries to deter her, but she insists on examining him. She feels his abdomen and tells him that he has appendicitis. He tells her it hasn't ruptured yet, but Juliet says their only option is to take it out before it does.

Juliet speaks to Sun and gives her a list of medical supplies needed for the appendectomy and asks her to go with Jin to The Staff to get them. Sun tells Juliet that she doesn't know what the instruments look like so Daniel offers to help, explaining that he has performed animal autopsies in the past and has experience with the tools needed. Sun voices her distrust, but Charlotte responds antagonistically. Daniel berates Charlotte about being distant and pessimistic and causing the survivors distrust of them. He repeats his offer of aid, assuring everyone that he and Charlotte are only scientists, that they didn't sign up for whatever else is going on and that they want everyone to be safe. Juliet accepts their help, but gives Jin a gun and tells him to shoot Daniel or Charlotte in the leg if either of them try to run. Juliet then asks for everyone to prepare a sterile environment for the surgery.

Rose and Bernard argue over the Island's healing properties. (promotional still)

While washing down a table for the surgery, Bernard sees that Rose looks unsettled. The couple discuss why Jack got sick; Bernard chalks up Jack's illness to bad luck, but Rose thinks that it isn't a coincidence that Jack has fallen ill just when they are about to be rescued. She is worried since she knows that people do not get sick on the Island; they get better.

Juliet shaves Jack's abdomen but Jack is apprehensive as she prepares him for surgery. He asks her if she has experience with this type of procedure, and she informs him that this is not her first time performing an appendectomy (having done "a lot of them" in her residency), but it does not seem to appease him. He asks her if she is certain, because she is shaving two inches above where the incision would have to be made, and Juliet assures him yet again. Jack decides that he doesn't want to be unconscious during the operation and wants to walk Juliet through it and for Kate to hold up a mirror that would let him watch the surgery's progress. Juliet doesn't like the idea and suggests that if anyone is in the tent with them during the surgery, it should be someone with medical experience, like Bernard. Jack insists that he wants Kate to be there holding the mirror and Juliet concedes.

Sun recalls her visit to the Staff.

Jin, Sun, Daniel, and Charlotte arrive at the Staff. As they enter, Daniel offers to go in front of Charlotte to make sure that it is safe. They exchange a grin and a nod while Jin asks Sun in Korean if Charlotte realizes Daniel likes her. Sun replies that Charlotte knows, because she is a woman. Charlotte coyly looks back at them and smiles as they all walk into the station, which does not go unnoticed by Jin.

After entering the hatch, Daniel looks around and wonders aloud where all the power for the station is coming from. Sun is emotional and Jin asks what's wrong. They share a conversation in Korean about how this was where Juliet brought Sun and where she saw their baby for the first time. Sun talks about her desire to get off the Island, realizing that Charlotte and Daniel and their people are not here to rescue them. Jin promises her that he will do everything to get her and their baby off the island. During the conversation Charlotte and Daniel load various medical supplies into a bag as Charlotte continually glances back at the Korean couple.

Kate helps Jack walk to his surgery.

At the beach, Juliet finds Kate, and asks her for an "extra set of hands", saying that she could "use them" for Jack's surgery. Kate doesn't think this is a good idea but Juliet tells Kate about Jack wanting to watch the surgery, and expresses her embarrassment. Kate laughs, and Juliet asks why, and the two joke about Jack's stubbornness. Kate says she's surprised he's not taking it out himself. Bernard and a fellow Lostie have taken a stretcher to Jack's tent, when he stumbles out of it. Seeing the stretcher, he starts walking towards the surgical tent. Juliet and Kate protest, but Jack dismisses them, saying he can "walk 50 feet." Kate offers to help him and he leans on her. Kate walks Jack over to the surgery tent, saying it looks like she will be his nurse. Jack tells her that "it wouldn't be the first time." ("Pilot, Part 1") ("The Moth") Jack starts to tell Kate, "If something should happen to me during surgery...." Kate cuts him off with "Shut up, Jack", he replies "Fair enough."

Jin confronts Charlotte about whether she speaks Korean.

That evening when the group returns from the Staff, Jin calls Charlotte over. He says to her in Korean, "I know you understand me." While she tries to pretend that she doesn't understand him, he tells her that he knows she speaks Korean because he saw her smile when Sun was speaking to him about her at the medical station. Charlotte still acts as if she doesn't understand until Jin says that if she does not stop lying he will break Daniel's fingers one at a time. In Korean, Charlotte asks what he wants and Jin answers that he wants Sun on the helicopter when it leaves the Island. Charlotte asks, "What about the others?" but Jin cuts her off, saying his only concern is for Sun and the baby. She nods and Jin leaves; as he leaves, she smiles.

Jack supervises his own surgery.

In the surgical tent, Juliet, Kate, and Bernard prepare for the operation. Bernard suggests to Jack that he knock him out with chloroform that was brought back from the medical station saying "Wouldn't you rather be dreaming about something nice back home?", but Jack refuses. Bernard injects local anaesthetic and Juliet makes the first incision while Kate holds a mirror enabling Jack to see. Jack grunts and yells as Juliet begins to spread the incision. Kate becomes increasingly upset, as Jack repeats her name, at first to get her to adjust the mirror's position and then without a clear purpose. Kate starts to cry, but Juliet takes over, ordering Bernard to knock Jack out and for Kate to leave. Bernard places a chloroform rag over Jack's mouth and he passes out.

Outside the tent after the surgery, Bernard tells Kate that everything went fine, that Juliet did well and Kate can go back inside. She enters while Juliet stitches Jack's incision and she reassures Kate that he will be fine. She tells Kate that Jack kissed her the other day. Hardly looking from her work, Juliet continues to tell Kate that the kiss was nice, but it wasn't for her, but for him, and that she thinks he was trying to prove that he "doesn't love someone else." The women understand each other and Kate thanks her for saving Jack's life. Juliet tells Jack that she knows he's awake and he opens his eyes.

In the jungle

Miles declares he "didn't sign up for this".

Sawyer, Claire, while carrying Aaron, and Miles walk through the jungle when they reach a clearing. Claire tells Sawyer she's feeling much better, but that she still has a headache. "At least I'm not seeing things anymore," she says. Miles asks her what she used to see, but Sawyer puts a stop to that conversation. Suddenly, Miles slows and looks uneasy as whispers and flashes swirl about. He stops walking, listens, and asks, "Who's Danielle and Karl?". He pushes aside the leaf litter and finds their bodies semi-buried in mud, flies swirling. Sawyer asks Miles how he knew about the two and then accuses Miles' team of killing them, but Miles denies that he is on the same team with Keamy and his men. Miles is upset to discover the bodies as he "didn't sign up for this". Claire just wants to leave and Sawyer escorts her away, promising that everything will be fine once they make it back to the beach.

Sawyer orders Miles to stay away from Claire.

Later, Claire is caring for Aaron as Miles watches them. Sawyer tells Miles he isn't to talk to Claire, look at Claire or even think about Claire, and that he officially has a 20-foot restraining order. Miles listens to Sawyer, and retreats.

Later Miles tries to persuade Claire to let him help out with Aaron, because he is "good with kids". Sawyer begins to remind Miles of the restraining order, when a rustling comes from the brush. As Sawyer goes to investigate, Frank Lapidus runs out carrying his satellite phone and a first aid kit. He's alarmed and addresses Miles first, while Sawyer seems surprised that the men know each other.

Frank distracts Keamy.

Frank tells them there is no time because Keamy and his men are on the way and if he finds them he will kill them all so they must hide immediately. They hide in the nearby bushes and watch as Keamy and his men arrive with Mayhew seriously injured. Lapidus looks at him and asks Keamy what happened. Keamy is evasive and asks where the helicopter is. Frank says it's not far. Aaron makes a little crying noise. Keamy hears something and suspiciously looks around. Frank urges Keamy and his men to get to the helicopter because it is starting to get dark and he will refuse to fly out on Faraday's coordinates in the dark. After a heavy pause, Keamy agrees and they head off.

Christian holds Aaron. (promotional still)

That night Claire awakens to find Aaron isn't beside her. She looks across the campfire to see Christian Shephard holding him. Claire recognizes him and exclaims; "Dad?".

The next morning Sawyer notices that Claire is not there. He asks Miles where she is and Miles says he saw her take off into the jungle. Sawyer doesn't believe that Claire would wander off alone but Miles says she wasn't alone, she was walking with someone she called 'Dad'. Sawyer demands to know why Miles didn't try to stop her and Miles mentions his restraining order. As Sawyer is about to rough Miles up, he hears Aaron crying. He finds Aaron on his blanket at the base of a tree all alone. He picks the child up and yells for Claire repeatedly.


Jack and Kate: "Good morning".

Jack is in bed when the phone rings. His receptionist, Jane, reminds him of an 11 a.m. consult with Ms. Berenberg which was moved up the previous day. She says she called since she knows he's not good with his calendar. A pair of peach lace panties are lying on the floor beside the bed. Jack picks them up, smiles, and then tosses them into the clothes hamper. In the kitchen he steps on a Millennium Falcon toy. He then places two partially full wine glasses in the sink, and makes coffee. He picks up the newspaper sports page on the counter which features a story about the Yankees sweeping the Red Sox, causing him to scoff.

Jack goes into the bathroom; a woman is in the shower. Looking in the mirror, Jack's appendectomy scar is faintly visible. He opens the shower door to greet her and she tells him that she bought him a new razor. He replies, "Oh, you don't like the scruff?". The shower turns off, and Kate steps out. She smiles brightly, Jack says, "Good morning", and they kiss.

Kate watches on as Jack reads Aaron his bedtime story.

Later, Jack is reading Aaron a story from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland as Kate looks on from the doorway. Jack realizes Aaron is asleep, so he turns out the light. In the hall Kate tells Jack that he's "a natural". Jack reminisces that his father used to read him that book. Kate says that it's nice to hear Jack say good things about his dad. Jack tells her, somewhat wistfully, that his father was a good storyteller. Kate tells Jack that she loves seeing him with Aaron, and that she's glad he changed his mind and glad he's there with her. Jack replies, "Me, too", picking her up. She wraps her legs around him as they kiss, and he carries her down the hall while she laughs.

Jack is finishing the consult with Ms. Berenberg, giving her instructions for her surgery the following day, and they part in the hospital lobby. Jack does a double-take, seeing Christian Shephard (wearing the same blue suit Jack repeatedly saw him wearing on the island) walking through the lobby. Jack's co-worker, Dr. Erika Stevenson, calls his name twice to get his attention, wanting his opinion on a spinal x-ray, an L-4. The receptionist then tells Jack that a Dr. Stillman from Santa Rosa Hospital is calling about "a friend of yours".

Hurley tells Jack about Charlie's visits.

Jack goes to Santa Rosa hospital to meet with Dr. Stillman, who says that the patient has been refusing his medication and isn't sleeping. Jack asks about therapy, but Dr. Stillman says therapy is useless because the patient believes Dr. Stillman isn't real. Jack goes in to see Hurley. Hurley says he isn't taking his medication because the Oceanic Six are actually dead, and never escaped the island, and are now stuck in "heaven". Hurley asks Jack about his day, and Jack describes his life with Kate and Aaron. Hurley points out that Jack didn't want to be with Kate and Aaron before, but Jack replies that he changed his mind after Kate's trial. Hurley says that Jack's happy life with Kate and Aaron is proof that they're in heaven, as are his visits from Charlie, who regularly talks to him on a bench outside on the hospital lawn. He tells Jack that when Charlie visited him the day before, he had told him of Jack's visit and also gave him a message for Jack, which he made Hurley write down so he would get it exactly. Hurley reads off a scrap of paper, "You're not supposed to raise him, Jack". Hurley asks if "him" means Aaron. Jack is disturbed and tells Hurley to just take his meds. Hurley tells him that Charlie also said Jack will soon be getting a visitor of his own.

Jack proposes to Kate.

Later that night, Jack sits in his truck outside the Santa Rose Medical Center, looking at the bench Hurley described. Later he comes home and wakes Kate. She asks if he was working late, but he says he was out doing errands. Troubled, he asks her about the other night when she said he was "a natural" with Aaron. Jack asks her if she really thinks he is "good at this", and she assures him emphatically that he is. After a long pause, Jack emotionally asks Kate to marry him. He pulls a box with a diamond ring from his pocket and places it on Kate's finger. She tearfully replies, "Of course I will, yes!" and they embrace.

Jack reviews Ryan Laker's x-ray, recording that there is an osteoblastoma on the posterior area of the lumbar and he is recommending a biopsy. He is interrupted by the persistent beeping of a low-battery warning on a smoke detector. He goes to the reception area, climbs onto a chair, and pulls out the battery. After climbing down, Jack is startled to hear his name called out by his father.

Christian appears to Jack at night.

He turns to see Christian Shephard sitting in the lobby, again in the blue suit with white shoes he is seen wearing around the Island. As he is still trying to take it in, Dr. Stevenson approaches him from behind and calls his name. He turns to respond to her and when he turns back toward the chairs, his father has gone. Jack is distracted and Erika asks if he is okay. He asks her for a script for clonazepam, stating he has a lot going on right now, including a heavy caseload and his new engagement. She reminds him an engagement is supposed to reduce stress, not create more, and suggests he "talk to somebody". He says he'll do that. When Jack gets home, he hears Kate talking on the phone. She says that "Jack's never home before eight" and "can stay for at least an hour". She gets off the phone when she realizes Jack is home. He asks her who was on the phone, and Kate tells him it was Noreen, another mom from the park. Jack says Kate has never mentioned her before. Kate waves this off and kisses Jack, then heads upstairs. Looking stressed, Jack gets out his new prescription, and washes two pills down with a bottle of beer.

Jack reminds Kate she is not related to Aaron in front of him.

The next day, Kate comes home to find Jack drunk, sitting in the living room with empty bottles of wine and beer. He confronts her about where she was and why Veronica, the nanny, was still at the house late in the day when Kate should have been home. Kate says she was out running errands. He presses her, and she kneels by him, asking him to just trust her on this. Jack tells her about his visit with Hurley, saying that he went without her because Hurley might have upset her because he's "crazy". He demands that she tell him where she really was. Kate begs Jack to leave it alone, but Jack persists. She finally admits that she was doing something she promised Sawyer she would do. When Jack asks why she would keep this secret from him, Kate tearfully tells him that it's because she knew Sawyer wouldn't want her to tell Jack. Angry, Jack yells that that he is the one who's there for her and who saved her, not Sawyer, who made his choice to "stay" while Jack came back. Kate becomes upset and says she can't have Jack drunk and acting like this around her son. Jack yells at her that she isn't even related to Aaron, just as Aaron toddles in. Crying, Kate picks up Aaron and looks at Jack as he turns and walks away.


Bilson's newspaper article

  • The text of the Yankees/Red Sox article matches a New York Times article published August 31, 2007, [1] describing a game that had taken place the day before. Taken by itself, the headline could also accurately describe an August 2006 series between the teams.[2]
    • The newspaper also lists "Angels 8 - Astros 4" but the Astros were playing the St. Louis Cardinals at the end of August 2007. The Angels-Astros result is from June 20, 2007. The Angels are in the American league, and the Astros play in the National League. This was an inter-league game, and the first time these two teams had played against each other since 2004. The Astros actually moved from the National league to the American league in 2013. [3]
    • The other side of the fold of the newspaper has an article with the headline "Dodgers 8-4 win over Astros" which conflicts with the Angels-Astros box score on the opposite side of the fold.
    • The newspaper in "Through the Looking Glass, Part 1" was dated April 5, 2007. This would indicate that the flash-forwards of "Something Nice Back Home" occurred after the flash-forwards of "Through the Looking Glass, Part 1". This is unlikely, casting doubt on the accuracy of at least one of the dates.
  • The title refers to a line Bernard has, in which he asks Jack whether or not he would rather be "dreaming about something nice back home" (in reference to the chloroform he is trying to get Jack to use).
  • This episode is rated TV-PG-LV.

Production notes

  • The Yankees/Red Sox newspaper article is by "Gregg Bilson, Staff Writer". Gregg Bilson is the founder of Independent Studio Services, a company that produces props for the film and television industry (Bilson brand cigarette props appear in Lost). The email address marvin.mancia@studiographics.us also appears in the article. The address studiographics.us is used by Independent Studio Services. Much of the text seen in the article appears in a real New York Times article here.
  • John Terry appears as Christian Shephard but was not listed ahead of time in the official ABC press release.
  • Jack gets his prescription from Skadden's Pharmacy, a fictional pharmacy named on several episodes of CSI.
  • Jack's beer is Penzburg Beer, a prop brand produced by Independent Studio Services. [4]
  • This is the last episode to feature Claire with her son Aaron together in the original timeline (not counting Kate's dream in "There's No Place Like Home, Part 3").

Bloopers and continuity errors

  • In Juliet's list of medical supplies, "forceps" is incorrectly spelled "forcepts". "Gauze pads" also appears to be incorrectly spelled as "gause pads."
  • "Hard-wired" smoke detectors (as used in a hospital) are attached to a central electrical supply and linked together. Any malfunctioning of a commercial smoke alarm would be indicated at a central control panel, not by a beeping in the unit itself. Hard-wired detectors do have a battery on-board for backup, in case of a loss of power or electricity to the unit. The unit would then beep as an alert that power has been lost in one area.
  • Jack's labcoat spells his last name as "SHEPARD". However, the door to his office and his name in the lobby of the St. Sebastian Medical Center where he works spells it "SHEPHARD".
  • When Jack is first seen stumbling out of his tent in the episode's beginning, there is a thin trail of sweat on his shirt, running down from the neckline. However, when the camera flashes back to him not more than seconds later, the entire top of his shirt is soaked.
  • The examination table that Sun shows Jin in the Staff medical station is completely different from the one on which both Sun and Claire were examined previously.


Recurring themes

Cultural references

  • Star Wars: Jack steps on a Millennium Falcon toy. The Millenium Falcon is Han Solo's ship. Star Wars features a brother and sister (Luke and Leia) who did not know they were related. (Movies and TV)
  • Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: Jack is reading a portion of Chapter 2, "The Pool of Tears" from this novel to Aaron. (Literary works)
  • Boston Red Sox/Yankees rivalry: Jack scoffs at the headline, "Yankees bludgeon Red Sox in Series Sweep", exclaiming "A-Rod", a reference to the Yankees' successful third-baseman, Alex Rodriguez. (Games)
  • Sixteen Candles: Sawyer calls Miles "Donger", referring to a weird foreign exchange student in this 1984 coming-of-age movie. (Movies and TV)

Literary techniques

  • Hurley mentions more visits from Charlie than the ones seen in previous episodes. (Unseen character)
  • Even after the events portrayed in previous episodes, Jack and Kate eventually develop an unexpected off-Island romantic relationship. (Plot twist)
  • Claire is mysteriously missing, apparently having abandoned Aaron at the end of the episode. (Cliffhanger)
  • Jack, the surgeon, comes out as a stubborn patient in an operation performed on him by someone else. (Irony)
  • In the beginning of the episode, Jack has a bare torso and a previously nonexistent scar is visible, though mostly unnoticed in the scene. Later in the episode, it's clearly revealed how he got that same scar. (Foreshadowing)
  • Kate tells Jack to "let it go". (Regularly spoken phrases)
  • When Jack trips over the toy he uses one of Sawyer's favorite curses, "Son of a bitch!" (Regularly spoken phrases)
  • Kate confesses that she made a promise to Sawyer, which makes Jack angry. (Unseen character)
  • The English speaking Charlotte is found to be fluent in the Korean language just as the Korean speaking Sun was found to be fluent in the English language. (Irony)  (Juxtaposition)
  • In "Raised by Another", the psychic, Richard Malkin, originally told Claire that only she could raise the baby. When she went to see him after changing her mind about adoption, he told her that a nice couple in Los Angeles would raise the baby—and that "they're not strangers, Claire. They're good people." He then handed Claire tickets and travel info for her trip. Then the plane crashed and she thought he knew that would happen and she would have to raise the baby herself. But in this episode we find Aaron living with a couple in Los Angeles, Jack and Kate. However Charlie, appeared to Hurley, reiterates that Jack is not meant to raise Aaron. (Juxtaposition)
  • Claire says she was seeing things after being knocked unconscious. (Foreshadowing)

Storyline analysis

  • Juliet tells Kate that Jack kissed Juliet to try to prove to himself that he wasn't in love with someone else. (Rivalries)
  • Jack is incapacitated and Juliet and Bernard must perform surgery on him. (Leadership)
  • Juliet and Bernard render Jack unconscious during the surgery against his wishes. (Leadership)
  • Sawyer imposes himself as the leader of his pack by imposing a restraining order against Miles. (Leadership)
  • When Jack falls ill Juliet takes charge and makes the important decisions in the group. (Leadership)
  • Even after Jack and Kate are off the island, Jack is still competing with Sawyer. (Rivalries)
  • Kate learns that Juliet and Jack have kissed. (Relationships)
  • Jack proposes to Kate in the flash-forward. (Relationships)

Episode connections

Episode references

  • After being informed by Juliet that she should assist with the surgery, Kate tells Jack that "it looks like I'm gonna be your nurse." Jack responds that it "wouldn't be the first time." Jack and Kate first meet when he asks Kate to stitch up the wound he received in the plane crash. ("Pilot, Part 1") She also made him a sling after the cave-in with Charlie ("The Moth") and drugged him in order to make him rest after Boone died. ("The Greater Good")
  • Juliet sends Sun, Jin, Charlotte and Daniel back to the medical station for supplies. ("Maternity Leave")  ("D.O.C.")
  • Hurley tells Jack about his visits from Charlie. ("The Beginning of the End")
  • Jack says to Hurley that he changed his mind about Kate and Aaron after Kate's trial. ("Eggtown")
  • Faraday tells Juliet he has experience performing animal autopsies. ("The Constant")
  • Juliet tells Kate that Jack kissed her (Juliet) more to convince himself that he "wasn't in love with someone else." ("The Other Woman")
  • Miles finds Danielle and Karl buried in shallow graves. ("Meet Kevin Johnson")

Episode allusions

  • Kate and Jack are caring for Aaron together, for this very brief period. Richard Malkin once convinced Claire to give up her child for adoption to a couple in Los Angeles, who he said were "good people". ("Raised by Another")
  • Hurley tells Jack, "You're not supposed to raise him, Jack." This mirrors Richard Malkin's comments to Claire that only she can raise Aaron. ("Raised by Another")
  • Kate responds to Jack's marriage proposal with the phrase "of course I will," which mirrors her exact phrase to Jack when she first meets him in the Pilot episode when he asked her to stitch him up. Her hand-sewing his back in that scene also contrasts with her view of Juliet using surgical tools to sew Jack up after the surgery here. ("Pilot, Part 1")
  • Jack gets the same medication (Clonazepam) as Hurley does/did. ("Dave")
  • A doctor shows Jack X-rays of someone's L4 vertebra. Ben's tumor was on his L4 vertebra. ("Every Man for Himself")
  • Jack lifts Kate into a similar embrace as her previous husband, and Sawyer. ("I Do")
  • Jack begins to drink and take prescription medication. ("Through the Looking Glass")
  • There are paper ladybug, butterfly, and flower cutouts on Jack and Kate's refrigerator, just like in Santa Rosa hospital. ("The Beginning of the End")
  • Jack has developed some scruff. He previously told Hurley that he was thinking about growing a beard. ("The Beginning of the End") Later his beard is fully grown and untended. ("Through the Looking Glass")
  • This is not the first time someone on the island, in this instance Jin, has threatened to break Daniel's fingers; Miles threatened to do the same when Daniel was answering Sayid's questions when the helicopter team first arrived on the Island. ("Confirmed Dead")

Unanswered questions

Unanswered questions
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  • How is Christian appearing to Jack?

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