Smith Stop & Run is a gas station/convenience store that Hurley stopped at in the Season 5 episode, "The Lie". As he entered the store, "Dream Police" by Cheap Trick was playing in the background. The drink coolers were all marked with Hollywood street names (Melrose, Sunset, etc.). Hurley looked through a rack of T-shirts and picked one that read "I (heart) My Shih-Tzu". The clerk commented that he looked like he had a rough night and that his friend (Sayid) in the car looked pretty wasted. She said she knew him from somewhere, and as she said this, Hurley saw an Action 8 News report airing on a TV set behind her, picturing him as a triple murder suspect.

The clerk remembered that he was the guy who won the lottery and crashed on Flight 815, which Hurley denied. She tried to convince him to buy a lottery ticket, since he was lucky and she would get a commission if he were to win. He told her to keep the change and rushed out of the store. As he pulled out of the driveway with the Los Angeles skyline in the distance, Kate's car pulled in from the offramp, missing him by seconds.

Filming location[]

  • Actual location is 11th Avenue Chevron in Honolulu.

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