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Sean Douglas Hoban, also credited as Sean Douglas, portrayed one of the middle section background cast, one of the original 33 background survivors (passenger #4). He worked on the show from "Pilot, Part 1" until "The Shape of Things to Come". He also worked as a stand-in and stunt double for Dominic Monaghan for the role of Charlie (also his favorite character), because he was the same body type, hair color, and skin tone as Dominic. After auditioning for the part, Hoban received a speaking role as Doug, the first survivor to be killed in the attack on the Barracks by Redfern.

Sean Douglas Hoban (left), with Dominic Monaghan

Hoban then left the show, but expressed hopes to return in any way possible. (The Lostpedia Interview:Sean Douglas Hoban) Recently, on his MySpace, Hoban stated that he was auditioning for a part of unknown importance on the television show Knight Rider, in late October. He also appeared as an DHARMA Initiative extra driving a Jeep with other extras who also portrayed Flight 815 survivors [1].


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