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Shannon Rutherford was a middle section survivor of Oceanic Flight 815 and was the stepsister of Boone Carlyle. Her and Boone always argue before and after the crash. Before the crash, her father had died in a car crash and she had been cut off by her stepmother, who also refused to give her any of her fathers money. She used men, especially Boone, to get what she wanted which eventually led to a one night-stand with Boone. After the crash, she was very selfish at times, refusing to help the other survivors, as she insisted they would be rescued. However, she assisted trying to get a signal on the tranceiver, and used her french skills to translate Rousseau's signal. She also had an athsma attack, when her inhalers ran out, but Sun cured her. She eventually formed a romantic relationship with Sayid, which helped her realize her selfishness and led to a change in attitude. As she and Sayid went for a picnic, Boone fell out of a plane and died. After Boone died, Shannon sought revenge on John Locke, attempting to shoot him, but Sayid interfered. She eventually forgave Sayid, but began to have strange visions of Walt who she thought was on the raft. On day 48 she ran from camp with Sayid to search for Walt, however she collided with the Tailies and was unintentionally shot in the stomach and killed by Ana Lucia Cortez, after chasing another image of Walt. She died in Sayid's arms having finally gained his confidence and belief in her.

Before the crash


Shannon grew up without a mother and lived her early childhood alone with her father. At the tender age of 8, Shannon's father married a woman by the name of Sabrina Carlyle, who had a 10-year-old son, Boone Carlyle. Sabrina became Shannon's stepmother and Boone became Shannon's stepbrother. Shannon never had a good relationship with Sabrina, but Shannon's and Boone's relationship blossomed over time. ("Do No Harm")  ("Abandoned").

Father's death

Shannon became a ballet instructor at the age of 18 along with her best friend, Nora. After wrapping up a class, Shannon received a call from Sabrina saying that they need to meet at St. Sebastian's Hospital as Adam had been involved in a car accident. At St. Sebastian's, Jack is visible for a brief moment as he bumps the doctor informing the family about Adam's accident. The doctor then proceeds to inform the family that Adam stopped breathing at the scene of the accident and they were unable to revive him. Shannon was devastated, and from then on, tried to distance herself from Sabrina as much as possible. ("Abandoned").


Shannon and Boone at her father's funeral. ("Abandoned")

Shannon and Boone reunited after a long time apart at Adam's funeral. Shannon was relieved to have a familiar shoulder on which to cry and immediately turned to Boone. Shannon told Boone that she had applied for a prestigious internship at the Martha Graham Dance Company in New York city. Shannon assured Boone that she may get it, even though the odds were not on her side. Boone agreed but still showed some doubt. ("Abandoned")

While having breakfast at her apartment, Nora walked in with an envelope in her hand; it was the reply for her internship entry. She had been granted the internship. Shannon then received a call from the bank and was told that her checks were bouncing. Nora found this unbelievable as she knew that Shannon was wealthy. ("Abandoned")

Shannon reluctantly turned to Sabrina for help. Shannon told Sabrina about her situation, and Sabrina's reaction was extremely cold. When Shannon asked about the money that her Father had given her in his will, Sabrina stated that no money had been left to Shannon. Shocked and angry, Shannon asked why this was so, but Sabrina responded indirectly: "Maybe he wants you find your own way." Sabrina left without giving any help to Shannon. ("Abandoned")

Shannon and Sabrina

Sabrina Carlyle ask Shannon to leave ("Abandoned")  (promotional still)

In a deleted flashback scene, Sabrina showed little care for Shannon's grief and asked her when she would be leaving her house.("Abandoned")

Shannon asked Boone if he could somehow get the money from Sabrina. Shannon found out that Boone had failed at getting the money when he turned up in her apartment, empty handed. Boone assumed that it was because she (Sabrina) knew why he asked for the money. Shannon asked if she could stay with Boone at New York, when another bombshell landed: Boone was leaving New York. Boone offered some of his own money, but Shannon's temper rose as she refused. She pushed the envelope into Boone's hands. ("Abandoned")


Shannon smirks in success at conning her brother Boone. ("Hearts and Minds")


According to Boone, Shannon spent some time in France somewhere after her father's dead. Later, Shannon revealed she lived in St Tropez and dated Laurent's father. In a deleted flashback scene, Shannon goes to one of her ballet student's house in St Tropez and met Sophie's parents Philippe and Dominique and her younger brother Laurent. According to Shannon, she worked there as Laurent's babysitter and he used to watch a movie about fishes with the song "La Mer" and he repeated over and over the time. ("Pilot, Part 1")  ("Whatever the Case May Be")  ("Abandoned")

It is unknown if Shannon was de facto Philippe's lover or girlfriend. He also had something with Shannon's friend who was also his childrens' babysitter.("Abandoned")

According to Shannon, she also dated a sailor. ("...In Translation")

Conning Boone

After returning from her job as an au pair, Shannon began to routinely con money out of her stepmother and/or Boone in an attempt to get the money that she felt was owed to her. Boone said he had paid off 3 men to break up with her. Shannon's most recent attempt to get money was by faking an abusive relationship with Bryan, the man she was living with in Sydney, Australia. When Boone found out that Shannon was lying to him, Bryan assaulted him. Shannon begged Bryan to stop, allowing Boone to escape back to his hotel. She later showed up at Boone's hotel room, drunk and upset. Shannon told him that Bryan took all of the money. She shocked Boone by telling him she knew that he loved her, and uninhibited due to the alcohol, she began to kiss him. Boone didn't stop her, and they had sex. Shannon severely regretted their actions afterward, and told Boone that she wanted things to return to normal once they got home. They boarded Flight 815 the following morning.("Hearts and Minds")

According to Boone, Shannon had been married once, but was separated. ("Hearts and Minds")

Flight 815

1x23 shannon

Shannon at Sydney airport. ("Exodus, Part 1")

Shannon is then seen in the waiting area sitting down and doing a crossword puzzle. Sayid asks Shannon if she can watch his bag and says that he'll be back in a moment. Shannon, who is irritable and hungover, replies, "Sure, whatever." She later walks off with Boone, leaving the bag on the chairs unattended. Shannon initiates an argument with Boone over why he failed to purchase first class seats on the flight instead of coach seats in the middle of the plane. Boone contends that Shannon cannot take care of herself and that she needed him. To prove her independence and cunning, she informs a security guard that "some Arab guy left his bag in the chairs downstairs and then just walked away," showing Boone that she is capable of things that he never expected. ("Exodus, Part 1")

In the airport, prior to boarding, Nikki and Paulo were interrupted by Shannon loudly complaining about a lack of seating in the café waiting area and Boone being responsible for them not getting first class tickets. Boone politely asks Paulo for their extra chair, and he agrees, but Shannon pulls Boone away, accusing his "flirting with random guys" of delaying them. ("Exposé")

Shannon and Boone are briefly seen aboard 815 right before the crash, as Charlie stumbles over them in order to escape from Cindy. ("Pilot, Part 2")

Shannon sat in seat 9F, Business Class, next to Boone, who was seated in 9E on the plane. ("Exodus, Part 2")

On the Island

Days 1-44 (Season 1)

1X01 ShannonAfterCrash

Shannon in shock right after the crash ("Pilot, Part 1")  (promotional still)

Shannon and Boone survived the crash of Oceanic Flight 815 because they were denied seats in first class, the area of the plane in which nobody survived. After the crash, Shannon screams at the crash site where a man tells her to watch the gas. Shannon wanted little to do with everyone else and refused to help build camp, believing that they'd soon be rescued. She was offered a candy bar by her brother, which she flatly rejected, stating that she wasn't going to give up on her diet because they would be off the Island soon enough. Despite their circumstances, Boone's and Shannon's petty war continued. ("Pilot, Part 1")

The next day, Shannon sunbathes and talks to Claire, finally interacting with the others. Later Shannon remorsefully cries over the dead body of the crewman who refused to put her into first class, effectively saving her life. When Boone callously criticizes her for not helping out, she goes on a jungle trek with Sayid, Kate, Charlie, Sawyer and Boone to prove to him that she isn't useless. Her assistance was vital in translating the French distress signal that Sayid received on the radio from the cockpit. ("Pilot, Part 2")

Distress signal

Shannon translates the Distress Signal. ("Pilot, Part 2")

On the way back to the beach, Boone lifts the gun from Sawyer, who awakens. The group fights and Shannon tells them that Boone doesn't agree with guns. When they arrive back to the beach, Shannon complains that Edward Mars is dying too loudly. A few hours later, Boone gives a pair of sunglasses to Shannon. ("Tabula Rasa")

The next day, Shannon and Boone argue over caring for others and catching food. Shortly after the argument, Shannon uses her charm to get Charlie to catch her a fish. After Charlie catches the fish, Shannon shows Boone the fish, telling him that she told him she could get a fish. Just after they begin to argue again over using people. ("Walkabout")

After Boone left her in charge of their part in triangulating the signal, he runs to the caves to help Jack after he fell victim to a cave-in. Although distracted, she succeeded in letting off the signal bottle rocket on time. ("The Moth")

Later, Shannon began experiencing asthma attacks, which was unusual since many of the other survivors' physical ailments ceased after the crash. To compound the problem, Boone could not find the extra inhalers that he had brought in his luggage on the plane.
1x10 shannon

"I am so not moving to the rape caves ("Raised by Another")

As Shannon's attacks became more life-threatening, Boone began to suspect that Sawyer was hoarding them with other items he confiscated in the luggage. Sawyer refused to cooperate with the investigation, which led to him being tortured by Sayid. It was later discovered that Sawyer did not, in fact, have the inhalers. ("Confidence Man")

While Shannon sunbathed, Boone told her that Hurley and others made a golf course in excitement. Boone and Shannon went to the golf course and watched everyone play. ("Solitary")

Shannon considers moving to the caves with Boone, but when Hurley is collecting everyone's information she expresses her doubts about the caves' safety after hearing that Claire was attacked. ("Raised by Another")

After Claire was kidnapped by Ethan, Shannon tells Boone not to go out into the jungle to find Claire; however, he goes anyway. At night in the caves, Shannon approaches Kate and expresses her worry about Boone. Kate tells her that Locke and Boone have not returned yet. ("All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues")

Shannon singing

Sayid and Shannon grow closer as she sings La Mer. ("Whatever the Case May Be")

After Sayid returned from his encounter with Rousseau, he asks for Shannon's help in translating the French writing on the maps. Shannon reluctantly agrees and has trouble at first, becoming frustrated with Sayid and herself. It was during her work with the map translation that Shannon develops feelings for Sayid. At night Shannon tells Sayid about Laurent repeatedly watching a movie featuring the song "La Mer". Realizing the connection between the song and their current situation, Shannon then begins to sing it. ("Whatever the Case May Be")

Shannon's attraction to Sayid gets the attention of Boone, who is visibly displeased. Boone explains to Locke, "You don't know Shannon. She's smart and she's special in a lot of ways". Locke drugs Boone, sensing he might tell Shannon of their secret trips to uncover the hatch.


Boone unties Shannon in his hallucination. ("Hearts and Minds")  (promotional still)

Under the influence of the hallucinogen, Boone hears Shannon screaming in the jungle and sees her tied up to a tree by Locke, while the Monster is heard. Boone frees her and runs and hides from the Monster in a mangrove trunk. They get out of the mangrove trunk, the monster is gone. Walking through the jungle Shannon asked why Locke tied her up. Eventually, Boone tells her about the hatch and why he tied her up, leading to more questions. A few minutes later, the Monster is heard again and it is viciously attacking Shannon. Boone searches for Shannon, but when he finds her bloody, crumpled body lying by the stream, he realizes it is too late. That night, Boone approaches Locke in the caves and attacks him for indirectly causing Shannon's death. Boone, however realizes that Shannon is alive and well and chatting happily with Sayid. Locke tells Boone it was a vision and Boone admits that he felt free from the burden of caring for his step-sister. ("Hearts and Minds")

The next day, Shannon and Sayid explain Rousseau's map to Jack. Michael interrupts them, telling them his idea of making a raft. Shannon dismisses the idea, "I get really sea-sick". When Claire arrives back at the camp, she asks Shannon why everybody is avoiding her. She then tells Claire about the death of Scott. ("Special") ("Homecoming")


Shannon struggles to let go of her brother. ("The Greater Good")

Shannon and Arzt argue with Kate about the case of guns found in the waterfall. When Boone later talks to Sayid, causing him to temporarily reconsider their relationship, Shannon heads to the jungle to quarrel with Boone, but only finds Locke. In their conversation, Locke tells Shannon that everyone gets a new life on the Island, and advises her to start hers. She accepts John's advice and is determined to begin her own with Sayid. ("...In Translation") ("Exposé")

After falling in the drug smugglers' plane, Boone was seriously injured. While Boone was dying, Shannon was on a date with Sayid on another beach and tells Sayid the truth about her relationship with Boone. Shannon and Sayid are happily holding hands when they come back, Jack tells her about Boone. Shannon goes straight to the caves and cries over Boone's body. ("Do No Harm")

Shannon Vincent

Shannon holds Vincent as the raft leaves ("Exodus, Part 1")  (promotional still)

After Boone's death, Sayid asks Shannon if there is anything he can do, but Shannon doesn't reply. At the funeral, Shannon does not say anything, instead Sayid gives a speech. After the funeral, Shannon sits at the beach in silence. Locke walks over tentatively, and offers her Boone's belongings. Locke tells Shannon that Boone was brave, and that he knows how it feels to lose someone you love. Shannon is distraught and looks for someone to blame. Shannon becomes convinced that Locke was responsible for her step-brother's death. Back at Sayid's tent, Shannon reminds Sayid that he offered to help her. The only help that she wants is revenge on John Locke. However, Sayid doesn't kill or hurt Locke and tells her he is telling the truth that Boone's death was an accident. After hearing from Kate about the Halliburton case containing guns, Shannon steals the key from Jack and takes a gun with the intent of killing Locke. Kate, Jack and Sayid run into the jungle and find Shannon with a gun pointed at Locke. Sayid intervenes and saves Locke, but caused Shannon to turn away from him. Eventually, she manages to forgive him. ("The Greater Good")

Shannon aims a gun at Locke ("The Greater Good")  (promotional still)

Right before Walt headed off on the raft, he gave Shannon the responsibility of taking care of Vincent. Walt told her he was good company when his Mother died, and that he might do the same for Shannon after Boone's death. When the raft leaves, Vincent jumps into the sea to follow Walt, making Shannon go into the sea to get him. ("Exodus, Part 1")

Before going to the caves, Shannon tried to bring Boone's suitcase full of clothes, but Shannon falls over dumping out all of Boone's clothes. Sayid helps her and she leads the group with Sayid to the caves. After Claire attack by Rousseau, Shannon is the first on the scene with Sayid and Charlie. At the caves, Sun tells Shannon about being punished on the Island. When Sayid comes back, Shannon runs back into Sayid's arms when he arrives from rescuing Aaron. ("Exodus, Part 2")

Days 44-48 (Season 2)


Shannon claims to have seen Walt. ("Man of Science, Man of Faith")  (promotional still)

Shannon tries to find Vincent when he runs off into the jungle, as she feels strongly that it was her responsibility to do so. Because she is still exhausted from not sleeping since Boone's death, Sayid attempts to dissuade her, but when he fails, he goes with her into the jungle. When the pair becomes separated, Shannon falls then begins to hear whispers and then sees a vision of Walt standing in front of her, dripping wet and speaking backwards to her. However the vision is gone by the time Sayid returns to her with Vincent. After returning to the caves, Shannon insists on recounting her vision of Walt and hearing the whispers, possibly of others, a prospect which upsets Claire, Sun and the rest of the group. When Jack returns from the hatch, Shannon asks him if he saw the others. Charlie rudely yells at her, telling her there are no "Others". ("Man of Science, Man of Faith")

When Claire finds the message bottle from the raft, Shannon becomes the second to know about the second raft being destroyed after Claire tells her.
2X06 ShannonSayidRain

Shannon and Sayid see Walt in the jungle ("Abandoned")  (promotional still)

Shannon and Claire also tell Sun about finding it. Later Shannon shares her food with Vincent. ("Everybody Hates Hugo")

While feeding Vincent, Sayid came up to her and tells her he has something he has to show her. Sayid has built Shannon a new tent to live in, which they make love in on the same night. Moments after, when Sayid steps out of the tent to get water, Shannon has another vision of Walt. She screams at the top of her voice, making many people awaken. When she tells Sayid what she saw, he does not believe her, saying that it was only a dream. Shannon once again felt that no one takes her seriously and leaves Sayid in frustration. ("Abandoned")

On day 48, Shannon is determined to find Walt. Shannon asks Hurley and Rose where Walt's clothes are, so Vincent can pick up Walt's scent and lead her to him. Shannon tells the dog to "find Walt." Vincent then leads her directly to Boone's grave, where Sayid finds her and assumes she's there to mourn her dead step-brother. Shannon sets off into the jungle, determined to find Walt. While looking for Walt, Shannon tells Sayid about the bottle and runs off again. Sayid catches her and tries to apologize for doubting her. Later, Shannon again sees Walt, but this time Sayid does too. Sayid tells her that he believes her and loves her. As Shannon runs toward Walt, she is shot once in the stomach by Ana Lucia Cortez, who thinks she is one of the Others.


Normal collision-promo17

Sayid puts Shannon's body on the ground. ("Collision")

After Shannon is shot dead, Sayid places her body on the ground gently, and tries to attack Ana Lucia. While Sayid is tied up, Ana Lucia talks to Shannon and tells her that she is sorry for killing her, and that it was a mistake. Later on, Sayid carries her body back to camp to be buried. ("Collision")

Shannon's grave

Shannon's grave ("What Kate Did")

Having had her grave dug by Sayid, Shannon is buried next to her brother, Boone, who had died seven days earlier, and the others in the graveyard. The next day Sayid professes his love for her when he gives her eulogy. The Tailies, Eko, Libby and Bernard attended the funeral, paying their respects, but Ana Lucia refuses to. ("What Kate Did")

When Ben was captured by the castaways, it was Sayid's love for Shannon and his grief over her death that pushed him into torturing the captive, after Sayid didn't feel that Henry's testimony of burying his wife was believable, exclaiming "You would remember!" ("One of Them")

While they were trekking to Henry Gale's balloon, Sayid eventually forgives Ana Lucia for her shooting, claiming she was just protecting her people - blaming Shannon's accidental death on the Others. ("Lockdown")

According to the Oceanic Six story, her brother survived the initial crash, though she never made it out of the plane. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 1")

During the Island's time-shifting, the survivors found themselves back on the day of Boone's death and Sawyer witnessed Aaron's birth. Sawyer was clearly shocked by seeing both Kate and Claire and Locke asked him if he saw anyone - citing Shannon and Charlie as examples. ("The Little Prince")

Just beyond the opening of the Cliffside cave is a room in which Jacob has written the last names of several candidates on the walls and ceiling, and a number preceding each one. When the wall is first seen, all of the names and numbers are crossed out except for those preceded by one of The Numbers. The Man in Black explains that each name is the name of a candidate. Shannon's surname Rutherford is crossed, meaning her death. Her surname is also written on The Lighthouse Wheel. According to the wheel, her number is 32. ("The Substitute") ("Lighthouse")

Jack and Hurley found Shannon's inhaler at the caves, three years after she died. ("Lighthouse")

The Man in Black cryptically offered anything Sayid wanted in exchange for his help, though the one thing Sayid wanted had "died in his arms", later revealed as Shannon, who is Sayid's "soulmate".("Sundown")("The End")


Flight 815

Shannon was not on Oceanic Flight 815. Aboard Flight 815, Boone spoke about Shannon and her relationship in Australia during his conversation with Locke and said that she did not want to leave with him. He referred to Shannon as his "sister". ("LA X, Part 1")

Reunion with Sayid

Later, Boone teamed up with Hurley to get Sayid Jarrah and Shannon together once again. According to Boone, he brought her from Australia after a lot of effort.
Hurley and Sayid wait, parked in a street. Hurley says there are rules and he can' tell Sayid what they are doing. He asks Sayid to trust him as he trusts Sayid. He tells Sayid that he trusts him because he thinks he is a good guy despite the fact that Sayid believes what he has been told about who he is. Hurley tells him he has to decide who he is for himself.


Shannon and Sayid reunite once again. ("The End")

Two men emerge from a bar fighting. A woman comes out and is pushed to the ground by the aggressive man. Sayid goes straight to her aid and disposes of the man. As soon as he touches her arm, Sayid and Shannon know each other and flash their past on the Island. Boone comes and speaks to Hurley who says the fight was worth it. They watch as Sayid and Shannon embrace.("The End")

Moving On

Shannon and Sayid make their way to the church, where they reunite with all the other former denizens of the Island. After Christian Shephard opens the doors of the church, she and the others are ready to move on together. ("The End")

Producers' commentary

We knew that Shannon was going to die before we started Season 2. Shannon's death served a number of story purposes, the most important being, that we wanted the tail section people, and our core group of castaways to be sort of forced to merge under incredibly uncomfortable circumstances.


  • Shannon has appeared in 5 episodes since her death: "The Other 48 Days" in a flashback, "Collision", "What Kate Did" as a corpse and "Exposé" in a flashback and "The End" on the flash-sideaways timeline.
  • During an interview about conceiving the idea of Shannon, producers stated that Shannon was based on Paris Hilton.
  • Shannon was the fourteenth character to have a flashback and the last of the original cast.
  • Shannon was the only main character not to have a centric episode in Season 1, although she did feature prominently in Boone's "Hearts and Minds" flashback.
  • Shannon is the only main character never to have visited a DHARMA station, counting Boone's trips to the hatch exterior as visits to a DHARMA station.
  • Shannon's episode count so far is 32. She died on her 26th (Sayid & Shannon's POV) and 27th (replayed but in the Tailies POV) appearance. In her 28th she was only present with her corpse and in her 29th appearance she returned via flashbacks. She made her 31th and 32th appearances via flash-sideaways.
  • Shannon has never met Ben, Daniel, Charlotte, Miles, Richard, Lapidus or Ilana. However, she's met the rest of the main fuselage-survivors. She also saw the tail-section survivors briefly, though it should be noted she was dying at the time so this can hardly be termed "meeting" them.
    • Shannon met both Desmond and Juliet in the flash-sideways timeline.
  • Died 7 days after her brother Boone.
  • Maggie Grace was billed as a special guest star in "Collision" and in "Exposé".
  • Shannon was the second main character to be killed.
  • Shannon was the first main character to be killed at the conclusion of their flashback episode. The pattern seems to follow on with Ana Lucia, Mr. Eko, Nikki, Paulo, Daniel, and Jacob.
  • Maggie Grace, who at the time had brown hair, wore a blonde wig to shoot her flashback scenes for Season 3.
  • Of the 14 original main characters, Shannon is the only one neither seen nor referred to in Season 4.
  • Shannon is one of three characters portrayed by principal cast in Season 2 never to appear in the Swan (the other two being Walt and Claire).
  • Shannon survived on the Island for 48 days. There were 48 survivors of the middle section of Flight 815.
  • Ernest Rutherford, a New Zealand physicist, is known as the father of Nuclear Physics.
  • Bernard is the only surviving characters to have witnessed Shannon's death. Ana Lucia, Eko, Libby, Sayid, Jin and Michael are deceased and Sawyer was unconscious at the time.
  • Shannon is mentioned for the first time since Season Three by Locke in "The Little Prince". He asks Sawyer who he saw in the jungle "Charlie? Shannon?"
  • Like when Brian Porter told Michael that Walt was "Special" and Emily Locke told John he was "Special", Boone also told Locke that Shannon was "Special".
  • In "Pilot, Part 2", Shannon says "They're coming" to Boone as an explanation of why she will not help look through the debris from the plane. This is the same thing Jacob says to The Man in Black in "The Incident, Part 2".
  • In "LA X, Part 1", the alternate timeline Boone mentions that he was in Australia to rescue his sister from a bad relationship, almost certainly a reference to an alternate Shannon and her troubles with Bryan, although details are unknown.
    • This was a rewrite due to Maggie Grace turning down an offer to appear in the premiere. [1]
  • In "The Substitute", it is revealed that Shannon was one of the candidates since her surname is written on Jacob's Wall, although is crossed out due to her death.

Unanswered questions

Unanswered questions
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  • Why and how did Walt appear to her?
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