"Shannonigans" is an orchestral piece on the Season One soundtrack. It plays as Locke apologizes to Shannon for Boone's death.

Scene description

Shannon sits numbly on the beach before Locke approaches and sits down beside her. He apologizes for Boone's death, saying he should never have let Boone accompany him hunting, but Shannon replies that Boone would probably have accompanied Locke regardless. Locke says he can't exactly relate to Shannon, but he sympathizes - he lost a family member too.

Afterward, Shannon approaches Sayid. In response to his earlier offer to help her in any way he can, she tells him "John Locke killed my brother. Are you going to do something about that?"


The piece is a variation on Locke's second theme.

Title significance

As one might expect from pun-oriented Michael Giacchino, the title is a portmanteau of "Shannon" and "shenanigans." During its scene, Shannon plots to have Locke killed.

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