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"The one who will save us all"?

John Locke

  • At the end of season five, John Locke's body is lying in the shadow of what is left of the statue. The riddle is actually an island prophecy, as is inherent with the show's theme of fate. In the episode "Hearts and Minds" Charlie says, "if there's one person on this island I would put my absolute faith in to save us all it would be John Locke." Also, in the episode "Live Together, Die Alone", after Desmond accuses Locke of killing them all, Locke answers: "No. I just saved us all."
  • As John Locke, and his death, set in motion the events which led to Jack Shephard coming back to the Island, killing the MiB, saving the Island, and allowing an apt replacement take Jacob's place, it could be argued that he is indeed the person who did "save them all", whether knowingly or not.


  • 'Lies' may mean 'tells a lie' rather than 'lies down'.
  • Ben is a notorious liar, and has told at least one lie in the vicinity ('shadow') of the statue.

Pierre Chang

  • Someone who "lies" in the shadow of the statue would be someone buried there.
  • Chang apparently survived the explosion at the Swan Hatch but has not been seen again and is now presumed dead.
  • Jacob has been bringing people to the island and wants it protected
  • Chang's son, Miles, is now on the island and has the gift of hearing from the dead, as well as Hurley who can see and talk to the dead.

Together they may be able to learn from Chang the secret of the numbers and how to use the Island's properties to save it and thus save them all.

The Orchid

  • The remains of the statue are within view of the of the Orchid station.
    • Caught in the time flashes, Sawyer's group was briefly transported into an unknown time period sometime prior to 1867. From the site of the well, the group glimpsed the back of the giant statue above the trees.(thanks to the Statue of Taweret page).

The Orchid above the FDW is in the shadow of the statue. 'He who will save us all' is someone that has been or will be associated with the history of The FDW. Also that is where the rope got left sticking out of the ground. Sawyer's group accidently leaving that rope probably played a big part in someone finding the FDW and building the Well and later the Orchid.


  • The statue that is being referred to is not Taweret, but the Statue of Liberty. Walt lives in New York.
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