Snowglobe in Gus' Pawn Shop ("Meet Kevin Johnson")

Desmond described the Island as a snowglobe after experiencing navigational difficulties trying to escape it.

Desmond had tried to flee the Island in his boat, but he steered due west rather than the necessary bearing. As a result, he arrived back at the Island.

JACK: So, before you ran off, I guess you just forgot to mention that you still have a sailboat. Why'd you come back?

DESMOND [laughing]: Do you think I did it on purpose? I was sailing for two and half weeks, bearing due West and making 9 knots. I should have been in Fiji in less than a week. But the first piece of land I saw wasn't Fiji, was it? No. No, it was here -- this, this island. And you know why? Because this is it. This is all there is left. This ocean and this place here. We are stuck in a bloody snowglobe. There's no outside world. There's no escape. So, just go away, huh. Let me drink.

Other snowglobes

Cultural references

  • The NBC serial drama St. Elsewhere (1982-1988) featured a Boston hospital and its staff that were revealed, in the final episode, to exist only inside a snowglobe, imagined by an autistic boy. Lost later referenced this type of twist ending in "Dave", suggesting that the Island was Hurley's hallucination.
  • Alan Moore's graphic novel Watchmen, which Lost writer Javier Grillo-Marxuach called a topic of much discussion among those of us in the writers’ room," contained a few references to snowglobes. One character dropped a snowglobe as a child in a scene similar to Sun's in "Further Instructions". The character imagined the inside of the snowglobe as a "whole world; a world inside the ball" and adds, "I figured inside the ball was some different sort of time. The comic also featured an tropical utopia Antarctic base shielded by massive glass hemisphere from the snow outside.
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