"Sayid After Dentist" is an orchestral piece on the Season 6 soundtrack.

Scene description

Sayid says he can no longer feel emotions. The Man in Black says this will protect him from what he'll have to do.

Once the Man has gone, Jin prepares to leave the camp against Sawyer's protests and find Sun. Almost immediately, darts knock them out. Zoe and Seamus arrive and kidnap Jin.


The piece plays Sayid's theme early on. It later includes the underwater motif and the theme from "Dharma Delinquent".

Title significance

The title likely references the internet video "David After Dentist", which had accumulated over 66 million views when the album was released. It features a boy recovering from anesthesia who, like Sayid, claims he can't feel anything. Even before the soundtrack's tracklist was released, a fan inserted footage of Sayid into this video.

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