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Simon Pace
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Manchester, United Kingdom
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Family members
Megan Pace - Wife
Liam Pace - Son
Charlie Pace - Son
Karen Pace - Daughter-in-law
Megan Pace - Granddaughter
Charlie's father

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Simon Pace was husband to Megan Pace and the father of Charlie and Liam Pace. He worked as a butcher, and vehemently disapproved of Charlie and Liam's musical careers.

Charlie's dream sequence ("Fire + Water")

Simon was a loving father to both Charlie and Liam, although he was relatively rough in their childhoods. When Charlie never learned how to swim as a child, Simon took it upon himself to teach him how. Charlie was extremely hesitant, but Simon insisted and supported him. Eventually, Charlie jumped in and Simon caught him, just like he said he would. The two rejoiced happily, and Charlie later listed this moment with his father as one of his five favorite memories. ("Greatest Hits")

In Charlie's dream sequence, he is seen working as a butcher inside the Pace residence living room, chopping dolls with a cleaver. He insulted Charlie, and put down his dreams of pursuing music. ("Fire + Water")


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