This article contains episode summaries for the first season of Lost.

Season summary[]

In the U.S., original episodes of season one aired between September 22, 2004, and May 25, 2005. For airdates on other networks, and in other countries, see: Airdates.

Principal cast[]

In order of character appearances

*Only credited in the episodes she appeared in, until "Outlaws" when she became a full series regular.

Recurring cast[]

In order of character appearances

* Christian Shephard appeared in "Walkabout", but was not portrayed by John Terry. (Walkabout audio commentary)

Claire's status[]

Emilie de Ravin was initially billed as a guest star in press releases and only credited on-screen when she appeared (through "Hearts and Minds"), leaving the actual initial main cast of the show at 13 actors instead of 14. Emilie became a full series regular after the show was picked up for a full season.[1] The first episode of the pickup after the initial 13-episode order, "Special", not coincidentally featured the return of Claire. Emilie was subsequently credited on-screen even when she did not appear and was bumped up to main cast billing in press releases.


Main plot points[]

Season 1 concentrated on the middle-section survivors and their fight for survival and rescue. Major plot points included:

  • Finding a suitable camp location.
  • Investigating the Island (searching for food and water, discovering the caves, and learning about the Black Rock).
  • Confrontations with The Monster.
  • Getting to know and trust each other (see especially Kate, Locke, Sawyer, and Jin).
    • There is a relatively long-standing animosity between Michael and Jin: the latter attacked the former in order to get his watch back, which Michael had found in the wreckage of the plane.
    • The survivors (especially Jack and Shannon) begin to question Locke's intentions due to his lie about Boone's injury and consequent death.
  • Trying to leave the island
  • Hunting for Claire, after she was taken by the Others.
  • Opening the Hatch found by Locke and Boone.
  • Started to tell the survivors' story by introducing and using Flashbacks.

Season plot summary[]

On September 22, 2004, a plane breaks apart in mid-air, scattering survivors on a remote island somewhere in the South Pacific. Forty-eight of these survivors, after the initial shock passes, attempt to set up a camp and figure out where they are but are disturbed by loud roaring noises and crashing trees emanating from the nearby jungle.

Three of the survivors, Jack, Kate, and Charlie, set out to find the plane's cockpit. An injured pilot tells them that the plane had lost radio contact six hours after takeoff, turned back for Fiji, and hit turbulence. The plane was a thousand miles off course when it crashed. The Monster rips the pilot from the cockpit, consequently killing him, and the remaining three run for the beach.

Jack, a spinal surgeon from Los Angeles, discovers a mugshot of Kate, with whom he has begun a close friendship. After initial mistrust and the death of the Marshal, whom he tries to save, both of them agree to start afresh.

One of the survivors, a former Iraqi Republican Guard communications officer named Sayid, attempts to repair the transceiver from the plane. A few survivors (Sayid, Boone, Shannon, Charlie, Kate, and Sawyer) trek high into the mountains in an attempt to get a signal and are attacked by a polar bear along the way. When they finally do turn on the transceiver, they learn that its signal is being blocked by a transmission of a woman's voice speaking in French, which Shannon translates as: "I'm alone now, on the island alone. Please someone come. The others are dead. It killed them. It killed them all." The message repeats with an automated count implying, according to Sayid's calculation, that it has been repeating for over sixteen years and five months. Coupled with the pilot's last words, the survivors' hopes of rescue are dampened; and despite the group trying to keep the discovery undercover, the news spreads through the camp throughout the first few days.

When food supplies run low, Locke leads the first hunting party for boar. As Kate's resourcefulness comes in handy, Michael and Walt, father and son, struggle to get along. On the sixth day, a woman drowns, and a young man named Boone tries to prove his worth. Jack goes on a spiritual quest when he begins to see visions of his deceased father on the island, and begins a science versus faith conflict with Locke. Eventually, the group of survivors split in half, whilst a few moved inland to a cluster of caves with fresh water and protection. Others stayed at the beach in hopes of rescue, and they moved once again when the tide began to carry the wreckage of the plane into the sea. Jack becomes the de facto leader. Intense rivalries emerge when disagreements on allocation of supplies becomes an issue, especially between Jack, Sayid and Sawyer. As conflict comes to head, Sawyer is tortured and then accidentally stabbed in the arm by Sayid, who then leaves the camp in shame for hurting Sawyer.He begins a journey of walking down the beach alone, telling Jack not to come after him.

Sayid finds a cable running out of the ocean and into the jungle. When he follows it, he encounters Danielle Rousseau, the French-speaking woman from the repeating transmission. She tells Sayid how she came to be on the Island, and implies she killed those she arrived with. Sayid eventually escapes with some of her papers, with potential knowledge of a group of hostile individuals, The Others, on the Island, who kidnapped Rousseau's baby daughter. Over the course of the season, Rousseau has other intermittent contact with the survivors.

Trying his best to make life on the island as comfortable as possible, Hurley conducts a census of the survivors when Claire is seemingly attacked 2 nights in a row, and discovers that one of their castaways, Ethan Rom, is not on the passenger manifest. Ethan kidnaps the pregnant Claire and Charlie, and attempts to hang Charlie after being chased by survivors, but he's rescued by Jack and Kate. Two weeks later, Locke finds Claire stumbling through the jungle, completely distraught with amnesia. This starts many confrontations between the survivors and the Others, which, in turn, leads to the death of one other survivor and Ethan himself, whom Charlie kills for revenge.

There are fleeting confrontations with polar bears, the Monster and Danielle Rousseau. Violence is sporadic, but the survivors' close-knit society is held together due to the de facto leader Jack, the level-headed Kate, Sayid and Hurley, along with distant hunter Locke, who appears to have some supporters among the survivors despite disagreements with Jack, such as the young couple Charlie and Claire, and Boone. However, Locke begins to converse with Walt and teaches him to throw knives, angering his protective father Michael. Sun eventually reveals she speaks English, causing a momentary lapse of trust in her husband, Jin.

After two weeks, Locke and Boone discover a mysterious hatch on the ground with no handle, and Locke become obsessed about what may be inside. Under the guise of unsuccessful boar hunting, they spend many days covertly pondering and excavating it. While exploring the island, Locke and Boone also discover a Beechcraft lodged on the side of a cliff. Boone climbs up the cliff into the plane. Inside, he finds a radio and sends a distress call. A male voice answers, "Is someone out there?" to which Boone responds, "We are the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815." The voice replies, "We're the survivors of 815." The Beechcraft then falls from the cliff and badly injures Boone. Locke takes Boone back to the camp, but Jack is unable to save his life. At the same time, Claire goes into labor and Kate delivers the baby.

Michael decides to build a raft to escape with his son Walt, and they are joined by Sawyer and Jin. In the first night after launching, they are surprised and initially delighted to encounter another boat, but it turns out to carry a group of the Others who demand that Walt be handed over to them. In the ensuing chaos, the raft is destroyed, Sawyer is shot, and Walt is kidnapped.

Rousseau leads a party of survivors to the Black Rock, a wooden ship in the middle of the island, containing a cache of dynamite which can be used to open the hatch. Along the way, one of them is chased by The Monster, manifested as a black cloud, which Rousseau calls the island's "security system." Jack and Locke bring the dynamite back to the hatch, and use it to force open the hatch door to look inside. The season ends with them looking down into the darkness of the shaft below.

Main Characters[]

Many of the character's lives before the crash are explored, and they are detailed here:

  • Jack Shephard is a spinal surgeon living in Los Angeles, who has had a strained relationship with his alcoholic father (who also happens to be a doctor), especially after Jack "betrayed" him. Jack was married to a woman named Sarah, after fixing her when her car crashed.
  • Kate Austen is a fugitive from the law, but the true reason why she ran is not known until later. After her childhood love dies because of her, she goes to great lengths to retrieve his favorite toy from a bank in New Mexico, but is then apprehended by the Marshal in Australia.
  • James "Sawyer" Ford is a con man whose life was ravaged by a con man, from whom he takes his name. Sawyer constantly hunts for his revenge for the death of his parents.
  • Charlie Pace is a rock star based in Great Britain; however, his domineering brother caused him to get involved with drugs.
  • Sayid Jarrah is a communications officer in the Iraqi Republican Guard who tortured suspects for information. Sayid saved Nadia, his childhood love, and has been searching for her for seven years.
  • John Locke was paralyzed from the waist downwards before the crash, but was healed by the island, which has restored his faith and vigor for life. It's unknown how he became paralyzed, but his father conned him for his kidney.
  • Hugo "Hurley" Reyes is a multimillionaire from Los Angeles after winning the lottery with The Numbers: 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42. However, he believes they are a curse that brings bad luck.
  • Michael Dawson is a construction worker and part-time artist from New York. Susan, his partner, left him and took their son Walt with her. However, after her death, Walt was left in Michael's custody, after nine years of separation.
  • Walt Lloyd is a young boy who lived most of his life on the move with his mother. Walt preferred his step-father to Michael, which caused a potential rift between them on the island.
  • Sun-Hwa Kwon is a housewife from Korea, who is married to Jin. Her father owns Paik Heavy Industries and employs Jin to do terrible things, putting a strain on their marriage. Sun plans to leave her changed husband.
  • Jin-Soo Kwon is an employee of his father-in-law's company, which leads him to do terrible things that put a strain on his marriage with Sun, who he only wants to provide for.
  • Boone Carlyle was the COO of a wedding company his mother owned. Boone saved his stepsister from an abusive boyfriend in Australia, only to be conned for money. Boone had always loved Shannon, and they had a one-night stand before they boarded the plane.
  • Shannon Rutherford Boone's stepsister, a selfish girl who uses people, including her brother, to get what she wants.
  • Claire Littleton is a fast-food worker from Australia who became pregnant eight months before the flight, but the father left her early in the pregnancy. A psychic prophesied that her baby will be in danger if he's not raised by her alone.

Note 1: Shannon Rutherford, although a main character, was devoid of a flashback episode dedicated to her and her alone, she still has a mini flashback in "Exodus part 1". Note 2: Many connections between the survivors before the island become increasingly apparent later in the season.

Episode summaries[]

Pilot, Part 1

Pilot, Part 1
See main article: "Pilot, Part 1" (Transcript)

Episode number: 01

Original air date: September 22nd, 2004

Flashback: Jack Shephard

Written by: Jeffrey Lieber, Damon Lindelof and J.J. Abrams

Directed by: J.J. Abrams

Plot: During a routine trip from Sydney, Australia, to Los Angeles, Oceanic Flight 815 is blown off course and crashes on a remote, deserted island. Convinced that rescue is coming soon, the surviving passengers set up camp on the beach and try to make the most of what they think will only be a short time on the island. One of the 48 survivors, Dr. Jack Shephard, suggests that they find the transceiver in the front of the plane so they can radio for help. But when a terrifying howl comes from the jungle, it becomes apparent that this is no ordinary island.

Guest starring: Fredric Lehne as Marshal Edward Mars, L. Scott Caldwell as Rose


Pilot, Part 2

Pilot, Part 2
See main article: "Pilot, Part 2" (Transcript)

Episode number: 02

Original air date: September 29th, 2004

Flashback: Charlie Pace and Kate Austen

Written by: Jeffrey Lieber, Damon Lindelof and J.J. Abrams

Directed by: J.J. Abrams

Plot: The discovery of a transceiver among the plane's wreckage and the thought that rescue could be imminent temporarily raises the castaways' spirits. And the island's mysteries continue to baffle with the discovery of handcuffs, a gun and an animal that shouldn't be able to survive in a tropical climate.

Guest starring: Fredric Lehne as Marshal Edward Mars, L. Scott Caldwell as Rose

Normal pilot01

Tabula Rasa

Tabula Rasa
See main article: "Tabula Rasa" (Transcript)

Episode number: 03

Original air date: October 6th, 2004

Flashback: Kate Austen

Written by: Damon Lindelof

Directed by: Jack Bender

Plot: Jack and Hurley discover an alarming secret about Kate, as the marshal's life hangs in the balance. Meanwhile Kate, Charlie, Sawyer, Sayid, Boone and Shannon ponder the island's mysteries they've uncovered and worry that telling the other survivors will cause panic, and Locke's befriending of Walt disturbs Michael.

Guest starring: Fredric Lehne as Marshal Edward Mars, and Nick Tate as Ray Mullen.



See main article: "Walkabout" (Transcript)

Episode number: 04

Original air date: October 13, 2004

Flashback: John Locke

Written by: David Fury

Directed by: Jack Bender

Plot: Survivors are jolted awake in the middle of the night when wild island beasts invade the beach encampment. Kate and Michael join the mysterious Locke on a hunt for food - and a shocking secret about Locke is revealed. Meanwhile, some survivors are horrified by Jack's plan for the dead bodies still scattered among the wreckage, and Jack sees someone in the jungle who might not have been on the plane.

Guest starring: L. Scott Caldwell as Rose


White Rabbit

White Rabbit
See main article: "White Rabbit" (Transcript)

Episode number: 05

Original air date: October 20, 2004

Flashback: Jack Shephard

Written by: Christian Taylor

Directed by: Kevin Hooks

Plot: Jack is near delirious from lack of sleep and struggles to overcome the haunting events that brought him to Australia and, subsequently, to the island. Meanwhile, Boone gets caught in a treacherous riptide, the pregnant Claire's health takes a bad turn, and a thief may have stolen the last bottles of water.

Guest starring: John Terry as Dr. Christian Shephard, Veronica Hamel as Margo Shephard


House of the Rising Sun

House of the Rising Sun
See main article: "House of the Rising Sun" (Transcript)

Episode number: 06

Original air date: October 27, 2004

Flashback: Sun-Hwa Kwon

Written by: Javier Grillo-Marxuach

Directed by: Michael Zinberg

Plot: Walt and the others are shocked when Michael is brutally beaten, but only the non-English-speaking Jin and Sun know the truth behind the attack. Meanwhile Kate, Jack, Sawyer and Sayid argue about where the survivors should camp -- on the beach, where they're more likely to be seen, or in a remote inland valley where fresh water abounds; and Locke discovers Charlie's secret.


The Moth

The Moth
See main article: "The Moth" (Transcript)

Episode number: 07

Original air date: November 3, 2004

Flashback: Charlie Pace

Written by: Jennifer Johnson and Paul Dini

Directed by: Jack Bender

Plot: Charlie begins a painful journey of withdrawal from drugs, surprisingly aided by Locke, whose true motive for helping Charlie is a mystery. Meanwhile, survivors struggle to find and free Jack when he's buried alive in a cave collapse, and someone might be secretly thwarting Sayid, Kate, and Boone when they enact a plan to find the source of the French transmission.

Guest starring: Neil Hopkins as Liam Pace


Confidence Man

Confidence Man
See main article: "Confidence Man" (Transcript)

Episode number: 08

Original air date: November 10, 2004

Flashback: James "Sawyer" Ford

Written by: Damon Lindelof

Directed by: Tucker Gates

Plot: When Shannon suffers an asthma attack, Jack and Sayid realize brutality might be the only way to convince Sawyer to relinquish the life-saving medicine he's hoarding. Meanwhile, Sun struggles to decide if she'll obey husband Jin's orders to stay out of others' affairs, and Kate uncovers some shocking secrets about Sawyer.

Guest starring: Kristin Richardson as Jessica, Michael DeLuise as David



See main article: "Solitary" (Transcript)

Episode number: 09

Original air date: November 17, 2004

Flashback: Sayid Jarrah

Written by: David Fury

Directed by: Greg Yaitanes

Plot: Sayid's life is placed in grave danger after he stumbles upon the source of the mysterious French transmission. Meanwhile, Hurley has a ridiculous plan to make life on the island a little more civilized - and it just might work.

Guest starring: Mira Furlan as Danielle Rousseau, William Mapother as Ethan Rom, Andrea Gabriel as Nadia, Navid Negahban as Omar, Scott Paulin as Sullivan, and Xavier Alaniz as Falah.


Raised by Another

Raised by Another
See main article: "Raised by Another" (Transcript)

Episode number: 10

Original air date: December 1, 2004

Flashback: Claire Littleton

Written by: Lynn E. Litt

Directed by: Marita Grabiak

Plot: Jack, Kate and Charlie wonder if Claire's disturbing nightmares might be coming true to threaten her life and the life of her unborn child, and a missing castaway returns with frightening news about what lies just beyond the mountains.

Guest starring: William Mapother as Ethan Rom, Nick Jameson as Richard Malkin , Keir O'Donnell as Thomas, Lisa Fraser as Arlene Stewart, Barry Whitfield as Mr. Slavitt, and Jenny Chang as Rachel.


All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues

All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues
See main article: "All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues" (Transcript)

Episode number: 11

Original air date: December 8, 2004

Flashback: Jack Shephard

Written by: Javier Grillo-Marxuach

Directed by: Stephen Williams

Plot: Survivors wonder why Charlie and the pregnant Claire have been abducted - and by whom - and a search party ventures into the treacherous jungle to try to find and rescue the missing duo. Meanwhile, inner-demons about his father resurface for Jack, and Boone and Locke discover another island mystery.

Guest starring: John Terry as Dr. Christian Shephard, William Mapother as Ethan Rom, Jackie Maraya as Andrea, Matt Moore as Husband, Mark Stitham as Head Doctor, and Michael Adamshick as Anesthesiologist.


Whatever the Case May Be

Whatever the Case May Be
See main article: "Whatever the Case May Be" (Transcript)

Episode number: 12

Original air date: January 5, 2005

Flashback: Kate Austen

Written by: Damon Lindelof and Jennifer Johnson

Directed by: Jack Bender

Plot: Jack, Kate and Sawyer fight over possession of a newly discovered locked metal briefcase which might contain insights into Kate's mysterious past. Meanwhile, Sayid asks a reluctant Shannon to translate notes he took from the French woman, a rising tide threatens to engulf the fuselage and the entire beach encampment, and Rose and a grieving Charlie tentatively bond over Claire's baffling disappearance.

Guest starring: L. Scott Caldwell as Rose, Tim Halligan as Mark Hutton, Victor Browne as Jason, Michael M. Vendrell as Trucker, Achilles Gacis as Six Foot Five, and Dezmond Gilla as Baseball Hat.


Hearts and Minds

Hearts and Minds
See main article: "Hearts and Minds" (Transcript)

Episode number: 13

Original air date: January 12, 2005

Flashback: Boone Carlyle

Written by: Carlton Cuse and Javier Grillo-Marxuach

Directed by: Rod Holcomb

Plot: When Locke learns that Boone wants to tell their "secret" to Shannon, Shannon's life is placed in sudden peril, and the shocking truth about her past with Boone is revealed. Meanwhile, Kate is puzzled by Sun's mysterious behavior, and a hungry Hurley must repay a debt to Jin.

Guest starring: Charles Mesure as Bryan, Kelly Rice as Nicole, and Adam Leadbeater as Malcolm.



See main article: "Special" (Transcript)

Episode number: 14

Original air date: January 19, 2005

Flashback: Michael Dawson and Walt Lloyd

Written by: David Fury

Directed by: Greg Yaitanes

Plot: Violence ensues and a mysterious island beast makes a re-appearance when Michael and Locke clash over Walt's upbringing. Meanwhile, Charlie is tempted to read the missing Claire's diary.

Guest starring: Tamara Taylor as Susan Lloyd-Porter, David Starzyk as Brian Porter, Monica Garcia as Nurse, and Natasha Goss as Dagne.



See main article: "Homecoming" (Transcript)

Episode number: 15

Original air date: February 9, 2005

Flashback: Charlie Pace

Written by: Damon Lindelof

Directed by: Kevin Hooks

Plot: After the missing Claire returns with no recollection of what has happened since before the doomed flight of Oceanic 815, Jack and Locke formulate a plan of defense against her kidnapper, the mysterious Ethan, who threatens to kill off the other survivors unless Claire is returned to him.

Guest starring: Sally Strecker as Lucy Heatherton, Jim Piddock as Francis Heatherton, William Mapother as Ethan Rom, Darren Richardson as Tommy, and Eric Griffith as Buyer.



See main article: "Outlaws" (Transcript)

Episode number: 16

Original air date: February 16, 2005

Flashback: James "Sawyer" Ford

Written by: Drew Goddard

Directed by: Jack Bender

Plot: Kate and Sawyer divulge dark secrets to each other while tracking a renegade boar that Sawyer swears is purposely harassing him. Meanwhile, Hurley and Sayid worry that Charlie is losing it after his brush with death, and a shocking, prior connection between Sawyer and Jack is revealed.

Guest starring: Robert Patrick as Hibbs, John Terry as Dr. Christian Shephard, Jeff Perry as Frank Duckett, Stewart Finlay-McLennan as Laurence, Susse Budde as Mom, Brittany Perrineau as Mary Jo, Alex Mason as Bartender, and Gordon Hardie as Young Sawyer.


...In Translation

...In Translation
See main article: "...In Translation" (Transcript)

Episode number: 17

Original air date: February 23, 2005

Flashback: Jin-Soo Kwon

Written by: Javier Grillo-Marxuach and Leonard Dick

Directed by: Tucker Gates

Plot: When the raft the survivors have been building mysteriously burns down, Michael is convinced that Jin is responsible for the sabotage, which only further escalates their rivalry. Meanwhile, Sun stuns her fellow survivors with a surprising revelation, and Boone gives Sayid a warning about Shannon.

Guest starring: Byron Chung as Mr. Paik, John Shin as Mr. Kwon, Joey Yu as Byung Han, Chil Kong as White Suit, Angelica Perreira as Miss Han, Kiya Lee as Mrs. Han, Tess Young as Best Friend, and John Choi as Butler.



See main article: "Numbers" (Transcript)

Episode number: 18

Original air date: March 2, 2005

Flashback: Hugo "Hurley" Reyes

Written by: David Fury and Brent Fletcher

Directed by: Daniel Attias

Plot: When Hurley becomes obsessed with the French woman and heads into the jungle to find her, Jack, Sayid and Charlie have no choice but to follow. Meanwhile, Locke asks Claire to help build a mysterious item.

Guest starring: Mira Furlan as Danielle Rousseau, Lillian Hurst as Carmen Reyes, Jayne Taini as Martha Toomey, Ron Marasco as Ken Halperin, Ron Bottitta as Leonard Simms, Dann Seki as Dr. Curtis, Archie Ahuna as Tito Reyes, Derrick Bulatao as Diego Reyes, Achilles Gacis as Orderly, Brittany Perrineau as Mary Jo, Maya Pruett as Nurse, Joy Minaai as Reporter, and Michael Adamshick as Lottery Official.

1X18 HurleyTicket

Deux Ex Machina

Deus Ex Machina
See main article: "Deus Ex Machina" (Transcript)

Episode number: 19

Original air date: March 30, 2005

Flashback: John Locke

Written by: Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse

Directed by: Robert Mandel

Plot: Locke begins to suffer physical difficulties as he and Boone try to find a way into the hatch; Jack is reluctant to offer assistance when Sawyer begins to experience excruciating headaches.

Guest starring: Kevin Tighe as Anthony Cooper, Swoosie Kurtz as Emily Locke, George O'Hanlon as Eddie, Lawrence Mandley as Frainey, Tyler Burns Laudowicz as Kid, and Julie Ow as Nurse.


Do No Harm

Do No Harm
See main article: "Do No Harm" (Transcript)

Episode number: 20

Original air date: April 6, 2005

Flashback: Jack Shephard

Written by: Janet Tamaro

Directed by: Stephen Williams

Plot: Claire goes into labor while a helpless Charlie goes into panic mode. Meanwhile Locke is missing, Jack tends to a wounded survivor and Sayid presents Shannon with a romantic surprise

Guest starring: John Terry as Dr. Christian Shephard, Julie Bowen as Sarah Shephard, Zack Ward as Marc Silverman, John Tilton as Tux Shop Owner, and Clarence Logan as Minister


Lost: The Journey

Lost: The Journey
See main article: Lost: The Journey (N/A)

Episode number: N/A

Original air date: April 27, 2005

Flashback: N/A

Written by: Clip Show

Directed by: Clip Show

Plot: Flashbacks of the core characters illustrating who they were and what they were doing before the crash, a look at the island itself, and a preview of the big season finale.

Guest starring: N/A

Lost the journey

The Greater Good

The Greater Good
See main article: "The Greater Good" (Transcript)

Episode number: 21

Original air date: May 4, 2005

Flashback: Sayid Jarrah

Written by: Leonard Dick

Directed by: David Grossman

Plot: After burying one of their own, tempers flare as the castaways' suspicions of each other grow -- and an unlikely survivor vows revenge. Meanwhile, Claire and Charlie struggle to calm her newborn.

Guest starring: Donnie Keshawarz as Essam Tasir, Jenny Gago as Agent Alyssa Cole, Dariush Kashani as Haddad, David Patterson as Agent Robbie Hewitt, Warren Kundis as Imam, and Ali Shaheed Amini as Yusef.


Born to Run

Born to Run
See main article: "Born to Run" (Transcript)

Episode number: 22

Original air date: May 11, 2005

Flashback: Kate Austen

Written by: Javier Grillo-Marxuach

Directed by: Tucker Gates

Plot: Jack suspects foul play when Michael becomes violently ill while building the raft. Meanwhile a secret from Kate's past is revealed, the mysterious hatch is shown to a few of the survivors, and Walt gives Locke a warning.

Guest starring: Mackenzie Astin as Tom Brennan, Beth Broderick as Diane Janssen, Daniel Roebuck as Leslie Arzt, Anosh Yaqoob as Sanjay, Tamara Lynch as Nurse, Scott Rogers as Wheeler, Skye McCole Bartusiak as Young Kate, and Carter Jenkins as Young Tom.


Exodus, Part 1

Exodus, Part 1
See main article: "Exodus, Part 1" (Transcript)

Episode number: 23

Original air date: May 18, 2005

Flashback: Walt Lloyd, Jack Shephard, James "Sawyer" Ford, Kate Austen, Shannon Rutherford and Sun-Hwa Kwon

Written by: Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof

Directed by: Jack Bender

Plot: The French woman -- Rousseau -- shocks the survivors by showing up with a dire warning about "the Others." Meanwhile, Michael and Jin ready the raft for sailing.

Guest starring: Mira Furlan as Danielle Rousseau, Fredric Lehne as Marshal Edward Mars, Daniel Roebuck as Leslie Arzt, Michelle Rodriguez as Ana Lucia Cortez, Robert Frederick as Jeff, Wendy Braun as Gina, Christian Bowman as Steve Jenkins, Chard Hayward as Aussie Official, Kevin E. West as Detective Calderwood, and Mark "Ruz" Rusden as Airport Cop.

Normal exodus-promo033

Exodus, Part 2

Exodus, Parts 2 & 3
See main article: "Exodus, Parts 2 & 3" (Transcript)

Episode number: 24-25

Original air date: May 25, 2005.

Flashback: Jin-Soo Kwon, Charlie Pace, Michael Dawson, Hugo "Hurley" Reyes and John Locke

Written by: Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse

Directed by: Jack Bender

Plot: As the castaways brace themselves for an attack, Claire's baby is kidnapped, leading Charlie and Sayid on a dangerous chase into the jungle. While the threat of the Others bears down on the castaways, the raft crew continues their flight from the island - but when the hope of rescue appears on the horizon, they will soon learn that appearances can be deceiving. Charlie and Sayid stumble into a trap as they race to confront the kidnapper. Jack and Locke argue as they prepare to blow open the hatch. The raft crew is overjoyed to be discovered by a passing ship, but their elation is short-lived when they realize things are not what they appear. The hatch is opened, and what is inside it stuns the survivors.

Guest starring: Mira Furlan as Danielle Rousseau, Fredric Lehne as Marshal Edward Mars, Daniel Roebuck as Leslie Arzt, M.C. Gainey as Bearded Man, John Walcutt as Hawaiian Shirt, Robert Frederick as Jeff, Wendy Braun as Gina, Mark "Ruz" Rusden as Airport Cop, Suzanne Turner as Oceanic Ticket Agent, Mary Ann Teheny as Jenna, Michelle Arthur as Michelle, Jon Dixon as JD, Terasa Livingstone as Lily, Glenn Cannon as Old Scooter Man, and Mark "Kiwi" Kalaugher as Security Agent.



  • Jack, Kate, Charlie, Sawyer, Locke and Sayid are the only characters who have more than one centric episode solely for themselves (not including multi-centric or two-hour episodes).
  • Including multi-centric episodes, Kate is the only character to have two episodes centered around her in a row.
  • There are two multi-centric episodes, Pilot, Part 2 & Special, the former about Kate and Charlie while the ladder is about Michael & Walt.
  • Boone is the only character to have a centric episode (Hearts and Minds) and die in the season.
  • Kate thematically opens and closes the season, with having the first episode after the two-part season premiere and the first episode before the "Exodus, Part 1.
  • Although it is not revealed until "D.O.C.", Sun and Claire are pregnant at the same time for four episodes, beginning when Sun and Jin conceive around the time of "...In Translation", and concluding when Claire gives birth in "Do No Harm".


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