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* = "The Lost Flashbacks" deleted scenes

Seeing Walt

Seeing Walt

Deleted from "Man of Science, Man of Faith"

[Shannon is petting Vincent by herself at night. Sun walks up to her.]

SUN: You saw Walt? That's what you said. You saw him in the jungle.

SHANNON: I don't know what I saw.

SUN: What do you think he was trying to tell you?

SHANNON: Look, I was really tired. After the... I hadn't slept.

SUN: Please, Shannon. Don't lie to me. It's not helping.

SHANNON: Whatever it is I thought I saw, is only because I'm such a disaster right now, OK?

SUN: Tell me what you think you saw.

SHANNON: I didn't see him, Sun. How could I? It's not possible. They're sailing on the raft, probably miles from here by now. And we're just waiting, for God knows what. Trust me, they're the lucky ones.

Good with Kids

Deleted from "Man of Science, Man of Faith" or "Adrift". This deleted scene was featured on the Best Buy bonus disc DVD and Blu-ray Disc set.

[Aaron gurgles. Claire and Sun are with him. Sun is ripping some material.]

SUN: Such a handsome boy.

CLAIRE: Aww, thanks. [She looks to Sun] Do you want to hold him?

SUN: [smiling] Oh, yes.


[Claire lifts Aaron and hands him to Sun. Sun smiles as she holds him.]

CLAIRE: Oh, you're really good with him! Do you and Jin ever talk about --

SUN: No. [Awkward silence. Claire nods.]

A Little You Time

Deleted from "Everybody Hates Hugo"

[Beach scene, Locke is in hammock, asleep. Charlie walks up and tries to wake him.]

CHARLIE: Locke. Hey! Locke!

[Locke remains asleep. Charlie walks over and complains to Claire.]

CHARLIE: How can he be sleeping?

CLAIRE: Well, it's been a long night, Charlie, for all of us. Who knows what they've been through?

CHARLIE: I'll tell who doesn't. Me.

[Reaching for Aaron, who has started crying.]

CHARLIE: Here, I'll watch him. Hey, it's OK, Claire, you go for a walk. You deserve a little "You Time".

CLAIRE: OK, but I won't be long.

CHARLIE: No, you can be as long as you want, I've got him. [To Aaron] It'll be alright. Turniphead and me are going to go give a little wakey-wakey to Mr. Locke!

CLAIRE: Oh, let him sleep! He deserves it.

CHARLIE: What about what we deserve? Like some answers about what bloody-hell's going on in that hatch-thing.

CLAIRE: Why don't you ask Jack?

CHARLIE: Because I can't find Jack. Or Kate. Or Sayid or Hurley for that matter, they've all gone out.

CLAIRE: Well uh, Hurley's right over there, so...

[Hurley on beach, washing clothes, while Charlie is looking, Claire ducks out.]

CHARLIE: [To Hurley] Oi!

Sawyer's Visitor

Deleted from "Everybody Hates Hugo"

[Sawyer is looking at his shoulder wound while imprisoned in the pit alone. There are distant sounds of Libby talking.]

SAWYER: [Looking up] I can hear you!

LIBBY: [Out of view] Are... are you OK?

SAWYER: I'm just dandy, how are you? Better yet, who are you?

LIBBY: That's not important right now.


LIBBY: Were you really on Flight 815?


LIBBY: Yes, in the tail section.

SAWYER: Well, we're on the same damn team then! How bout you get me the hell out of here?

LIBBY: I can't right now, but I brought you some water.

[Sawyer grabs canteen and chugs a swig, as though very thirsty. Libby still remains out of sight.]

SAWYER: Thanks.

LIBBY: Welcome.

SAWYER: Hey, where you going? Hey lady!

Dinner Time

Dinner Time

Deleted from "Everybody Hates Hugo"

[Ana Lucia is serving dinner (raw fish pieces) to other Tailies in the empty Arrow bunker. Jin, Sawyer and Michael (who are now released from the pit) are sitting on the other side of the room, wondering if they will be included. Ana Lucia walks over and serves them the same ration as everyone. Sawyer and Ana Lucia exchange very distrustful looks in silence, and then he takes the food, no dialogue exchanged.]

Unnamed "Everybody Hates Hugo" deleted scene

Deleted from "Everybody Hates Hugo". This deleted scene was featured on the Best Buy bonus disc DVD.

[Hurley and Rose walk out from the jungle to the beach.]

HURLEY: Be back in an hour?

ROSE: You got it. It's gonna be okay, honey, it's just a pantry full of food. Now why don't you take the load off, get some rest before we head back?

HURLEY: Yeah, okay.

ROSE: Okay. [She walks away.]

The Wake*

Deleted from "Abandoned"

[Flashback to just after Adam Rutherford's wake, kitchen scene. Sabrina Carlyle is cleaning up the food, Shannon walks in.]

SABRINA: Who brings Beef Stroganoff to a wake?

SHANNON: Um, do you need any help?

SABRINA: [Sighs] You want anything, take it or toss it...

SHANNON: [Smiles as she looks down at dish] Dad loved Beef Stroganoff.

SABRINA: Well, he won't be eating any of it tonight, will he? [Shannon looks at her uncomfortably, and Sabrina stops smiling] Uh, I'm sorry. I don't know what I'm saying. [Shannon is silent and walks over to sink with dish.] Shannon, I really did love him, you know.

SHANNON: I know you did. I did too.

SABRINA: I guess that's the one thing we'll always have in common.

SHANNON: Yeah, I guess so.

SABRINA: When will you be leaving?

[Shannon looks at her, not knowing what to say.]

The New Au Pair*

The New Au Pair

Deleted from "Abandoned"

[Flashback, Shannon arrives at Philippe's home.]

SHANNON: Good evening, bonsoir.

PHILIPPE: [Checking her out] Welcome, welcome. We're so happy you're here.

[Philippe's daughter Sophie comes running down stairs.]

SOPHIE: Shannon!

SHANNON: Hey, Sophie. [Gives her a big hug. Looks up at young boy hiding behind bannister shyly.] Oh, and you must be Laurent?

PHILIPPE: Laurent, say hello to mademoiselle Shannon. Sois gentil, fais-lui un petit sourire. [To Shannon] He's a bit shy.

SHANNON: I understand. [To boy] C'est bien. [Smiles to Philippe] That's about the extent of my French.

PHILIPPE: Well, don't worry, we'll work on your French together. [Looks lecherous until his wife walks up.] Dominique, my wife.

DOMINIQUE: Bonsoir, Shannon. Welcome. We're very glad to have you here.

SHANNON: Thank you, for the opportunity.

[Shannon and Philippe exchange a look, Dominique appears unaware.]

Special Delivery

Special Delivery

Deleted from "The Other 48 Days"

[The tail section beach: Tailies are running along the shoreline, where they have spotted a large wooden crate with the outline of Australia on it washing ashore. Bernard and others are using a stick to cut off the strap and pry it open. Libby runs up with the children, who look hungry.]

EMMA: Do you think it's food?

ZACK: I hope it's food.

[The contents are removed, and they are packages containing boomerangs, labeled "Australian Returning Boomerang". The Tailies exchange bewildered and very disappointed looks with one another.]

Ana Lucia's Prisoner

Deleted from "Collision"

[Ana Lucia and the Tailies are walking around Sayid, who is tied to a tree (after Shannon was shot). Ana Lucia walks off, and Sayid is struggling with his bonds.]

LIBBY: [Nervously whispering] Hi, I'm Libby.

SAYID: I'm Sayid, please untie me.

LIBBY: I can't, I can't, I can't right now.

[Sayid groans as he continues to struggle hard against his bonds.]

LIBBY: Ana Lucia, she thinks you're going to kill her. [Silent pause.] You're supposed to say "That's ridiculous." [Sayid stares back coldly, in silence.] I'm really sorry... the woman... the woman who...

SAYID: Her name is Shannon.

LIBBY: Shannon. You need to know that it was a mistake. An accident. Ana Lucia, deep down, she's a good person.

SAYID: If she is such a good person, why are you afraid to untie me?

[Libby is speechless.]

Libby & Claire

Deleted from "What Kate Did" or "The 23rd Psalm" (?)

[Claire is playing with Aaron on the main beach. Libby is nearby watching her; Claire looks over.]



LIBBY: I'm Libby.

CLAIRE: Claire. You uh, want some water?

LIBBY: Yeah, love some. [Claire hands her a water bottle.] Thank you. Your son, he's beautiful!

CLAIRE: Yeah, he is, isn't he?

LIBBY: You wanna hear something weird? You're wearing my shirt. [Claire looks down at her light blue shirt, surprised.] Looks good on you! You keep it.

CLAIRE: [Giggles] Thanks.


Deleted from "The 23rd Psalm"

[Michael walks into the Swan living quarters, where Locke is cleaning up (this scene follows a previous episode where Michael saw what he believed was Walt's typing on the computer).]


LOCKE: Hey yourself. Long time no see. I thought it was Kate and Hurley's shift?

MICHAEL: Oh yeah, Kate asked me to switch with her. Hurley's right behind me.

LOCKE: You know the drill.

MICHAEL: Every 108 minutes, yup. Hey, can I ask you a question, John?

LOCKE: Sure.

MICHAEL: Do you think it's possible this place is connected to those other stations? You know, from the room?

LOCKE: Some of this stuff probably predates the internet. Then again, what do I know. Why do you ask?

MICHAEL: Oh, just seems, all this equipment, just put numbers in a computer, it's got to be connected to something, doesn't it?

LOCKE: You do know, don't you Michael, that the computer can't be used for anything other than entering the code.

MICHAEL: Course. Sure, I was just... curious, you know?

LOCKE: You want me to stay here until Hurley gets here? Play ping pong?

MICHAEL: No. I'm good.

LOCKE: Alright. I'll leave you to it.

[Locke packs up and leaves, and then Michael stops smiling, and looks at the computer, which the camera focuses on.]

I Need to Know

Deleted from "The 23rd Psalm"

[Sayid is sitting on the beach alone. Claire walks by with Aaron in her arms and cautiously sits down on a rock which is next to him, but some distance away.]

CLAIRE: Hi. [Sayid looks at her.] Can I ask you a question?

SAYID: Yes, of course.

CLAIRE: When you and Charlie went into the jungle, to get Aaron, Charlie found a Virgin Mary statue. Did he know there were drugs inside?

SAYID: Why are you asking me this, Claire?

CLAIRE: Because... I need to know. He's been looking after my baby, Sayid.


Deleted from "The 23rd Psalm". This deleted scene was featured on the Best Buy bonus disc DVD and Blu-ray Disc set.

[In the Hatch. Kate is looking for something in a storage cabinet.]

JACK: [Walking from behind] Hey.

KATE: [Stands to look at him] Hey.

JACK: You looking for something?

KATE: Yeah, uh, some scissors.

[Jack walks over and opens a drawer on the cabinet.]

JACK: Oh, uh, if you see Sawyer, tell him I need to change the dressing on his shoulder.

KATE: Yeah. Yeah, sure.

JACK: Thanks, see ya.

[Jack leaves. Kate gives a strange look.]

The Doctor's Solution

Deleted from "Fire + Water"

[Eko is sitting up against a tree, carving something on some animal hide or bark with a sharp rock (not visible what). Ana Lucia walks up and squats down next to him.]

Ana Lucia: You can use a pen for that, you know. I'm sure someone here could lend you one.

EKO: I don't want to use a pen.

[Ana Lucia pats him on the back. Eko smiles and gives her some fruit.]

Ana Lucia: I've been talking to the doctor. He wants to go after them.

EKO: After who?

Ana Lucia: Them.

EKO: Why?

Ana Lucia: Do we really need a reason? After all they did to us?

EKO: So your solution--the doctor's solution--is to attack? And then what? For the most part, they have left these people alone. Perhaps, we are safe here.

Ana Lucia: What happened to the man who killed two of them with his bare hands?

EKO: He is right here, sitting beside a tree, and talking to you.

What's Your Story?

What's Your Story?

Deleted from "Fire + Water"

[Libby and Hurley are in the Swan, doing laundry (scene right after uncut scene where Libby tried on the tube top).]

HURLEY: Oh, uh... I think these are yours. [Hands Libby a white lacey thong.]

LIBBY: Sure they're not yours? [Smiles. The two are folding laundry.]

HURLEY: So, what do you do? You know, before.

LIBBY: I'm a shrink. I specialize in marriage and family counseling.

HURLEY: So, you make hyper kids hit stuff with nerf bats?

LIBBY: [Sarcastic and smiling] That's EXACTLY what I do.

HURLEY: So, are you married?

LIBBY: Nope. But I was. Several times.

HURLEY: How many is several?

LIBBY: Well, if the annulments count, then three. [Hurley gives her a look.] Hey. At least now I know what NOT to do. [Hurley laughs.]

LIBBY: OK, now it's your turn. What's the Hurley story?

HURLEY: Uh, I've had a bunch of jobs. Mostly... dealing with chicken. And, and I kind of won the lottery.

LIBBY: Really? How much did you win?

HURLEY: 114 million. [Libby looks shocked.] But now I'm worth like, 156 million, because of like, investments and stuff.

LIBBY: Oh, that's amazing.

HURLEY: Uh... you believe me?

LIBBY: Yeah. Why would anyone lie about something like that?

[Libby continues folding clothes while Hurley is thinking in silence.]

HURLEY: Libby, would you like to... take a walk sometime? With me I mean?

LIBBY: [Pauses] Promise not to step on my foot?

HURLEY: Well, yeah. Of course not.

LIBBY: [Smiles] Then, I'd love to.

[Both exchange furtive glances at one another and continue folding.]

Locke's Father*

Deleted from "Lockdown"

[Flashback to Anthony Cooper's funeral planning: Locke, Father Chuck and Helen are walking through the graveyard towards the funeral site.]

FATHER CHUCK: What can you tell me about your father?

LOCKE: Well, he was an outdoorsman, he loved to hunt.

FATHER CHUCK: I understand he was successful. Any favorite charities?

HELEN: I seriously doubt it.

LOCKE: Helen.

FATHER CHUCK: Where did he grow up? What was his family like?

LOCKE: Um, I'm sorry, I wish... I really don't know all the details. I'm sorry Father, I really didn't know him very well.

FATHER CHUCK: Don't worry. It'll be a lovely service.

[Father Chuck walks off, and Locke and Helen exchange a look.]


Deleted from "S.O.S."

[Jack is talking with Sayid (who is fixing electronics on the beach) about the plan to do a prisoner exchange: Ben for Michael and Walt.]

JACK: This plan is to get Walt back.

SAYID: I'm not questioning your intentions. It's your mission I believe to be foolish.

JACK: So I guess we should just keep on firing bullets past Henry's head, huh.

SAYID: His name is not Henry. And if you release him, you send him back with information that could expose our weaknesses...

JACK: Our weaknesses?

SAYID: He knows too much--

JACK: He doesn't know anything!

SAYID: [Raising voice] He knows me, he knows you, he knows Locke! He knows we cannot agree on anything! And that, Jack, is a weakness.

[Jack walks away in frustration.]

Are You All Right?

Deleted from "S.O.S."

[Rose is cooking with a pan on the beach and Sun walks up. This scene follows the argument between Rose and Bernard over the SOS sign.]

SUN: It smells delicious.

ROSE: [Laughs] You've been here a long time if powdered eggs rate delicious.

SUN: I just wanted to... Are you alright, Rose? At the beach, you and Bernard?

ROSE: Oh, Bernard. Bernard just cannot keep himself still. You know men, always looking for something to do.

SUN: I know, Jin went with him.

ROSE: Well, I guess we shouldn't complain if it gets them out of our hair. [Sun smiles.] So, how you feeling?

SUN: [Feeling her belly] Some days... Today's good. Do you have any children, Rose?

ROSE: I did. A daughter. She passed.

SUN: I'm so sorry.

ROSE: It's OK. Some things, you just... Well, some things, in life, you just can't do anything about, can you?

SUN: Is that why you said that? About false hope?

ROSE: [Changing her tone, realizing that Sun is thinking of her pregnancy] Oh, honey, that was nothing. You just keep on hoping. There's nothing false about it. And we're going to be just fine. Promise.

[The two hug, Sun smiles. Rose continues to look worried.]

I Miss...

Deleted from "Two for the Road"

[Libby and Hurley are jogging on the beach, Hurley with great effort.]

LIBBY: I miss my bathtub.

HURLEY: I miss my hog.

LIBBY: You had a motorcycle?

HURLEY: No, I had a pot-bellied pig. His name was Chester.

LIBBY: I miss music. The perfect song, you know, that matches your mood?

HURLEY: Dude, there's a whole record collection at the Hatch. Let's go.

LIBBY: There's also a prisoner down there. It's kind of a mood-killer, you know?

HURLEY: Oh yeah, good point.

LIBBY: Hey, Hurley, will you excuse me for a minute? Thanks.

[Libby walks off. Hurley is exhausted, catching breath.]