Sayid Jarrah developed several relationships over the course of the series.


Ben vs. Sayid
Origin: Sayid captured Ben in the Swan and tortures him.
Prize: Pride. Ben used Sayid as a hit man, casually firing him after he was of no more use. Also, Sayid has a moral objection to Ben's atrocities and has sought justice against him.
Fuel: Sayid is the first of the survivors to meet Ben and he proceeds to drag him into the Swan and torture him for information since he is almost sure Ben is an Other, despite him saying he's not. ("One of Them") Once Sayid confirms personally that Ben is not who he says he is, by finding the body of the person Ben was claiming to be (Henry Gale), Sayid almost kills Ben, but is saved by Ana Lucia. ("Dave") Ben eventually escapes from the Hatch. ("Two for the Road") Once the Oceanic 6 make it off of the Island, Sayid meets Nadia again and marries her, but she is supposedly killed by Ishmael Bakir. Ben goes to Nadia's funeral and tells Sayid this, and Sayid proceeds to kill Bakir a few days later. Sayid then agrees to work for Ben, since Ben claims that Charles Widmore ordered the assassination. ("The Shape of Things to Come") Sayid grows to hate Ben and feels that he has been deceived into assassinating for Ben. ("The Economist") Sayid eventually leaves Ben under unknown circumstances. Sayid goes to Hurley to get him out of Santa Rosa before Ben is able to get to him. ("There's No Place Like Home, Part 2") Sayid warns Hurley to never trust Ben and do the opposite. ("Because You Left") This backfires when Ben goes to get Hurley, but Hurley then turns himself into the police so Ben couldn't get him. ("The Lie") Sayid also resents Ben classifying him as a killer by nature, dispite later acknowledging him to be right. Once in the past, he attempts to murder a 12 year old Ben ("He's Our You") and expresses no remorse for the crime afterwards ("Follow the Leader").
Resolved: No. Sayid nearly succeeded in killing Ben before Kate and Sawyer interfered. However, he took another opportunity to change the past when Jack told him about the plan to detonate the hydrogen bomb.
4x03 Ben helps Sayid


Boone vs. Sayid
Origin: Boone noticed Sayid's advances toward Shannon.
Prize: Shannon's affection.
Fuel: Boone confronted Sayid about his relationship with Shannon, and Sayid stood his ground.
Resolved: Yes. Locke convinced Boone to let go of Shannon's harmful influence in his life. Sayid ended up speaking highly of Boone at his funeral, voicing regret at not knowing the man more closely.

In their flash sideways, Boone showed complete comfort with Sayid and Shannon's relationship. He worked actively to reunite them, even taking a voluntary beating in the process.

Sayid and shannon


Charlie and Sayid
First Episode: "Pilot, Part 2"
Origin: Charlie accompanied Sayid on his early expedition to get a signal on his radio
Since Then: When Rousseau kidnapped Aaron, Charlie blamed Sayid and hit him. Sayid didn't fight back but just warned him against trying again. The two together tracked Rousseau and retrieved the baby. Some weeks later, Sayid interrogated an Other, and he told Charlie he did this because he remembered what Ethan did to him and Claire. The two together followed the prisoners' map to Henry Gale's balloon. Later, when Charlie and others discovered Naomi, he decided to trust Sayid with the news.


Danielle and Sayid
First Episode: "Solitary"
Origin: Sayid walked into one of Danielle's traps.
Since Then: Danielle tortured and interrogated Sayid, thinking him an Other. Even when he convinced her she was wrong, she tried to keep him against his will so she could touch him. She visited his camp after whispers warned her about the Others, and only talked when she saw him. She asked for him again later, when she trapped an Other. She helped Sayid, Kate and Locke navigate the island during their trip to the Barracks to rescue Jack. The two met last after Sayid entered the Barracks after while Locke controlled them. She held a gun to him, but she told him it was "nothing personal".
1x09 AStoryOfInsanity


Desmond and Sayid
First Episode: "Orientation"
Origin: Kate asked Sayid to fix Desmond's computer. He did so, asking few questions.
Since Then: Desmond tried to sail away but returned after a few weeks. He gladly gave Sayid his boat for a mission, thinking escape now impossible. The two later flew to the freighter together, where Sayid helped Desmond overcome his temporal displacement. They boarded the helicopter again to leave it, and Penny's boat rescued them after it crashed. Years later, both returned to the island, and Desmond convinced Sayid to reject the Man in Black. Right before he died, Sayid told Jack how to find Desmond, thinking Jack the next protector.

After death, Desmond helped Sayid escape police custody, sending him to Hurley to help awaken him.

6x11 ComeWithMe


Dogen vs. Sayid
Origin: Upon coming to the Temple, Dogen drowns Sayid in the spring in an attempt to heal his bullet wound from Roger Linus. After Sayid's resurrection, Dogen tortures him in a test to determine whether Sayid is light or dark.
Prize: Revenge. Sayid wants to get back at Dogen for attempting to kill him/actually killing him.
Fuel: Sayid is rushed to the Temple to be healed after being shot. He was attempted to be healed in the spring, but he died after the Others submerged him. Hours later though, he returned to life. The Others dragged him to another room, where Dogen tortured him. Lennon called the ordeal a "test" and that he had "passed". Later, Jack was told by Dogen to give Sayid a pill, but changed his mind when he did not know what it was. It was later found out the pill was poison. ("LA X, Parts 1 & 2") ("What Kate Does") ("Sundown"). Confronted, Dogen told Sayid the test proved evil had taken him over. Dogen then fought and almost killed Sayid, but stopped and instead gave him a knife and a mission to assassinate the Man in Black. Sayid encountered the Man in Black in the jungle in Locke's form and stabbed him in the chest. The Man in Black was unfazed and said Dogen had tried to con Sayid into getting killed by trying to kill MiB. Sayid returned to the Temple and told the Others to leave or die. He then met again with Dogen, drowned him in the spring, and slit Lennon's throat. ("Sundown").
Resolved: Yes, Sayid killed Dogen by drowning him in the same spring Dogen drowned Sayid in. ("Sundown").


Elsa and Sayid
First Episode: "The Economist"
Origin: Roughly a year after Nadia's death, Sayid meets Elsa at a cafe in Germany. They strike up a conversation and go on several dates.
Since Then: One evening, as they lay in bed together, Elsa muses that she doesn't know that much about Sayid's background. As Elsa checks on a page from her boss Sayid tries to convince Elsa to leave Berlin, fearing for her safety. Suddenly, when Elsa emerges from the bathroom after getting dressed, she shoots Sayid with a gun and wounds him. While Elsa speaks to her boss over the phone about Sayid's condition, Sayid surreptitiously reaches for his gun and shoots her twice, killing her. Elsa was one of Sayid's targets...a means for Sayid to avenge his wife's death, and according to Ben, to save 'their friends.'
4x03 Dead Elsa


Hurley and Sayid
First Episode: "Pilot, Part 1"
Origin: Hurley approached Sayid after Sawyer's insults and said he was "cool" as far as he was concerned.
Since Then: Hurley found Sayid after the latter returned from his exile. He went through the notes Sayid had stolen, and used Sayid's story to track down Danielle, though Sayid refused to give him specific directions. When Sayid was mourning Shannon, Hurley gave him a radio to fix from to take his mind off it, and the two listened to it together. Hurley later asked to borrow the radio again for a date with Libby, but Sayid instead suggested the date's location - a beach he'd visited with Shannon. When Naomi landed on the island, Hurley confided in Sayid rather than Jack. Sayid helped attack Others at the camp shortly after, and Hurley drove the DHARMA van to the beach, saving Sayid's life. Hurley then joined Locke's camp, tricking Sayid into an ambush, but he greeted Sayid happily when the two next met at the helicopter. They escaped the island together. Years later, Sayid sprung Hurley from Santa Rosa, shooting a man that had been watching the Institute. The two traveled to a safe house together, and Sayid killed more attackers, but the police suspected Hurley of the crimes. The attackers also managed to knock Sayid out, and Hurley had to save him, first taking him home and then delivering him to Jack. They returned to the Island on Ajira 316 but interacted little till Sayid had been shot. They then traveled to the Swan site together, and traveled to 2007. Hurley took Sayid to the Temple, where he drowned in the spring, and offered his support to Sayid's ghost. Sayid returned to life soon after though, and though he joined the Man in Black, Hurlkey continued to believe in him. After both died, Hurley sprung Sayid from prison and tried to wake him up. A trip to the safe house they'd once visited didn't work, but a visit to Shannon did.
5x01 OffToSafety


Jack and Sayid
First Episode: "Pilot, Part 2"
Origin: Jack helped break up a fight between Sayid and Sawyer.
Since Then: The survivors turned to Jack as a leader, even though Sayid first organized them and assigned tasks. Sayid soon concentrated more on escaping the island than settling into a society, with put him at odds with Jack's philosophy. The two also disagreed on how to deal with dead passengers -- Jack recommended burning the fuselage, but Sayid wanted to respect their religions -- and the two vied for a time for Kate's favor. But they worked together to torture and interrogate Sawyer, and Sayid then left the camp, ending the brief rivalry. When he returned, he told Jack what he'd learned of the Others. After Boone's death, Sayid uncovered the truth where Jack had failed and soon revealed to Jack the Hatch.

Some weeks later, Sayid tortured a prisoner against Jack's wishes, but Jack later agreed with Sayid's decision. When Sayid realized Michael was working with the Others, he offered to back Jack up by sea on a mission to save Walt. The mission failed, and Sayid had to later go to the Barracks free Jack. They returned with Juliet, and the camp began trusting Sayid over Jack, telling him rather than Jack of Naomi's arrival. Jack later regained the camp's trust, and he and Sayid devised a plan to defend the camp from Others. When the freighter's team arrived, Sayid negotiated a hostage exchange with Locke, claiming more capable of diplomacy then Jack. The two escaped the island shortly after and became members of the Oceanic 6.

Off-island, they initially kept in touch; Sayid attended Christian's service and both attended Hurley's birthday party. They later lost touch completely. But Hurley phoned Jack one day and delivered him Sayid's unconscious body. Both boarded Ajira 316, and both ended up on the island in the 1970s. Sayid shot an Other who threatened Jack, and the two together swam to recover Jughead. Sayid recommended they then disguise themselves as normal DHARMA personnel, and when one shot Sayid, Jack angrily killed two more. The two then traveled to 2007, and though Jack took Sayid to the Temple and attempted CPR, Sayid died, and Jack wept. Sayid returned to life hours later though, and both ended up in the Man in Black's camp after some days. They together freed their friends from Widmore's cages and boarded his submarine. Sayid then told Jack that he would be the next protector before sacrificing himself to save the rest from an explosion.


Kate and Sayid
First Episode: "Pilot, Part 2"
Origin: Kate accompanied Sayid on his trip to higher ground. They heard the distress call together.
Since Then: Kate and Sayid initially cooperated on plans to escape the island, which sometimes put them at odds with Jack, who tried to form a society. Sawyer commented on the two men's growing rivalry over Kate, but this triangle ended when Sayid exiled himself from camp. For the next few months, Kate and Sayid worked together occasionally on missions, such as an attempt to rescue Jack from the Others and a later trek to track Jack and Sawyer. The two escaped the island together and apparently lost touch. They returned to the island and didn't interact before Sayid was shot. The Temple Others later drowned Sayid, and Kate had to tell Jack to stop trying CPR on him. Kate and Sayid both followed the Man in Black for some time, and Sayid did nothing while Claire tried to kill her.


Sayid vs. Locke
Origin: When Sayid is in the jungle attempting to triangulate Rousseau's distress signal, he receives positive static only before being knocked out by Locke from behind. Locke then destroys Sayid's equipment. ("The Moth") Additionally, after Boone's death, Shannon talks Sayid into interrogating Locke, who was seemingly the only person who witnessed Boone's accident. Sayid comes to understand that Boone's eventual death was an accident, but pursues Locke for his deception regarding the Hatch. ("The Greater Good") With Sayid's reliance on rationality and Locke's reliance on faith, they are diametrically opposed to each other's plan of action, each preferring to solve the mysteries of the island in different ways.
Prize: Leadership and objectives of the A-team and Losties. Also finding a way to get off of the island
Fuel: Sayid is at odds with Locke's plan of heading north with information gathered solely from Eko's stick. ("Flashes Before Your Eyes") When Kate and Sawyer escape from the Others, they plan to set out with Rousseau to reach the Barracks, seemingly for different motives. ("Tricia Tanaka Is Dead") The tension between Sayid and Locke concerning judgment is present throughout their journey to the Barracks. When the team discovers The Flame, as Sayid discovers C4 explosives in the basement of the compound, he neglects to tell Locke. Likewise, Locke beats the computer chess game and recklessly enters in some crucial numbers without informing Sayid. When The Flame compound proceeds to detonate, Sayid says to Locke, "What have you done?" ("Enter 77") Sayid and Locke continue to bicker over their course of action, to Mikhail's delight. When Locke pushes Mikhail past the lethal fence, Sayid and Kate berate him for killing their only informant. Sayid then discovers a unit of C4 in Locke's backpack, after Locke had used his ignorance of the C4 in the basement of the Flame as an excuse to absolve himself of responsibility in its destruction ("Par Avion"). Sayid appears angry at Locke when he sees him again and asks him why he blew up the sub ("The Beginning of the End"). Sayid later goes to the Barracks in order to get Charlotte so he could get off of the Island, so Locke agrees to trade Miles for Charlotte. ("The Economist")
Resolved: No, although Sayid did offer Locke to do some real good in helping construct the school in the Dominican Republic. ("The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham")


Michael and Sayid
First Episode: "House of the Rising Sun"
Origin: They met after the crash.
Since Then: The two only interacted occasionally during their first time together on the island. Michael agreed with Sayid's decision to stay on the beach, saying that doing so would more find rescue for him and Walt. The two shared an awkward moment when Michael explained Jin's attack on him; Michael angrily asked "Where are you from?", and Sayid's reply ("Tikrit") seemed to throw him off. Sayid constructed a radar from Michael's raft and helped launch it. Michael soon returned to the Island, and when Ana-Lucia shot Shannon, both men spent some time in her custody. After Michael's stay with the Others, Sayid correctly concluded that he had been "compromised". Michael refused to let him join him when he turned his friends over to the Others. Some time afterward, Sayid boarded the freighter and discovered Michael there using a flase name. He let him tell his story, but when he learned he worked for Ben, he revealed his identity to the rest of the ship.
4x08 SayidConfrontsKevin


Nadia and Sayid
First Episode: "Solitary"
Origin: Sayid and Nadia were childhood friends growing up in Iraq.
Since Then: As adults, their paths crossed again when Sayid, a communications officer with the Iraqi Republican Guard, was ordered to interrogate Nadia, who is now a member of an insurgent group. Later ordered to kill her, Sayid killed is commanding officer so she could go free. He spent the next seven years searching the world for her, till the CIA offered him her whereabouts, if he helped them retrieve some stolen explosives. When he later refused, they threatened to arrest Nadia till he agreed to encourage a friend to martyr himself. Sayid was on his way to see Nadia in California when Oceanic 815 crashed. After he escaped the island, Nadia met him right after his first press conference. The two married soon afterward, but one of Widmore's men killed her nine months later. In the afterlife, Sayid pushed her toward his brother, deciding he didn't deserve her. Instead, he moved on with Shannon.


Sawyer vs. Sayid
Origin: Racial tension quickly brought Sayid and Sawyer to violence, when Sawyer assumed that Sayid was responsible for the crash of Flight 815, based on stereotypes of Sayid's Iraqi background. Sayid, meanwhile, suspected Sawyer of being the fugitive after Sawyer found the marshal's badge and gun.
Prize: Machismo. For a short while, they also competed for Kate's attention, but Sayid chose Shannon instead.
Fuel: After Sayid was knocked out during the mission to triangulate the source of the transmission, Locke convinced him that Sawyer was the most likely suspect. Later, when the Losties assumed that Sawyer was withholding Shannon's asthma medication, Sayid and Jack attacked Sawyer in his sleep. They tied him to a tree, and shoved bamboo splinters underneath his fingernails, but he refused to talk. It turned out that he never had the medication. Disturbed by his own actions, Sayid left the camp on a solo mission to chart the Island. Sawyer maintained Sayid's signal fire in his absence, and when the man returned from Danielle's camp wounded, Sawyer noted an opportunity for revenge but did not take it.
Resolved: The two achieved mutual respect following this reconciliation, and in the season finale, Sawyer spoke highly of Sayid's technical skill, contrasting with his skepticism in the pilot. When Michael excluded Sayid from the expedition to retrieve Walt, Sawyer fought to include him and armed him with a gun. Later, they worked together in interrogating Juliet, who considered them one another's equals. Long afterward, a new conflict arose when Sayid entered James's town as a prisoner, and the two relived this dynamic in their flash sideways.
Sayid sawyer


Sayid and Shannon
First Episode: "Whatever the Case May Be"
Origin: Shannon and Sayid began their bond when Sayid asked Shannon to help him translate Rousseau's French transmissions.
Since Then: Over time, the two became close. Boone's death became a test for their relationship as Shannon turned inward, and asked Sayid to kill Locke for her in revenge for her belief that Locke killed her brother. When Sayid refused, Shannon took it upon herself to do the deed but was stopped by Sayid in the nick of time. Despite their cultural and social differences, Sayid and Shannon eventually got back together and that culminated in a romantic night Sayid had planned out for her. However, when Shannon started seeing visions of Walt, she was upset that Sayid had trouble believing her. When Sayid saw the vision himself however, he told her he believed her and they told each other that they loved each other. However, as Shannon tried in vain to chase after Walt again, she was shot in the stomach by Ana Lucia, who thought she was an Other. Sayid buried Shannon, and spoke at her funeral on the beach.