"Smokey and the Bandits" is an orchestral piece from the Season 6 soundtrack. Its new motif plays when the Monster slaughters large groups of people.

Scene description

Sawyer climbs into the hole beneath the wreckage and briefly talks to Juliet. She explains that she hit the bomb to try to keep him from coming to the Island.

Outside, Hurley convinces Jack to let him take Sayid to the Temple.

Near the statue, Richard fails to talk an explanation from Ben. Bram then leads Ben into the statue, where they point their guns at the Man in Black. The Man In Black says Jacob is dead, and the men fire several shots at him. One appears to strike him, and he disappears behind a column. Bram finds the bullet on the ground. Confused, he turns around, just as the Monster enters the room. It quickly overpowers three of the four men, killing them. Bram hurriedly spreads ash around himself in a circle, so the Monster dislodges a chunk of rock from the statue interior. It knocks Bram out of the circle of ash till it can throw him through Jacob's loom, where he is impaled on a piece of wood and killed.

Full list of appearences

The new motif from this piece plays during the following scenes:


The piece begins with a quiet variation on Juliet's theme. It gives way to Hurley's second theme.

Ben's theme starts the next movement, followed immediately by FLocke's theme. The monster's second motif starts the final movement, which ends with the track's new motif.

Title significance

The title references the Smokey and the Bandit film series. During the two scenes, "smokey" attacks a group of people.


The piece is an "inversion" of the Season five song "The Incident", in that the former begins with the slaughter motif and ends with a variation on Juliet's theme, while this song, the latter, begins with a variation on Juliet's theme and ends with the slaughter motif.

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