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Arzt conducts some science on the Island. ("Exposé")

Much of the Lost mythos seems to be based upon science.


Season 1[]

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Season 5[]

  • Daniel Faraday tried to explain time travel in pedestrian terms to Sawyer. ("Because You Left")
  • Daniel used his knowledge of hydrogen bombs to try to disable Jughead. ("Jughead")
  • Jin encountered Rousseau's science team. ("The Little Prince")  ("This Place Is Death")
  • When Locke explained his plan to use the frozen wheel to stop the time flashes, Daniel admitted that this defied known science. ("This Place Is Death")
  • Daniel explained to Jack and Kate his theory that a big enough variable difference in the past could change the course of the future. ("The Variable")

Season 6[]

Character name references[]

Character Notes

Daniel Faraday

* Daniel Faraday, a physicist in Lost, shared his last name with Michael Faraday (September 22, 1791 – August 25, 1867), an English physicist who researched electromagnetism.
Ms. Hawking

Eloise Hawking

* Eloise Hawking shared her last name with Stephen Hawking.

George Minkowski

* George Minkowski shared his last name with Hermann Minkowski.

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Literary works[]

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  • A Brief History of Time - Non-fiction book about astrophysics and theories on how the universe began (seen in Lost)


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The show has explored the science of psychology on several occasions:

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Comic Con 2006[]

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Damon Lindelof: And one of the first things we talked about the very first time we came was… the sort of idea of the show dancing between the supernatural and actual science. And, as far as the island’s healing abilities, Locke’s ability to walk, and the fact that Rose was cured… and many other sort of island mysteries, we’re going to be… it’s going to get a little scientific this year, which will be fairly cool. We want to be able to bounce between those sorts of ideas, between reality and fiction. So hopefully, you will be satisfied.

Fan 12: Well, thank you very much, and from the scientific community, I appreciate it.

Damon Lindelof: And we thank the scientific community. [Crowd laughs]

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